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Park East

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Feb 2019: I wish I could leave -3 stars. Management is awful, they don't care about your safety or wellbeing. Would never sign a lease here again! The only reason the star rating is so high is because they bribe residents with food to leave 5 stars.
Feb 2019: Speaking to Xavier, “the property manager” is like talking to a wall. don’t waste your breath... He doesn’t care and it shows through his responses, if you get one. He’s unprofessional and has a condescending tone, if you’re lucky enough to speak to him. He can care less about the residents or their happiness at this property. think twice before you sign a lease here.
Nov 2018: Had mail stolen from here. Parking garage is dark and has no cameras. Homeless people all around building. Scanner to get inside off the street doesn’t work more than half the time. Major safety hazard. Manager is now charging $ for parking in the first two floors of the garage, but does no repairs. Elevators are only on one side of the buildings so if you’re on the other half, you either got to walk all the way around for the elevator, or take the stairs in the freezing cold. Cool place to live aesthetically but I have high living standards. Edit: Also, I signed a lease for a two bedroom with a study, to find out ONCE I GOT TO LUBBOCK that i would be in a 4 bedroom with two of the rooms looked. Major difference. Plus, the gate closest to my apt has been smashed in for a week with no maintenance done to fix it. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Apartment itself is nice. However, the safety is not. Any and all 'locked' gates can be opened with a knife in less than a second so anyone trying to get in, can. That being said I had a $700 bikes stolen which means they went through 2 gates and a bike lock so good luck I guess. The location is theoretically great but the homeless people screaming at themselves in the street is terrifying. The day I moved in there was a stabbing and a man tackled to the ground by police in the dog park between the two buildings. The bed and desks are screwed into the wall so if you want to make it feel like a home there will be effort involved. There are cracks in our ceiling and you always know when the upstairs neighbors are home. The dog park between the two buildings and stair wells smell like literal pee and poop and the residence have no sense in respon Review from Google
Oct 2018: Be careful if you renew. The place is somewhat nice but beware they slip in changes to the lease and don't say anything. Yes you sign a new lease but assume terms are the same. Electricity is now extra when it used to be included. Shame on me for thinking the best. won't renew here. Too many good deals elsewhere in equally nice places. Also be careful where you walk. Dog poop on the stairs, the halls, smell like pets. Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is my third year living here for obvious reasons! Dog friendly - love that I can go to either dog parks and know my dog is secured in a gated area! It’s close to campus and the buses come right to the apartment complex! The study areas are always clean and the printers are always stocked with ink and paper which is convenient. Review from Google
Sep 2018: First time living here and I love it! Great atmosphere and very nice staff! They spoil us with free food and movies at the pool!!! Lived at the scarlet before and this is a very huge jump. Furniture is very modern and very clean. Recommend this apartment. Also this apartment is not with American campus so they won’t screw you over! Love love love parkeast! Review from Google
May 2018: A few things you need to know before you move in: 1. Homeless people like to hang outside of the complex, they will ask you for money or food. And if you have groceries, good luck not sounding like a jerk by refusing to give them food. 2. The gates don’t work half of the time, so if you come back late at night and no one can open the gate for you, good luck. Also only one of the two gates on each side can open, which is just annoying. 3. Buses take a good 40 minutes to get to campus because of all the stops. So if you have an 8 am, good luck. 4. The hallways stink, because the trash is put outside in the hall. And people will throw their trash in your trash can. 5. People don’t pick up after their dogs. Thus the dog park constantly stinks. I want to throw up every time I walk past it. 6. Lastly, the first night I moved in someone must Review from Google
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May 2018: The new management has always been amazing. Issues are fixed promptly, management treats you with respect, and I can’t rave enough about the new gym. Low rates, sweet pool, free use on the grills. Pretty good for a student residence. Can’t argue with constant improvement.
May 2018: New Management has turned this place completely around. They have all sorts of events to engage their residents and to keep them happy. The staff is very nice and actually put consideration into opinions of the tenants.
