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Jun 2019: It’s a great place to live! I always feel safe and have never had a bad experience. Maintenance could be better, but I’ve been told it’s moving in that direction. The price is definitely hard to beat being as close to campus as we are. Football games are just a short 10 minute walk from my front door! Overall, I have enjoyed my experience! Review from Google
May 2019: Clean, compact, great location in terms of being close to pretty much anything you’d want or need. The perfect place to stay for a college student. I’m grateful to be able to stay here for the next year! Review from Google
May 2019: I just signed here and the assistants and the manager were extremely nice and helpful. They gave a great tour and were very joyful unlike many apartment assistants I have seen. I am looking forward to living at the BLOC! Review from Google
May 2019: This place is amazing! The units are beautiful and you really get a lot for the price. Staff is also very friendly and personable! Very clean and a great deal for students! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have lived here since August 2018, I did not renew my lease and instead signed elsewhere. CONS: Management is very nice but also not good at following up. I had called in November and asked about the simple bills fee that is tacked on to our utilities, there were a few months where we did not go over but still had to pay the simple bills fee. I was told that this fee was supposed to be waived as part of their agreement and that I would get a call back in the next few days when it would be cleared up. After several months passing, they have said nothing, deciding ignoring the problem, we're still getting this fee. I work late nights and was unable to get into my apartment after work at 3AM because the gates/key cards simply didn't work. The chairs are cheap and 3/4 are broken in my apt and it was a problem all over because they ran out of replacements quickly.
Apr 2019: Their staff seem nice, but they aren’t helpful at all. It takes weeks sometimes months to get things fixed. The digital lock on the apartment door breaks frequently, which locks people out. The gates to get in and out of the parking garage regularly will not open. However, it is a pretty good space for the money. Their staff just need to be more efficient, nicer, and more understanding! Review from Google
Apr 2019: All in all, this is a pretty good place to live in. PROS: Not only is it right next to Walmart which is very convenient, but the busses to get to campus come by every 5 minutes or so. The apartment complex is also fairly new, having been finished being built in 2018; if you’re lucky, you might just get into a new room like I did! The pool is kept clean, and it is rarely used. These apartments are also pet friendly which is a big plus. The walls are not as thin as in other places, but if your neighbors are stomping around or running down the hall, you’ll definitely hear it. The manager Ms. Blanca is very friendly and helpful, and she likes to host events about once a month to get members of the apartments to come by, socialize and get a bite to eat. Other people at the desk are also friendly. CONS: The gym room is small, but if you get creative, you could definitely work every muscle group here Review from Google
Mar 2019: I like living here since it is affordable and super close to campus. Unfortunately, the management/staff has left something to be desired. They are all VERY nice but they are not consistent at all and do not communicate with each other at all. They candy coat everything and tell you what you want to hear without ever getting anything done. For instance, there has been an alarm sounding like a dryer alarm going off outside my roommates and I window every 3-10 minutes for 4 (Thursday- Monday) days straight (day and night). When my roommates and I initially went in with this complaint, they identified the noise right away and said they put in a work order and to get it fixed right away. 4 days and several trips to the front office and after hours calls later, maintenance came out with us to investigate the noise with us. Maintenance told us that nobody from their department was called over the weekend to fix our problem Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I moved into the Bloc in May of 2018 when it was fairly new and I noticed that management was very nice, Blanca and Stacey were very caring and resolved any issued I had! However the complex itself does have its ups and downs. The walls are very thin so if you move into a 4 bedroom flat, please expect to hear every noise or song your roommate is making/listening to. Your kitchen, (unless its a town home) will be too small to accommodate the things of the 4 individuals living there. The A/C will work unevenly so expect some rooms to be much better ventilated than others. 9 times out of 10 I have to print at the front desk because the printers in the study room are out of ink or wont connect to the computers. My roommates and I have been locked out multiple times due to the key pad to our door running out of battery. The coffee machine in the club house is constantly broken and its almost as though the company running this complex does not have the money to resolve most of the issues (Keypads on doors, coffee machines, ect) Review from Google
Mar 2019: Overall the bloc is very nice compared to everywhere else I’ve stayed in Lubbock while attendeding Texas Tech. One issue I do have is some times I don’t have hot water long enough while I’m taking I’m showers but that’s all!
