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Woods of San Marcos

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Mar 2019: Lived here for about a year. Staff is super friendly, furniture is nice, rooms are very spacious, anytime I’ve put in a work order it’s been dealt with very quickly (usually just small stuff). Would definitely recommend living here for the price.
Feb 2019: I really enjoy living here! The maintenance is always quick, they are very pet friendly, and have great customer service! Just recently I went in to ask a few questions about my lease and Trae was very helpful, 10/10 recommend the Woods
Feb 2019: Choosing to live at the woods will easily be the best decision you make while you're in San Marcos. Compared to the other apartment complexes here, the pricing is actually reasonable and the pet policy is far and away the best out there. The management and front desk are also extremely helpful, particularly Trae! He has helped me with several questions I have had while living here and I believe he and the other staff have some of the best customer service skills out there. If I could live here forever, I would
Feb 2019: If I could give 0 stars, I would. After looking at the other reviews, I’m relieved to see I am not the only one that has had problems with the woods. Save yourself the headache and all the money they try to scam you out of. Anytime you have a problem beyond the control of the front desk they give you the email of one of the housing managers, who takes days to reply if you’re even lucky enough to get a response, conviently she’s never in the office to talk on the phone. I’ve lived here for 3 years, and these last 5 months can’t come fast enough. I hope that corporate sees this and tries to reach out, because I can’t seem to get an email back.
Dec 2018: I've lived here for a couple years now and have found the location enjoyable. The staff is pleasant most of the time, work orders are filled quickly, and they are dog friendly. Like any college complex some things could be handled a little more hastily. Ex. The lighting on the basketballs courts was out for a solid year before being fixed and the internet occasionally goes out. Also they need to stockpile printer paper next to the printer so that the printer is available after hours. Not being able to print tends to be an issue. All in all there's worse places to live. Review from Google
Nov 2018: if you're thinking of singing at the woods please do yourself a favor and spend your money somewhere else. First of all the bus is literally always breaking down mind you if you have an exam or need to be somewhere at a specific time this messes everything up & on top of that they don't even care to notify you. The amount of dog shit there is on your front yard area is ridiculous as much as they make themselves seem strict about picking up the poop they really don't care to make a difference like honestly just hire someone to pick it up or something! So hold on this isn't everything the NOISE! If you live in a flat I'm sorry to break it to you but you won't be able to sleep, study, or even chill without hearing so much dog noise, people talking, stomping and running around. The staff literally sucks these people don't ever care to solve your problems or concerns b
Nov 2018: Loved living here, room was huge and lots of closet space! Pet deposit is one of the cheapest in San Marcos and plenty of places to walk my dog around there! Love it. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Apartments are nice and spacious, but beware of the slow maintenance responses due to the under staffed maintenance crew. Office Staff has no people skills and no regard for tenants. They have a contract with a tow company will tow vehicles without warning. The tow company works directly with the main office and direct them to your car to have it towed. Choose a place that cares about their tenants. Review from Google
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Sep 2018: The Woods is incredible! Location and staff make the entire college experience that much better. If you ever have questions, they are more than willing to stop what they're doing and help out. No complaints what so ever. Keep up the great vibe! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Looking back at my college experience I really did have an amazing four years living and working at the Woods! Obviously my opinion is bias since I did work there, but I think that makes this review even more insightful. Not only did I make so many lifelong friends at the Woods, I also learned how to be a young professional and truly care about my peers. One of my favorite things about living at the Woods was getting to walk my pup, Boss, along the San Marcos River. Among many other favorites: friends close by, events all the time, friends close by, and some of the coolest roommates and neighbors. Working at the Woods was awesome! I got to live and work at one of the most beautiful places in SM. Sure it had its rough days but co-workers and down to earth residents made it worth every moment. Tara Bowman is currently the General Manger. Fr Review from Google
Jun 2018: This Apartment complex photographs well . I have lived here since it opened three years ago. Management and Maintenance are the biggest problem. There is an overall lack of Professionalism. not worth the price OR HEADACHE. BUT new management is trying to pick up the slack. Review from Google
Apr 2018: If i had the opportunity to give the woods zero stars I would!! The managers in the office SUCK. They are never in the office, they do not respond to emails, and they do not answer any calls. It is like they do not care about their residents, but only getting paid. I have mold in my room for a SECOND time and they do not seem to care. My vent in my room was leaking and maintenance took a week to come take a look. Then, they said that they would be back to take a look at it so my ceiling would not mold and they never did. It took them forever to come back out and fix the mold and they left my room a MESS with paint chipings etc.. Now, I have mold in a different part of my ceiling and I want to AT LEAST move out of this mold unit into another one and they refuse to let me. It seems like maintenance only wants to come do their job if they are o Review from Google
Apr 2018: The maintenance staff is a joke it takes them forever to handle a problem. The people above me are insanely loud and stomp all the time, I can seriously hear when they close a drawer. We have literally had to get our fire alarms battery’s changed over 7 times in one year. Because they just randomly start doing this annoying beep. There needs to be some sort of policy where every year before new people move in, every single apartment gets new batteries in every fire alarm. Review from Google
