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U Lofts

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May 2019: Last year our room was a bit outdated, all appliances worked but the walls were ultra white, this year we have a really nice apartment. Management (John) is a great guy, if you have any issues he can find a solution. Maintenance is awesome, they always smile and greet us, not to mention they will fix any problem in a timely manner. ULofts isn't your typical college apartment, it's quiet for the most part, lots of tenants have children, and you'll most likely know your neighbors. I'm going to miss living here, for the price and location you can't beat ULofts. Review from Google
Apr 2019: The location is great- it's right across from campus which makes it super easy to get to class. The amenities are great, and I can't wait to use the theater. Also the utilities, cable, and internet are super affordable because they are included with no caps- AKA: NO UTILITY BILLS!! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Great place to live! The office staff is great, always helpful. Maintenance has always gotten things done fast and I always see the cleaning lady working hard! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Failing pile of garbage. I was here visiting my daughter and her friend when I realized how bad this place really is. There are no trash chutes, leading to smelly halls. The students here smoke and the place smells. The office staff are rude and unprofessional. Their parking garage is a blight on the neighborhood. It is poorly lit and much criminal enterprise takes place here. My opinion I voiced to my daughter was that this place is not worth the money, and is unsafe. I witnessed a drunkard stumbling and looking into peoples cars. The parking garage is dangerous, stay away. The halls smell. The elevators have urine in them. We will not be renewing. Also, twice while I was here, the fire alarms went off. This place just isn't safe. its not well maintained. Parents, don't make the same mistake I did. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The staff was very helpful with signing my lease for the first time! Everyone was very nice! Thanks Ulofts for helping me have a great year! Review from Google
Mar 2019: The worst experience I’ve had living in a apartment. If it wasn’t for the convenience of it being a 5 min walk to school; this place is way over price for what you are getting. The rooms smell like cigarettes, you can’t use the a/c because it smells like cigarettes. The water heaters have a discharge that they have to put oil into the discharge part of the water heater to mask the smell because it is ridiculously smelly. It’s like a rotten, garbage smell that doesn’t go away unless they put oil in the discharge tube. Also on top of that my car has been broken into on 2 separate occasions and the office does nothing about it in away that most would. I’ve almost been robbed in the parking lot by just walking to my car. I would not recommend ever living here no matter how close it is to school. This place needs to be remodeled and updated heavily. It is definitely a waste of money.
Feb 2019: The dumpster area can improve significantly. The cleanliness of the entire apartment can improve as well, especially the elevators. Maintenance here works efficiently and promptly.
Feb 2019: Maintenance and Staff are amazing. They respond to our concerns really quickly and are super friendly. The best thing is also how close ulofts is to campus. They also provide us with free food and fun activities, which Is amazing for college students. I also dont have to worry about any caps on utilities. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: The most stressful place to live in. I’m over the damm fire alarms going off in the middle of the night for hours, honestly I’m about to talk to a lawyer because I’m done with the disrespect, like why are you even inspecting the units instead of the freaking alarm system that doesn’t work. Oh and we pay way too much for this old complex with pure problems. The manager is the most disrespectful human ever like she NEVER talks to the residents in a nice or professional way. Review from Google
Dec 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. I would give zero stars if I could. I do not know where to begin with the troubles caused by ULofts, the staff and the apartment. First, at least once a week since I've lived here (5 months) the fire alarm has gone off for hours at a time. There is never any remedy, and it goes off regardless of the time, once going off at 4am on a Tuesday. As a college student, you can imagine what they did. Second, due to not taking care of their sprinkler system, one night when the fire alarm system was going off, my apartment began to be flooded with standing water all over the place. The apartment was unlivable, carpet ruined, tile ruined, baseboards ruined, ceiling tiles ruined, etc. Their contractors told us that we couldn't be in the apartment for 3 days, and when I told the staff that I wanted 3 days taken off my rent, they said " Review from Google
Nov 2018: The closest apartment to campus. It's quiet and clean, the neighbors, the staff and the manager are very friendly. I enjoy the pools and the best part you don't need to pay for the utilities, it's all included. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Price and location are good and maintenance takes care of everything. Able to study, get to class on time with no bus schedules to worry about, have a parking space and there is a convenience store in the building. Plan to stay another year. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Super close to the campus. It is nice and clean place to live. Management and maintenance guys work really hard and they fix any issues same day, usually within few hours. Living here for two years now and no complaints. Overall, outside and inside of the apartment complex is kept very clean (Thanks Cynthia for keeping indoors clean). By the way, they changed all hallway carpets just a month ago and it looks really nice. ULofts has nice and clean gym and two big swimming pools. Swimming pools are cleaned daily during summer season. There is also a movie theater that you can reserve and use for free. As a graduate student, I highly recommend this place! There are a lot grad students living here, so the complex is quiet place to study and do your research. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This place is a dump. The hallways smell. There is no ventilation. There is dog poop and trash on the interior hallways. There is no visitor parking. They charge the tenants to park in the parking garage which should be free and they tow you every chance they get. Don’t have a visitor after Office hours. They will be towed!!! If your parking sticker expires you have about an hour and you will be towed as well. The office managers are extremely rude and not helpful at all. Don’t waste your money.
