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Jan 2019: Great place to live. Great people . the lake view is beautiful Review from Google
Dec 2017: Condo complex managed by an HOA. Pools are often closed without explanation. Construction dragged on for months. Loud student neighbors, HOA does not enforce bylaws regarding noise & quiet hours. Units have functional fireplaces, but NO FIRE SPRINKLERS. It's a miracle that the college students who live here have not burned the place down. UPDATE: The county health dept. closes the spa for dangeously low (acidic) ph levels every time they visit. HOA handyman simply removes the health dept warning sign after each visit. This is as dangerous as it is illegal. Review from Google
Oct 2017: A great place to organize small-scale parties or programs. Review from Google
Aug 2017: THIS PLACE IS NOT SAFE. It is an absolutely terrible place to be. I moved here to live with someone and the place is not fit for living. 1. The area is not a safe place to be. Outside there are a lot of panhandlers and homeless people who could hurt you at any moment. The walmart down the street becomes questionable when the sun goes down. 2. The place itself is NOT taken care of. The pool is always closed due to unsatisfactory inspections and the cameras do not work. My friend asked when they will be fixed,after another friend had property stolen from his car. She was told "You don't need those." 3. The complex was built cheaply. Spiders, lizards, geckos, moths, gnats, etc all crawl or fly in through the floorboard and door. The pool floor is very rough. I and 3 other people have all come back with scrapes and cuts due to the pool floor and Review from Google
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Am I allowed to sublease my apartment? It depends. In many general apartments, being allowed to sublease is common. In student housing, the opposite is true. Since student housing involves renting by the room, who lives in an apartment has a large effect on the others sharing common more

What is the difference between a sublease and a relet? The key difference between a sublease and a relet is the involvment of the original leasee. In a sublease, the original leasee is still responsible to the owner. This means there are two legal contracts, one with the original more

Aug 2017: I live next door to this place at the pointe, they constantly do yard work at 7am and wake me up. Only love there if you wake up before then I guess Review from Google

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