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I am looking for a place to lease out for the year. Preferably a 1B/1B with like 2-3 other room...more

Female interning in the Charlotte area needs a place to stay for 1 month. Will move out August...more

Male transferring to uncc this upcoming fall of 2021 looking for a bed and bathroom...more

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62 Communities/Apartments near UNC Charlotte, UNCC

Apartments near UNCC rival that of much larger schools given the recent boom in construction. With 26,000 students located in Charlotte, North Carolina's largest city, UNCC offers both a great education as well as the city life.

The majority of apartments close to campus are right on the east side of campus along Mallard Creek Church Rd. This includes the recently built student focused apartments where you have all the amenities you would dream of and services like roommate matching and individual leases (unfortunately usually a higher price). To the South of UNCC campus you can find some of the apartments which have multiple owners, here you can find better rent deals, but will not get as many amenities. Given the size of the Charlotte, you have apartment choices all around UNCC (see bus route to make life easier

Moving more to the South West of UNCC, to the center of Charlotte you will see fewer student communities and more traditional apartment complexes. While Charlotte is spread out, there is a good downtown feel once you get to the center. If you would like a very urban feel, that is still possible, but will require a fair drive to UNCC campus.

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