Jan 2019: I sincerely regret signing a lease at this apartment complex. They advertise valet trash collection, which sounds great. Until you remember that all the apartments are outdoors and Lubbock wind is very strong. There is garbage strewn in every hallway and down the stairs. They also advertise that trash is picked up five days a week. In reality, it’s maybe 2 times per week and it always varies. When it is 100 degrees of Texas heat, and the trash hasn’t been picked up, and there are not dumpsters to just take it yourself, you can smell it from inside the apartment. The trash crew also throws the trash off the end of the building onto the grass to collect, where inevitably, the garbage bags explode onto the lawn. Sometimes it gets cleaned up, other times it sits there until it blows away. There are also no elevators, which sounds fine, until y Review from Google
Dec 2018: I'm a transfer student to Tech and this isn't my first time living in an apartment. I'll start with the positive. Rooms are pretty nice as they are fairly new and the furniture, utilities and TV were all in pretty good condition. Now for the cons. The door battery dies incredibly quickly. the first time this happened one of my roommates called saying it was dying and once of the office staff told her that they don't replace it until it actually dies. What??????? Well it died and I was on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get a hold of someone to come fix it as the door could only be locked/unlocked from the inside, otherwise you prayed someone didn't just walk into your apartment. We eventually got actually keys and thank goodness, because the door died again a month later. I went to the front office and they fixed it immediately. The second Review from Google
Nov 2018: Worst place I have ever lived. Terrible roommate assignment skills, filthy hallways, I even saw a baby diaper while coming up the stairs today, truly disgusting. The staff sucks, management is terrible, etc. 10/10 do not recommend. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I don't do reviews but this was a disappointment. It was not the best experience I had. The password for the door was not working for several months and they never fixed. Water was running under the sink in our apartment, they would fix it but it would never last for long. The only day I decided to sit on my desk chair it broke. I placed a work order for 2 months they did not fix it, and they wanted to charge me for it when I moved out. I would not recommend it. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I would highly advise anyone against signing here for many reasons. Firstly, some of the staff is uninformed and will give you inconsistent information/never follow up. For example, I signed during a gift card promotion, in which I was meant to receive upon move-in day. I have yet to receive my card or any information pertaining to it. An employee told one of my roommates that the gift cards would be distributed later. Meanwhile, my other roommate received a gift card immediately... it turned out to be empty... as in no money was loaded on the card. They then took the empty card and have not followed up since. (Still waiting on updates) Next, if you need something done, you must constantly go out of your way for things to progress. In my situation, this is especially true. When I moved in, my apartment was trashed. My carpet was torn, my bathr Review from Google
Jul 2018: Although the rent is very cheap...the building is also built cheaply. Upon arriving in our BRAND NEW apartment, the washer AND the dryer were broke. Our water heater was also broken for months. The battery in the door always breaks and several appliances also stopped working. Maintenance takes about two weeks to come and answer requests. For an apartment that was brand new, I was upset that everything broke. It's ridiculous that a building has 4 floors and ZERO elevators. I live on the top floor when I know for facts not every room was occupied in my building especially when my preference was for a lower floor. "Valet Living" did not pick up the trash on our floor for a few weeks at one point where we had 5-6 trash bags piled up - then had the audacity to send out an email threatening to fine us $25 for each bag of trash out of the trashcan. N Review from Google
Jul 2018: This location is one of the best. The Bloc is a well maintained and managed property. The staff is very helpful in every aspect! They are also very attentive and do what they can to make your transition as smooth as possible. The amenities are amazing and always clean! The Bloc is a place where you would be proud to call it your home. -Current-resident Review from Google
Jun 2018: Best apartment complex that I lived in Lubbock, Texas! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I would have saved myself A LOT of money and trouble if I hadn't been cheap and chose to live in a safer community. I HIGHLY regret living here and have had much better experiences in other housing communities. Review from Google
May 2018: The apartment looks nice but there's a lot of work that needs to be done. The keypad always run out of battery, some of the gates haven't worked in months so you have to walk around the apartment complex just to get to your door. The Ac in my room doesn't work in the summer and the heater doesn't work in the winter. I tell the office about this issue at least once a week but nothing gets done. The staff is pretty nice but i'm not paying rent to sleep with no AC. i wouldn't recommend this apartment. It looks pretty outside and inside but you'll regret signing your lease. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The Bloc offers modern style, fully furnished apartments which is nice. The maintenance staff are great with fixing things ASAP. Management ladies are nice. The only problems I’ve seen and experienced are the parking garage gate being open most of the time and keypads running out of battery often. Also, I would not rely on security guards to solve noise complaints. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I rarely do reviews, but I don't want anyone else to fall in a trap of terrible management at this place. On move in day you could tell they rushed the place. Dirt was everywhere, there was already a marks on the walls, and a rip on the couch. don't get me wrong, the apartment is nice. It is the management that will give you trouble. At first Blanca, informed me that there was a $200 referral bonus for getting a friend to sign. I was able to get two signed. I made sure my friends informed the office and take note of it. On the day of move in Blanca said that they failed to inform them. I called them numerous times to make sure I will get my gift card and they said It will be ready for move-in!! I am not the only one that hasn't gotten their referral gift card, so it goes to show you that the management are lying to you. So basically don't trus Review from Google
Dec 2017: I've been living here for 4 months now and have enjoyed it. Management is great and always help with whatever I need. Review from Google
Nov 2017: 3 weeks left in the school semester and I still haven’t got to take a hot shower in my own bathroom... WHY IS THERE NO HOT WATER IM LITERALLY TYPING THIS AT 2:50 AM ON A TUESDAY! Surely I should be able to take a hot shower

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