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Vistas San Marcos

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Feb 2019: Great location. All of my classes are 10 minutes away. Just be prepared to pay a couple of pretty pennies for it. The only downside I’ve experienced are the amenities. I’m always having trouble with my dishwasher working and within the past month, I’ve lost hot water three times and have been using the Student Rec’s showers or my friend’s at The Pointe apartments next door. If I’m desperate, I’ll just boil some water and take a classic sponge bath haha. Also, if you request a maintenance order, make sure the staff at the Vistas put it in the day of. One time someone forgot (oops) and I had no hot water for 11 days. For the most part, they’re good at taking request and will help in anyway they can. Recently I came back to a leaking water heater and discovered parts of my wood floor covered in water. Luckily they were able to send a maintenance guy to turn it off and one to vacuum the water off the floor around 1am Review from Google
Feb 2019: So overall living here is convenient. You’re definitely paying a high price for the location practically on campus. For me to get to McCoy it takes no more than 2-5 minutes. I live in a one bedroom and it’s enough space for me. I live on a lower level and the noise level is AWFUL. It is such a busy road and there are always drunk people late at night having fights or yelling random things. I remember when I first moved in I was expecting a balcony... bc no one told me otherwise. I had even called 3 times in advance of my move-in date to confirm, and they explicitly told me I would have a balcony. Obviously they lied-I don’t have a balcony and I’m paying the same price as someone who does, so that sucks. And they didn’t compensate me in any way for the miscommunication. If you get a one bedroom, make SURE it has a balcony, if that’s what you want. Parking in the garage is a good investment Review from Google
Feb 2019: If you want roaches crawling all over your apartment this is the place for you. Since I lived here I've found three roaches in my bed and had the exterminator come over three times. For how expensive rent is this should not be a problem. DO NOT LIVE HERE UNLESS YOU WANT ROACHES!
Jan 2019: The worst place in San Marcos to live. It leaked in my apartment while I was on vacation and I was not notified whatsoever of the leak, of maintenance entering my room, of anything that happened. Lack of communication is sad and dissapponting. Don’t live here because it will leak in your apartment and no one will contact you to tell you, you will just be surprised when you return to your apartment! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The front office staff are helpful, but will use predetermined charges based on their mid-year inspections to charge additional fees on final move out bill. They added absurd charges about the unit condition that were not reflected at the time of move out inspections, unfair. Review from Google
Nov 2018: They don’t care about their residents, only potential residents. So once you do sign and start living here, all that goes out the window. They will tell you when you your here that they give out visitors parking passes but they don’t. Everytime I’ve asked, they say they won’t give out visitors spots because they want to save those spots for people touring the vistas. So if you ever want to have people over, they tell you to have them park in one of the two hour spots around, which is nearly impossible. And the walls are so thin that you can hear everything and everyone can hear you. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Maintenance here is AWESOME. They always come and fix the problem ASAP. All of the staff is very nice. The only bad thing is that its kind of loud, but that is to be expected being on such a busy road. Its definitely worth it though to be just a few minutes walk to campus. The gym has nice, new equipment. I had read reviews previously that said that the elevators break a lot and that dogs go to the bathroom in the hallways, but that has not been the case at all. I've always been able to use the elevator and the hallways are always clean. I have a 1 bedroom apartment and I love it. It’s the perfect size for me, and I still have room to entertain my friends when they come over too. Review from Google
Aug 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE! I REPEAT DO NOT LIVE HERE! The staff sucks! Except maintence, they are nice They are super GREEDY FOR MONEY! They up the prices on EVERYTHING! I lived by myself and paid out of the butt for utilities! I was never there half of the time. Not to mention I just got an email saying I owe $500 in MOVE OUT FINES! UMMMM NO! This place is horrible. Not to mention their elevator NEVER NEVER NEVER works!!!! Oh yeah don’t forget about the pet policy. People have pets and allow them to use the restroom IN THE STAIRCASES. So watch out for poop y’all. Staff does nothing about it. So if you want to pay a lot of money for a crappy place? Go ahead? And for the $500 finds that I KNOW I don’t have since I deep cleaned my apartment prior to moving out, I’m not paying for. Oh yeah forgot to mention that the staff came into my apartme Review from Google
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Aug 2018: These pictures are from the day I was moved into my apartment. This is a perfect example of how the vistas operates. If you have any desire to have working/non-broken things, then sign somewhere else. I would say that the vistas does not fix anything, but that is not true because the maintenance guys are always working. unfortunately, anything that the vistas finds to be too expensive or too hard to fix will not get fixed. All else aside, I was moved into this apartment without any preparation for a new tenant. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have loved living here! Best thing is definitely the location and distance from school and the square. Biggest downfall is the elevators never work and when they do, they’re super sketchy. There is also basically no visitor parking either, so that really makes things difficult too. But other than those two things, I’ve really loved living here. The staff is always very helpful and quick to resolve most issues!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The Vistas, San Marcos is a great apartment complex. It is close to campus and in walking distance to everything. The rooms are nice and the amenities are convenient. The staff is friendly and the maintenance crew is prompt. I don’t have many complaints besides the usual issues at any apartment complex. I definitely recommend living at the Vistas, San Marcos! Review from Google
