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Windsor Creek

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Dec 2018: I am currently living here. It is a great, quiet apartment complex that genuinely cares about its residents. The staff/management is the best I've ever experienced as a tenant. Review from Google
Nov 2018: My wife and I are sadly moving out of this wonderful apartment complex after 3 years of being here. We have loved everything Windsor Creek Apartments has to offer from the amenities to the caring management staff at the clubhouse. We bought a house here in Lubbock and I already miss our apartment lifestyle at Windsor Creek. Moving in and out was a breeze and because we took care of our unit, we had not problems with getting our deposit back! The staff was extremely helpful from beginning to end of our lease and I will miss them dearly. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Beautiful peaceful place to live. Great place to relax and enjoy life. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Mary Jane is such a gem. We didn’t end up leasing here but she was phenomenal and so welcoming. We had a very strict check list and ended up finding something closer to work and with other things we needed, but this was at the top of our list. She called me the following Monday to check on me and wished me well in Lubbock. So professional and sweet! Review from Google
May 2018: Fantastic complex. My 2-bdrm apartment has lots of big windows with views of the landscaped grounds. Although rare, when I've needed maintenance, Jesse is very responsive and is able to handle the problem each time. I've just renewed for a second year. Great place to live! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Very friendly office staff with fast and attentive maintenance . All in all a very well maintained complex in a cool location. You get what you pay for I guess. Glad I didn't move half way to Wolfforth. My only complaint is the dishwasher, but it's not that big of a deal. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This was my favorite apartment that I’ve lived in so far. The staff is great and I love the location! The one bedroom layout is super cute and I truly enjoyed living here! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Donna and Elena are amazing and truly enjoy helping their residents. I have yet to live in an apartment complex that is so resident-focused and nice! If you have a problem, all you have to do is ask and they will work on it for you. Maintenance staff is also quick to resolve any issues. I highly recommend you live here! Review from Google
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Jan 2018: Although the maintenance is done quickly, the apartment has lost its touch as a family place. It no longer has its club house available to tenants any more. And... do not ask any help from the office because they will not help you unless it is spelled out in the lease. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived here for about 18 months and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of service this place offers its residents. My work orders were always, and I do mean always, fulfilled without any gripe from management whatsoever. Their staff is very polite and will really do their best to make you feel at home. They have pretty sweet discounts on all of their apartments (at least right now) which helps out a lot. If you are a student, masters student, professional, or whatever, I highly recommend checking this place out especially if you want short commute to practically anywhere in town. One note is that their facilities are always clean and their grounds maintenance is always top notch. I would have to say with what they have, they always keep a really nice looking property (plants, trees, etc.). Needless to say, I highly recomme Review from Google
Jul 2017: I lived in this apt complex for a year. If sleep and quietness are extremely important for you, you definitely need to avoid apartments that face the parking lot by the main entrances. You will hear people talking on the phone, slamming cars doors, talking to their friends, cars coming in and out with loud music, etc., and this is not just during daylight, this happens all the time at any hour of the day and night. My room was sharing a wall with the stairwell and it was extremely unpleasant hearing people’s footsteps and their conversations at late night hours, so avoid apartments that are near by the stairwell. Management was really good until Amanda left, she was very professional, courteous, and helpful, at least with me. Maintenance is relatively good and fast. My apartment (2x2) and I want to say all them have an open kitchen which loo Review from Google
Jul 2017: After residing here for a few months, I thought I would leave a review. The apartments are very nice, maintenance always responds within the same day of putting in a request, and the grounds are well kept. Neighbors are friendly and keep to themselves and it is conveniently located. However, these apartments are very over-priced for what is provided. With the price of these apartments, I was expecting very nice and updated appliances but that is not the case at all. The sinks, shower heads, and other appliances are very very cheap, of course, I could replace some things within reason but paying almost $1200 a month I shouldn't have to. I have seen better appliances in apartments that were half the price of this place. The pool is laughably small but the wonderful clubhouse amenities and fitness center almost make up for it. As mentioned earlie Review from Google
May 2017: Great management. Maintenance is really good and they respond as quick as possible to solve the issues. Review from 5/7/17 on Google
Oct 2014: This place has a major problem with Dogs...they will not enforce the lease and there are big dogs off leash everyday. The lawn looks like crap. The landscaper does a horrible job. They way over water and the landscaper leaves grass and dirt in the breezeways. The staff is friendly but just doesn't seem to want any confrontations about lease violations. As with everywhere in Lubbock there are some college kids here who think they are above the law and create mayhem and if you want to swim you can forget about it on the weekends...the kids take over the pool and trash it. The apartments themselves are beautiful and roomy. They have nice carpet and counter tops and the AC/Heat works good. They also have a sprinkler system and fire alarms in the apartments for extra safety. This could be the best place in town if they would get the landscaper (apartment ratings 11/14/
Apr 2014: I love this place. The only reason I had to move is because my husband has a rare skin disorder that needed treatment in another state. If I moved back to Lubbock, this is THE place I'd go back to. The first thing I'd like to point out, is this is one of the few places that doesn't have breed restrictions & allows you to have 2 pets. (Issues in the last review were taken care of & quickly, I must add.) This is the most spacious & loveliest apartment that I've ever rented. The layout is open concept. The dining room is in it's own area next to the living room & has large windows which creates natural light throughout the day. The Master is separated with a short hall, giving it privacy from the rest of the apartment. The other 2 beds room are large, too. All of the closets are walk ins & they are HUGE! (apartment renter 4/22/2014)

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