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Park Tower Apartments

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May 2019: This place has BED BUGS. Would give 0 stars if possible. I had to throw out all of my brand new furniture. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Was really looking into renting from this place. However, thanks to all these bad reviews I will not be looking further into The Park Tower. Thanks guys. I'm so happy I did my research before I jumping into this crazy place. Hopefully something is done soon because this just makes Lubbock look bad. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Run from this place. The management is probably the worst you can find in the entire city of Lubbock. We moved in here in August of 2017 and they did not even give us keys for the building door until two and a half months later. The roaches are unavoidable and there is a picture showing how many of them you will come across on a daily basis. The owner is an old-fashioned, selfish, rude, and fairly racist guy. He would question my fiancee on a daily basis about coming into the building because she was black. Same thing happened with some of his staff. The pool is not operational and never will be again because the owner hired an underskilled worker to fix it and they completely ruined it beyond repair. That, of course, is not shown on the website. Also, the "gym" that is shown on the website is a complete false representation, all you get is a Review from Google
Aug 2018: Called to get information about the property. The woman who answered (Beatrice) said, very rudely, " I don't have time right now, call back next week" Then proceeded to hang up on me when I asked to speak to her manager. If this is how they treat prospects I can't imagine how they treat their residents. As a Leasing Manager myself I would never tolerate any of my employees talking to people the way she talked to me. Highly advise people to be vary of this place. Customer service is everything in this business and it looks like Park Tower Apartments is lacking this greatly. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Only two things really need to be said to get a real feel for this place. You'll get plenty of R&R; Rats and Roaches. The homeless that sleep in the park across the street and at the soup kitchen/church across the empty lot have it better. The lobby might look nice... Until you notice the alarm almost constantly going off, the Roaches scurrying around everywhere, and when you listen closely you can hear the RATS in the walls. When these problems occurred in my apartment, I was told they'd spray for bugs (they sent the very nice and apologetic cleaning lady with a can of Raid) and they gave me mouse traps and the owner himself told me, and I quote " you'll eventually catch them all". Avoid this place at all costs. It's not worth it, no matter how desperate you are for an apartment. Review from Google
May 2018: I lived in the Parktower on the 2nd floor. Omg where do I start. They put me in a two bedroom apartment, It was suppose to be a one bed room but their wasnt none ready. They have alot alot I mean alot of roaches couldnt never take a good shower or bath because it always backed up in both restrooms. I was always hearing that loud construction don't even you know what they were working on cars mostly everything was broke. One night me and my daughter witnessed The Guitarist Susan Grisanti committing suicide at 2:00am in the morning she jumped from the 10th floor. I don't know exactly what floor she was on at her body of land under our balcony. My 6 year old daughter frightened every day after that I'm traumatized she didnt wanna go home. the straw that broke the camels back was I paid my rent one day which was $620 a month. Gave them a money o Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great place to stay. Glad to have called it home for the last 3 years i highly suggest coming and checking it out Review from Google
Apr 2018: I am the owner of Park Tower Apartment. I will give anyone calling a $100 bill if they can substantiate any of the outrageous claims about me. I invite you to come and see for yourself how wonderful it is to live here at Park Tower Apartments. I have been here for ten years and have invested over $2 million dollars in restoring this building. Yes, it was a "dump" several years ago, but that is long passed. I have spend 24/7 to make this a secure and safe place to stay and have cultured a sense of "community" that is enjoyed by all that stay. Yes, if you break your contract or do damage to your apartment, you will be charged and yes, we will fix any problem you may have promptly. If you want upgraded appliances, granite countertops, new carpet and paint, new fixtures, just ask and I will provide. AGAIN, WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY, BABY! Call Review from Google
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Apr 2018: The view from the top is just amazing. You have your own huge balcony.24 hour video surveillance very,super secured, i thought i was in a hotel feel when I walked in . You would think it's small by looking on the outside, but its huge on the inside, plenty of space for everyone, huge rooms, the further you go up, the less noise, you have, there is an indoor pool at the very top, gym, and they are going to be installing its own coffee shop.everyone is very quiet. Review from Google
Mar 2018: My husband & I are retired & looking for a decent apartment to lease for the long haul. Came across this place, remembered it from long ago when it was new and the talk of Lubbock. It really was luxury living back then. I checked out the online photos...the décor is obviously older, but I like the Hollywood look. Then I checked out the Google reviews...OMG! Why hasn't someone reported the owner of this building? I sounds like a death trap waiting to spring on anyone inside. PLEASE...any of you that have lived there or are now living housing compliance and get this guy out of Lubbock. I'm past 70, born and raised in Lubbock and cannot believe the city is allowing a slum lord pass the city limits. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Please stay away. The owner Mr. Stanley Carter is a true slumlord. After 3 years of roaches and a bug infested apartment i finally had enough and had to leave. His maintenance men stole my roommates girlfriends clothes. He will charge you for anything his greedy little mind can think of. He added a bill of $6000 onto my lease for no apparent reason and no matter what condition you leave the apartment in you will not get yourbdeposit back. Please consider the sewers before you consider this dump. The only good review is probsbly from himself because no one who lives there is happy or comfortable. STAY AWAY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Review from Google
Dec 2017: I moved in in late September. The management and owner are not honorable people. I live in the the sixth floor. I moved here with a roommate. After about a month my roommate was given a one bedroom unit and I wasn’t told that the lease would be broken. Also, the landlord Carter Stanley and his people broke into my apartment and took items of mine for lien. I am now in the process of filling court proceedings to get my items back. He also like to enter my apartment without notice and thinks he has a right to enter whenever he likes. I would seriously state to anyone that this is not the place to rent. The lease he had written up is completely against Texas rental laws. He words it to bend to his way. When I moved in the apartment was filthy. And the cracks in the floor and walls and cabinets were allowing some sort of gas to get in tha Review from Google
Jul 2017: Do not rent here. Stanley Carter did not uphold my lease and even after I gave my 60 day notice and left the apartment in good condition he put a 3k balance on my credit. It has been months of headache and heartache to get this resolved and its finally coming to an end. The apartment smelt like mold and our ceiling caved in during the time I was a tenant there. Instead of fixing the issue they simply put a garbage bag over it. Stanley Carter is not an honorable man and this building should be condemned. It is a health and safety hazard ran by a corrupt person. Do not rent here. Just keep driving. If you want your credit ruined and maintenance never fixed and just an overall miserable state of living conditions then this is the right place for you.
