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Park East

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May 2018: Incredible service. The girl with the purple jacket at the front desk was very cute too.
May 2018: The staff at Park East are very friendly and are willing to help whenever they can. The apartment iself is very cute and cozy (especially the bonfire and the pet park). It’s also close to campus and right next to Walmart, which is very convenient.
May 2018: Great environment and love the new management team and staff! They are very helpful with any questions you may have and are very competitive price wise compared to other student living complexes. One of the selling points that got me was the ability they have to work 1v1 with you and help you get into your future home as well as the killer specials always going on. Rate 5 stars every time!
May 2018: ParkEast isn't 18Nineteen!! (That's a good thing) When I first moved here, it was owned by a different company. And it was genuinely awful living here, the management was awful, doors never worked, the carpets were disgusting, the elevators had nasty carpets,the printer was useless and so many problems. I was so frustrated that I had no interest in staying here. HOWEVER, ParkEast has genuinely fixed all of the complaints. They have completely changed everything. They professionally clean the carpets (multiple times), fixed the locks, repainted, tore out carpet from elevators, hired new staff, have two police officers in case you don't feel safe, and are so FAST at getting to work orders. Basically any complaint you have has been fixed and if it hasn't then they will continue to fix it. They had a panel of residents express their griefs and they fixed every
May 2018: I signed the first year this apartment complex opened (when it was still called 1819 with old management), and resigned when current, new management took over, and became Park East. Like every other apartment complex, there can be some issues, such as internet troubles, etc. However, what sets Park East management apart from other places (I've lived at The Ranch, University Trails, Cottages, and the Grove) is their genuine concern for their residents, keeping them happy, and building real relationships with us. The complex is super pet-friendly, and they have live-in police officers (not just rent-a-cops - actual members of Lubbock's SWAT team) that patrol the area, so safety is a plus. Any issues with the gates, they address as quickly as possible, same with the internet. They have cleaned up 1819's management's act - the hallways are clean, and any m
May 2018: Garage is really convenient and the amenities here are awesome! Pool area has a drop down screen! Love it
May 2018: Great environment and great staff. Affordable prices and very nice. Would live here again.
May 2018: The lobby area is very spacious and a great place to hangout and study! People are very friendly and the bus stop to take you to campus is right outside your door!
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May 2018: I live here when 1819 was still under management. When Park East came in, a lot of changes were made and I noticed the improvement already. A great place to live. I’d recommend it to anyone considering living here. Also, Tasha and Jess are great!
May 2018: I love this place! The new management has really changed it and made it such a nice place to live and hangout with friends!!
May 2018: I cannot say more about the staff here... Cidni brought me through the process of leasing with ease if you ever need an apartment please see her!!
May 2018: Park East is awesome. They have super friendly management that is very helpful & accommodating. I love living here. Management has helped improve our living conditions and clean up our hallways as well. I highly recommend living here!
May 2018: Wow what can I say. Park East has by far exceeded my expectations. With the new management, the staff is so accommodating and friendly. Me and my dog cuddles love the pet friendly option and I cant imagine living somewhere else. also that startbucks machine in the lobby is THE GOAT. 10/10 would recommend
May 2018: Absolutely beautiful property! Great hard working staff! Couldn’t be more satisfied!
May 2018: The new management is amazing. The building has done a complete 180 and everything is going great so far. The staff is super friendly and the apartments are very modern. I couldn’t ask for a better apartment!!
May 2018: It’s a nice simple/cute place to live, Staffs friendly, and Walmart and tech are at a great distance! 👌🏼
May 2018: Slowly but surely park east is no longer 1819 now with that being said things are improving which are always a good thing I’m a happy residents they’re management has a lot to learn but they’re doing a great job at what they do on the daily basis thanks so much park east!!!
May 2018: The new ownership is awesome! They really care about making this place enjoyable and they've spent lots of money cleaning it up. It's a great place to live!
May 2018: Great options for student living. New management is really making an effort to make things right. Elevators and floors are clean and pool is pretty.
May 2018: Super friendly and helpful staff! Residents opinions and inputs are actually valued and implimented. Not to mention the amazing dog community this complex has to offer! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!
May 2018: Awesome management- super friendly! Making so many positive changes to make for a great living experience. Already renewed my lease for next year.
May 2018: Quite a few really nice improvements have been done to the building over the past couple of months. The new management seems serious... Well done guys!
May 2018: What really holds this place together is the staff. Amiable, approachable, and just all around great people. Love this place! Highly suggest it.
May 2018: Making major improvements and completely worth the price. They have great free food days and fun activities all the time
May 2018: Wonderful service, extremely accommodating!! The staff does everything in their ability to ensure its residents have what they need at all times!

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