Apr 2018: My friend lived at The Woods and one of the front office employees Rogelio let his friend into their room without their permission. I would think that they would have some sort of policy in place to make sure this doesn’t happen or does the woods simply not think that allowing their employees to open doors for their friends is unacceptable? Review from Google
Apr 2018: so i've been living at the woods for almost two years now and Im actually glad that i stayed here. everyone has there own experience here but as for me, i got really lucking with the roommate matching and where i live. i stay in a 4 bedroom flat and my room is big enough for me. my closet is huge as well and my restroom is average. i havent had any major problems in the last 9 months but if somethingwere to go wrong, maintenence would fix the issue immediatley. the trash is picked up right by out front door so we no longer have to walk all the way to the trash. the office people throw little fun events for their residents each month which is super exciting. my lease ends in july and i honestly dont want to go. im glad i chose to live here. theres no place i would rather be:) Review from Google
Mar 2018: Beautiful property and amazing gym. Staff is always helpful in difficult situations. For example, I had a bad roommate situation and they moved me immediately and were so considerate of it all!! Tara was extremely helpful and moved me!! Love it. Wish I could stay another year Review from Google
Feb 2018: I lived here from the 2016-2017 term. Pros: -Beautiful Exterior -Amazing Recreation Center Cons: -Terrible Maintenance Response -Very Thin Walls -If you don't live on the 1st floor, the floors are even more thin -Staff that give you the run around -Incomplete Initial Move-In -Parking discipline inconsistency -Terrible, TERRIBLE parking Obviously there are way more cons than pros. I will give it to the woods that their exterior looks amazing and that really helps them rope people in. The Rec Center is great but I don't live at the Rec Center I live in the apartment unit. Initially moving in you don't move into the unit till August 16th, however that doesn't stop them from charging you an already expensive full month's rent. The first day we moved in, the dryer didn't work, and we had no TV remote. My roommates and I didn't think much of it Review from Google
Nov 2017: The place is amazing, with a resort type of complex. I'm glad this is my home away from home with the outdoors at our grasp. If you think other apartments are better then you haven't been at The Woods of San Marcus Review from Google
Nov 2017: I have thoroughly enjoyed living at The Woods. I resigned because I love the staff and love how spacious my apartment is. I also love to take my pup outside on the trail that is located right behind my apartment! I'd strongly suggest living here if you want a great living experience. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Honestly my boyfriend and I just moved in in August 2017. We saw the reviews after we signed our lease and were easily scared by what we saw, we even tried to get out of our lease but could not find subleasers. We're so glad we didn't. We fully expected to have a problematic unit but so far we have had no issues, the apartment looks beautiful and the staff have honestly been extremely helpful. I came from living in copper beech and it's so nice to live in a place where there isn't trash all over the street. Honestly I can't recommend the place enough and I hope that now that I hear they have new management (who are doing a great job) they get more positive reviews. Review from Google
Sep 2017: I lived at the woods from Aug '16-May '17. Pros: Overall, the apartments were nice and well decorated. The 2 bedroom townhouse is HUGE. Cons: Parking!!! Spots are tiny and limited. Visitors have to park on main street and they WILL tow you. 1 dumpster for trash in the Whole COMPLEX. If you live in a back building, it makes more sense to drive to the dumpster since it's so far away. Maintenance requests rarely get done - and if they are they ARE NOT on time. For example, my laundry door had a huge piece of wood missing from it that was visible. Asked if they could replace it. They did, but with a door that wasn't sanded NOR painted, making it rough to the touch. I would've preferred the first door. Lastly, the SHUTTLE BUS SUCKS. Constantly down & not in service, and also would stop to get gas constantly meaning you'd get home 10-15 minutes late Review from Google
Sep 2017: The woods is great place to live because it's so close to the river and that alone gives you so much to do. The amenities are great as well. The private bus they have for the residents to campus and back is great! There was a situation with roommates in my apartment and the staff was super helpful and made me feel very comfortable. If I had any complaints about the place, it would be just how loud other residents are, but this is student living so that's expected. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Pool is literally green and has been for the last month and a half. Not sure what the point in having such a big nice pool is if they wont even maintain it. Went in the pool a few weeks ago and when you're standing in the pool you cant even see your feet and the bottom is slimy. Absolutely disgusting and the staff will lie to you and tell you that it usually isnt like this. Find somewhere better to live unless they are going to cut you a ridiculously low rate. I know that under 20% of this year's tenants have re-signed.
Jul 2017: Save yourself. The Woods is absolutely horrible 9/10 due to maintenance issues. Our AC and water heater both went out and we had to wait 2+ weeks for each to be fixed. That meant no hot showers, no doing dishes or laundry, and being welcomed home every day to it being 88 degrees in our apartment. Thankfully I was able to stay at my girlfriends house while we waited and waited for this to be resolved. Most of the maintenance staff are students who have no earthly clue what they are doing unless it is something simple like replacing lightbulbs. They would come inside and press the reset button and leave. Only reason our AC and water heater were finally fixed is because I threatened that I was going to call out a professional and bill the Woods. I looked over our lease and both issues fall under sanitation issues but we still paid full rent the entire time.
Jun 2017: Ive had a crazy ride with this complex! Ended up getting someone to take my lease before I moved in because of all the awful stuff I found out and the staff is really misinformed and will tell you anything. So happy I got out of my lease! Yeah it looks nice but the untrained staff and awful witch of a manager will bring it all the way down. If you can avoid dealing with them just take that route because they will try to make it extremely hard almost impossible to get out but thankfully I did. don't regret deciding to live at The village on Telluride ll one bit! Review from 6/15/17 on Google

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