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82 Communities/Apartments near Texas Tech, TTU

Off campus apartments near Texas Tech can be found in all directions. You will find rooms and apartments in every price range and leasing option in Lubbock. With a great transit system pretty much any Lubbock apartment is within a 15 min drive of Texas Tech. Within walking distance of Texas Tech you have a good range of off campus apartments on the east side of campus. Distance in Lubbock can be measured in minutes rather than miles. Texas Tech Red Raiders are found in every community - GUNS UP!

There have been a number of Texas Tech student focused apartments built recently, offering all of the amenities you could dream of.

Texas Tech is a great university with a great deal of history. Students can get degrees in law, medical, engineering, etc. Not only that they can be well rounded with over 516 options for student clubs and organizations along with greek life.

Average rating of top ten apartments: A of 2113 reviews. More Info
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