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May 25, 2019
32 months ago

In general it is better to rent a house in Tech Terrace or somewhere else. Sometimes is hard to find the right number of roommates, or singe rooms open.

For apartments:

21 Hundred ~$500 new, close to Walmart, good community, nice pool,fast internet and good bus service. Link to 21 Hundred

Village ~$500 same as 21 hundred, but closer to University

Cottages Of Lubbock ~$620 most people are from a fraternity/sorority, management is bad but houses are nice, utilities are high.

Republic At Lubbock ~$620 same as Cottages of Lubbock but parties are better imo

Park East Lubbock ~$500 good management, hotel style and pet friendly, I personally like it, close to Walmart

The Bloc Lubbock ~$500 worse management but virtually similar to Park East, the owner used to manage 1819 (new park east) but sold it and moved instead

U Trails ~$380 cheapest and you get what you pay for, close to University

U Pointe ~$450 same as Utrails but even closer

U Lofts ~$800 closest to campus. Individual rooms available and recommended.

Holly Lubbock ~$400 far but okay, bus man could be an f1 driver, drops off at RCOBA

25 Twenty ~$500 opposite Jones ATT and walking distance to the engineering key. Good location and parking.

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