Jan 2017: Park tower is a great place to live. It has always been a place to attract my attention when driving down Avenue Q here in Lubbock. The maintainence staff is quick and steady to ensure each tenant is provided with a top tier standard of living. The management staff is accommodating and humble ( I accidentally flooded my living room the first night at home and the apartment owner himself came to my apartment at 11 o' clock at night to help me remedy my situation. Everybody I've met has been as nice as could be, even one person that I didn't meet. Review from 1/26/17 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: I lived in a unit one of the top floors and the view is truly something you won't get at any other apartment in town. The building is unique and has a lot of character. It is quiet and I never had any noise concerns. All of the residents and staff I met were extremely friendly. Maintenance is quick to take care of any problems. Park Tower is located 10 minutes or less from anywhere I needed to get to. It was extremely affordable and a very good experience. The only complaint I would have if anything was the neighborhood. Although it wasn't a great area, I am a female who lives alone and felt extremely safe. Review from 9/5/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: I have lived here for almost 2 yrs and am very happy. The Management office is always there to help out with whatever you need. Maintenance is quick to respond and gracious to us. I love the view from my balcony and I enjoy having a safe and covered parking area. Review from 8/15/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: Signed a lease to stay in the "penthouse" omg was it an awful experience. The owner, carter Stanley, talked a big game about the penthouse to get us to sign there. We signed and paid the $1200 deposit only to move in more than a month later and still have our ceiling incomplete. Like the whole ceiling was missing! He told us as soon as he got our deposit he would fix it, what a lie! We lived there for 2 whole months with the bull***t ceiling until he finally completed it (half a** job also). We agreed to pay for parking for 3 months and after that since we would not even be in Lubbock often we told him and agreed to not having the option to pay for the underground parking (he still charged us every month it and takes his sweet time to reimburse us). Worst management ever, we didn't even move into a clean apartment and got charged over $400 aft Review from Google
Mar 2016: Park Tower is a decent enough apartment complex. I hate the complex itself, but really love my apartment, if that makes sense. The views are great and for the most part the people living there are nice and friendly. Upon moving there we had a lot of issues with our water, dishwasher, etc, but they were solved fairly promptly. It seemed like it was going to be pretty bad at first, but after a few months we've settled in and it's not terrible. The one thing I wish I could really change is the neighborhood we're located. There are constantly people outside asking for money or doing drugs. Review from 3/25/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: One of the most beautiful views in town, every apartment comes with well sized balcony as well so you can enjoy the view from the outdoors. Management and Maintenance are very courteous and take care of things in a timely matter. Overall Park Tower is a great place and i recommend everyone to check it out!! Review from 2/8/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: To start this review.. I do like the apartment and the view its awesome.. Two thing I DONT like is the marijuana smell coming in and out of the building.. Second is people taking laundry that don't belong to them out of the washer so they can put there's in., Other people need to respect others things and not touch something that don't belong to them.. Cause if something comes out missing it will fall on the last individual.. Other then that it's okay.. Thanks for ya'lls time. Review from 2/6/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: Please please do not live here. The elevator broke and I was on the 10th floor stuck for days. No hot water!!! Nothing is up to code. The emergency stairs were closed. God forbid something would of happened we would of all died or had to jump off the window. I will be reporting it to the Lubbock Code Inspectors and hopefully they get sued! Wire cables out all the time. Got stuck in the elevator. Please do not rent from here!!! Anywhere is better than here. Review from Google
Nov 2015: DO NOT LIVE HERE. We lived here for 6 months and absolutely hated it. Moving from Kansas, we didn't have an opportunity to visit and check it out in person, we just had to have a place to live. But when we arrived, we were very disappointed. (It looked pretty decent online.) We were originally in a 1 bedroom apartment, but it was infested with cockroaches. We woke up in the morning to over a dozen cockroaches in our bathroom and kitchen. Squishing a bunch of cockroaches is not how I wanted to spend my first morning in a new place. Thankfully the office staff was nice enough to work with us and transfer us to a 2 bedroom apartment right away. In the 2 bedroom apartment, while there weren't nearly as MANY cockroaches, we still saw them on a weekly basis. I showed one of them to the maitenance staff and they tried to tell me that it was a beetle. Review from Google

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