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Tech Terrace

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Feb 2019: Great place to walk your dog or go for a jog. This park is the heart of the neighborhood.
Oct 2018: nice, clean park. beautiful, green area. love to walk here. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The size and magnitude if this scenic park is out standing. There is a hammock hang located on the west side of the Park. Dogs freely run and play. A track for the physically elite. I love visiting this park best of all at night. Large open spaces and stars glisten and sparkle at me.. This is my park.. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Large park located in beautiful older area of town. Access is limited due to barricades that the local residents had put in years ago. Beautiful green grass and big old trees. Great for a picnic, kite flying, frisbee throwing or just sittibg under a tree reading or napping. Be sure to bring your own water. Also no bathroom facilities Review from Google
Feb 2018: Great place to see the stars at night. Monthly meeting with the great folks of the South Plains Astronomy Club every 3rd Thursday. Review from Google
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Aug 2014: I have lived in a one bedroom apartment in Tech Terrace behind a home for two years now and love it. The owner is great, always fixing anything right away, and the location right by University and 19th is great for walking to class. I would recommend Tech Terrance to anyone who wants a 'normal' life style, not constant partying, and can find a good person to rent from.

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