Sep 2018: Been here since December last year and have enjoyed it so far. The staff are all friendly and accommodating. When we do encounter some issues in our apartment they act fast on it. Super close to campus! Definitely would recommend this place! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Definitely the least expensive and most convenient apt in town! I’m glad I have all my bills paid and didn’t need to purchase any furniture. I going on 3 years with my renewal! :)
Jun 2018: If I could give it 0 starts I would. I didnt believe the comments about this place being unpleasant to live in until I experience it myself. Some staff was nice but not all the time when I moved in I had a terrible noise which took them 5 weeks to come up with a solution and they solve it by moving me to another that had a broken bed frame,dirty drawers and wasn't the same plan I had.The halls were dirty with trash and sometimes dog poop. The parking garage didn't feel safe and the doors to access the building most were jammed which maked it uncomfortable to carry groceries. Honestly the only good thing about this aparment was the location. Review from Google
May 2018: Love it!!! Staff is very friendly! Ulofts is so close to campus that I can wake up 20 minutes before class starts and still make it on time. I love their theater room and how there is no cap on electricity bill! Review from Google
Apr 2018: This place was great at first. Don’t butt heads with the manager especially if you need something fixed. My washer broke and was never repaired until well after I was gone when the neighbor let me know they were finally fixing it. They let unwelcome visitors in when I wasn’t there and they entered the apartment without notice. It’s ok for them to violate your tenant rights but don’t try to get out of your lease because of it!!! There are plenty of other options available that won’t violate your rights!!! Review from Google
Feb 2018: The staff are nice. They're quick to help you if you request it. They also care about their residents. I've seen a lot of reviews on here saying they're only in it for the money, but I haven't had that experience. I really like living here and I'm excited for the next year I'll live here. Most of the residents are really nice and considerate. It's a pretty quiet community, which is nice when you need to study. Sometimes the internet does go out, but I experienced more internet outages in the dorms than here. There are no roaches that I've seen, pest control also comes every so often to spray. Maintenance is quick and they want to help you. The building is older, so there are some issues, but nothing that isn't fixed right away. The location is great, no utility caps, lots of amenities. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Worse place to live in Lubbock. Ulofts screw people. The staff is rude and manager is never available. They will agree on something and suddenly they will change on what was agree. Furniture is old, crappy, and furniture does not get replace. The cleaning crew used dirty mops and brooms to clean. Additionally, when you move out check your credit report. Ulofts will charge you for things with out even telling you. I moved out on December 2014, called them a few days later after moving to check if everything was good. They said everything was good. A year and half after moving out from Ulofts , I received a call from a collection agency charging me a debt that I had with Ulofts. I would suggest you to find another place to live to avoid headaches. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The ULofts is a great place to live if you want something that's (practically) on campus, but doesn't have the obnoxious dorm feeling. Other people have bashed the condition of the apartments, but what do you expect? It's an older building that requires maintenance. Regardless of the monthly maintence orders, the benefits outweigh the rest. No cap, fairly nice furnished rooms, and location all make up for the negatives. Not only that, but the gym and the movie theatre/game room are great bonuses if you still want to spend quality time with friends. I lived at this location for 4 semesters and I was still very content with the ULofts. As a student, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Review from Google
Jan 2018: First I wanna say that I really didn't have any poor experience until move out. I moved out because there were places closer for less. Honestly yes they are a little small, but the location and no-cap utilities are nice. Upon move out however, I was met with a suprise where they insisted that I had to pay for carpet cleaning. I paid for it, because I figured it said I needed to get it cleaned in my contract before move out. I later found out it wasn't in my contract.Iwas a bit upset that I had to use their sponsored carpet cleaning service. Management had a little bit of an attitude on move out, and they had never been that way in all my years living at Ulofts. Later, when I received my security deposit, about 75% of it had been cut out because it needed to be "cleaned". I was really disappointed at this. I'm not a messy person and when I lef Review from Google
Nov 2017: Not sure who they paid to leave reviews such as “great staff” “best place to live”. FAKE! This place is a toilet hole and the staff is even worse. good luck trying to get a hold of anybody even during business hours. Staff is rude and your rent will go up the longer you live there. They’re nice when you’re signing but that’s when it stops. Fire alarms go off constantly in the middle of the night. Appliances suck. Internet always down. Courtyards infested with stray cats and the office refuses to do anything about it. Please save yourself the headache and don’t live here. Review from Google
Sep 2017: It's so convenient for me as a student to live here, I can just cross the street and be on Texas Tech campus. Plus now its right across the street from some great places to eat and several bars. I've lived here for 2 years and I would probably live here again if I wasn't moving cities. 4.5/5! Review from Google

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