May 2018: If I had known about these apartments before I made a decision of where to live next year, I would definitely be living at Park East. The apartments are super nice and the rate is really good! The people are very friendly and helpful and it's located in a very convenient spot, near campus. I would highly recommend signing before it fills up!
May 2018: If I had known about these apartments before I had made a decision to live somewhere else next year, park east would have been my first choice!! I love the interior design and the fact that they also had a dog park and outdoor theatre pool just made me like it even more!! it’s such a beautiful place to live and the fact that it’s close to campus and walmart makes it so convenient to live there!!
May 2018: It's a great place now that it is under new management. There has been a lot of changes plus the staff are very accessible. would recommend to those interested in an affordable student apartment.
May 2018: Park East is easily one of my favorite apartments in Lubbock. Management were very friendly, welcoming, and quick to resolve any issues. Not to mention their clubhouse, outdoor theater pool, and dog community is a plus! For the price, Park East is really worth it.
May 2018: I really love the new management! They have turned my experience around in just the short time they have been here! The areas are always clean and taken care of, and the staff really cares about the residents’ concerns. definitely recommend living here!
May 2018: I love living here since the management has changed. Jessie and Mitch the CA up front are really cool and helpful. The new change of internet has made everything smooth.
May 2018: park east is amazing!! i love the modern aspects of the apartments and the dog friendly environment! the management is also so helpful and quick to resolve any issues as well.
May 2018: LOVE LIVING HERE! The new management completely turned things around, cleaned things up, and fixed a lot of issues. Plus SUPER dog friendly! Huge improvement from the 1819 management.
May 2018: I've been living here for a while now a lot of things had changed to ht better since the new management took over this building. Super friendly staff, they're always wiling to help.
May 2018: Since new management has come in, the place has really come back into shape! Before the buildings were smelly and it was not a nice place to live. However, they have cleaned the carpets, put in tile and are working hard to make this place great to live in. I love that they offer breakfast on the go!
May 2018: Incredible service. The girl with the purple jacket at the front desk was very cute too.
May 2018: The staff at Park East are very friendly and are willing to help whenever they can. The apartment iself is very cute and cozy (especially the bonfire and the pet park). It’s also close to campus and right next to Walmart, which is very convenient.
May 2018: Great environment and love the new management team and staff! They are very helpful with any questions you may have and are very competitive price wise compared to other student living complexes. One of the selling points that got me was the ability they have to work 1v1 with you and help you get into your future home as well as the killer specials always going on. Rate 5 stars every time!
May 2018: ParkEast isn't 18Nineteen!! (That's a good thing) When I first moved here, it was owned by a different company. And it was genuinely awful living here, the management was awful, doors never worked, the carpets were disgusting, the elevators had nasty carpets,the printer was useless and so many problems. I was so frustrated that I had no interest in staying here. HOWEVER, ParkEast has genuinely fixed all of the complaints. They have completely changed everything. They professionally clean the carpets (multiple times), fixed the locks, repainted, tore out carpet from elevators, hired new staff, have two police officers in case you don't feel safe, and are so FAST at getting to work orders. Basically any complaint you have has been fixed and if it hasn't then they will continue to fix it. They had a panel of residents express their griefs and they fixed every
May 2018: I signed the first year this apartment complex opened (when it was still called 1819 with old management), and resigned when current, new management took over, and became Park East. Like every other apartment complex, there can be some issues, such as internet troubles, etc. However, what sets Park East management apart from other places (I've lived at The Ranch, University Trails, Cottages, and the Grove) is their genuine concern for their residents, keeping them happy, and building real relationships with us. The complex is super pet-friendly, and they have live-in police officers (not just rent-a-cops - actual members of Lubbock's SWAT team) that patrol the area, so safety is a plus. Any issues with the gates, they address as quickly as possible, same with the internet. They have cleaned up 1819's management's act - the hallways are clean, and any m

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