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My name is Sadat Dardovski, I'm 21 and will be a first year grad student at UGA this fall. I sp...more

ISO: A place to live withing walking distance to campus. My name is Tyler, I'm a 22 year old fi...more

Hello, I am incoming grad student (PREP) looking for a place/room near UGA. I would need someth...more

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73 Communities/Apartments near UGA

The University of Georgia (UGA) is located in Athens, Georgia with basically the whole city within commuting distance. Apartments around the UGA campus are located in a few key areas:

North Campus - right by Downtown Athens. Here you can find apartment buildings right in Downtown, directly North of campus. Or, you can find a few student communities still within walking distance to the East and West of North Campus.

Central Campus - to the West you can find a fairly densely populated are with homes and a few older apartment communities, all within walking distance.

South Campus - you can find a few student apartment communities situated right by campus, and a few more further South by the UGA golf course.

Aside from the apartments within walking distance there is a high concentration of student focused apartments off Barnett Shoals Rd. to the East of UGA campus.

There is a UGA bus system ( as well as the Athens bus system to help those not within walking distance to campus.

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