Feb 2018: My son is a student at Texas State and a resident of the Vista's. This place is poorly run. Many of the units have mold issues and they just move students around like cattle so they can "clean up the mold" My son was so sick we thought we would need to bring him home for a semester. They moved him to a new unit and he continues to have headaches coughing and episodes of weekness. I visited over the weekend. The entry lobby from the secure parking garage into the elevator is so filthy. The elevator smells like vomit. Did I say secure parking garage? We pay $30 a month for secure parking. This weekend the entry gate was tied up with bungy cords as the gate is broken. Anyone can access the garage. My sons car was towed yesterday because his parking decal had fallen from the mirror onto the seat. The towing company has the right to access the garage and tow
Jan 2018: One of the better places to live in San Marcos, especially if you commute to Texas State. The complex is gorgeous with nice amenities (I personally use the gym all of the time) and the units themselves are really nice. Very comfortable, really nice furniture, working appliances and spacious. I have had a few problems but nothing that wasn't fixed in a timely manner, they're really good about that. Also love the front desk staff, they're very helpful and always available. I would highly recommend! Review from Google
Jan 2018: This has been one of my favorite places to live while in San Marcos. Out of the 3 apartment complexes I have lived at I have had the best experience here compared to the others. The location is great. I have a 5 minute walk to my classes, restaurants, and the little HEB. Maintenance is quicker than any other apartment complex I've experienced. I have had a few issues with my appliances, but they typically are quick to fix or find out what's wrong. Other than the elevator not working for 5 weeks now (I'm having to climb the stairs everyday to the top floors), I have very few complaints about living here and would definitely recommend my peers to live here as well. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived at The Vistas for about 6 months now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I have enjoyed it so much that I have already resigned to live at Vistas another year! The location is seriously unbeatable and the amenities are great especially the gym. I have had some great experiences with management and maintenance recently especially one particular guy who works on the property who is literally a life saver! I have had some pretty minor maintenance emergencies but this one guy is also so fast to at getting to your apartment and getting it taken care of no matter what time of day or night even on a holiday (like me on NYE). Definitely highly recommended coming from someone who has previously lived at both The Village as well as The Retreat and this is my absolute favorite complex I've lived in. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Overall the apartment complex offers a wide arrange of amenities and well-kept rooms as well as a convenient location near campus. The staff are very welcoming and helpful and the maintenance staff usually arrives within a days notice. Although there have been a few mechanical issues, the overall complex is worth its value and is a great place to live in Review from Google
Jun 2017: Do not move here! I pay $800/month to live here and elevators NEVER work. I've had about 10 roaches in my apartment since I've been here and had to get pest control a few times (obviously their stuff didn't work). I keep my apartment very clean btw. I went to management (Kelly) about it and she told me to "just deal with it" when I never experienced living with roaches ever in my life. She didn't help with the situation and would always have an stank attitude when I would come to her with my problems. Review from 6/14/17 on Google
May 2017: My nephew is a resident there. Him and his roommates have been without AC for 2 weeks now! Office staff is nice, but nice doesn't repair AC units. Maintenance people have attempted to "fix" the issue, but basically the problem is beyond their staffing capacity. We've offered to hire outside company to fix the issue, but management won't reimburse us. Calling the Fair Housing Department Monday morning. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
May 2017: I would not suggest moving in here EVER, first off they messed up the floor plan I had signed for and it was the front desks mistake they "gave away" the room I signed for due to incorrect papers on there end. The other part is forget the elevator because it NEVER works and I am on the 5th floor...that so many stairs when you have all your books or even groceries, it would be different if it wasn't all the time literally twice monthly its out of service. The maintenance is very nice and prompt, they always got to me quickly which is nice because something is Always broken or infested with roaches. Review from 5/7/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Excellent Location! Walking distance to campus, and downtown San Marcos. My unit is located right by a resident gate entrance, and that gate makes the most annoying slam every time it is closed (been hearing it for roughly 3 years now). I gave up on asking for the gate to get fixed after a while. The furniture for the furnished units is pretty uncomfortable (at least that's how it is for my unit) for the amount that is paid for rent every month. Review from 3/1/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Lived here for the past two years. Despite what others say the complex is always clean, and the staff is better than any other complex I've lived at. The best part is the location, I can wake up 20 minutes before class and still be early. The only downside is the rent is pretty steep, but you are paying for the location, I am able to walk to class during the week and walk to the square on weekends. Review from 2/24/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Moving to the Vistas was probably the best decision I've made. The close proximity to school and local food areas is amazing. I've had no problem with the management or parking services. The staff is extremely friendly and they're always helpful with packages. One incident I had was my package came in opened and they reported it immediately which helped me in figuring out my order issues. Review from 2/20/17 on Google
Feb 2017: The Vistas-San Marcos are a spectacular place to live! I have been here for a year and a half and have had a great experience living here. It is conveniently placed right off campus so getting to class is no problem. The maintenance staff and management have always helped me when there has been a issue with my room/unit. Review from 2/13/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Zero complaints about living here. The Vistas has guaranteed covered parking with a gate and only a block from campus too. The front office staff are very helpful and friendly as well as having a quick maintenance team. All amenities are very well kept and everything you would need at an apartment. Review from 2/6/17 on Google
Nov 2016: The location can't be beat! But the management could be better. They routinely charged me for things I didn't do. $200 for blinds and cleaning AFTER I had already cleaned it? Cmon Review from 11/17/16 on Google

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