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$890 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 8/20/22 - 11 months. Subleasing my apartment at The Lofts, a beautiful apartment complex less than 5 minutes from UCF. The cost is 890 a month which includes utilities and is a renovated unit....Read More

$725 - 1 in 4 beds x 2 baths

Move in 5/6/22 - 3 months. Summer sublease for the upstairs bedroom available in a 4x2L apartment in The Loft, a 💛 UCF off-campus student living complex. The private bedroom would be upstairs with the loft and the in-unit laundry. The place is charming and spacious. The nei...Read More

$900 - 1 in 2 beds x 1 bath

Move in 5/1/22 - 3 months. I have one roommate and she has a dog. Both nice and cool. Never had any problems with them. The apartment itself is not renovated but is well kept. my room especially is very well kept and clean. My roommate and I do share a bathroom but it's not to...Read More

$850 - 1 in 3 beds x 3 baths

Move in 4/16/22 - 3 months. I live in a 3v3 Renovated loft, apartment is very centralized, 5-10 minute drive to UCF. In apartment room I maintained very well as well as I have the bigger room of the 3. I am a clean freak, apartment itself is newly renovated with new appliances....Read More

The Lofts Info

The Lofts are student apartments minutes from UCF, and on the UCF shuttle. They are also close to Full Sail, Seminole State College, & Valencia Community College. While called the Lofts, you can find 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments to pick fro...Read More Details

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