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The Timbers

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Jun 2019: Do you like listening to a symphony of leaf blowers at 9 am every Thursday? How about ceiling leaks, wet carpet and cold drafts? Then the Timbers is right for you! Lease now and get a seasonal pass to the cockroach zoo for FREE! EDIT 5 months later: more cockroaches, no changes, please don’t lease here or at least not on the first floor. They are 3-4” long :-) Review from Google
May 2019: Update 5/26/19: after 4 months of getting by my A/C went out again today. It’s summertime and it’s gone out twice this week. On call emergency maintenance is non existent. Coming back to an 83 degree apartment after working to pay for the rent would be funny if I wasn’t living it. Update 10/7/18 : My apartment’s A/C broke and I’ve gone nearly a full week without it working. I call the office everyday and someone says “oh we’ll send someone over!”, but maintenance never shows up. Still can’t use my shower If I could cancel my lease and move back to Iconic Village, I would. At least at Iconic, the management was kind enough and up front about how long it would take to make repairs. Upon move in management hadn’t even cut me a key to my apartment, and they scrambled for over an hour to get their maintenance guy to bring his copy. When I got into my apartment my bedroom door didn’t have a handle (still doesn’t lol), my shower was completely dismantled, and the pipe behind the handle had a leak Review from Google
May 2019: The good thing is this complex is conveniently walking distance to campus, and it’s isolated so the environment is calm. However, buildings are OLD, so things occasionally break. Maintenance are definitely not professional. Patio outlet has not worked since day 1 for two years. Since new management came in, I asked them to fix it. Maintenance told me in exact words “yeah none of them work here. We don’t know how to fix it, so yeah”. That’s not exactly something you want to hear. Paying rent, I expect everything to work or to be fixed. He also left my Clorox on the floor after fixing a leak, where my dog can easily get to it. Staff also did a unit inspection, didn’t even leave a note that they entered my unit. I kept my dog locked behind hallway gate with doors CLOSED because he likes to be destructive, and they left my bedroom door wide open. This led to my dog damaging the carpet, breaking my tv and other expensive items Review from Google
May 2019: I don’t live here, but I have some friends who do and it’s a very nice place! I’ve attended some pool parties and the office staff if very welcoming. It’s very close to campus and my friends like that a lot. If I didn’t already live somewhere else, I would definitely be signing a lease here. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I've lived here for a couple of years and while there have been several management changes and some maintenance issues, the new mgmt staff really seems to have their act together. New maintenance team is great and responsive. New staff is friendly and helpful as well. The Timbers is a great, quiet place to live that is walkable to campus and at a reasonable price. Sure you can pay a whole lot more for swanky digs, but they've got everything I need here and I don't have to wait in line to take a bus to campus. The units are nice/clean, there is ample parking, and the location is A+. Review from Google
Apr 2019: You came to the reviews for a reason. Lease at your own risk. (Former resident) Review from Google
Apr 2019: This has nothing to do with maintenance. The new maintenance guys are great. They just do what they are told... the rest is up to the staff members in the office who seem to have trouble communicating with each other and remembering things. I honestly wish I could do more than just write a review. The apartments are nice. The atmosphere is nice outside of the apartments and it’s a beautiful place to live. However, communication is really bad between the staff members. REALLY bad to the point where I cannot wait to just leave. I have had problems since the day I started living here with the older property manager, Kacey. I could go on and explain in great detail about everything that has happened but it all boils down to communication. Because despite the fact that there is a new property manager, the communication is still bad. I don’t want anyone replying back with this with fake concern saying that they are “Sorry for my experience, and would like to speak with me Review from Google
Mar 2019: The office staff is so AMAZING! They are always willing to help and go above and for their tenets!! If you want quiet relaxing place to stay with on sight staff that do what ever it takes to make your stay enjoyable then The Timbers is a WIN!! Review from Google
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Jan 2019: I forgot how much I hate this apartment complex, I wish I didn’t go on vacation and spent the money breaking my lease instead. Maintenance is poorly managed, I have put in the same requests since move in and nothing has been fixed. My bathroom does not even have grout. The walls are not sealed. Staff is nice but nothing ever gets done. Extremely disappointing and disgusting experience living here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: the location is perfect for students, especially at its price. I give 3 stars because management has worked with me and maintenance request are usually quick. The issues I have is how old the place is and little poorly things here and there. The issues I’ve had were: - my electrical outlet out in the patio has water damage and hasn’t worked since day 1. I was told all apartments with this issue would be worked on after renovations, still hasn’t been looked two years living here. Let down because I’m a festive person wanting to decorate with lights. - the paint job is poorly done on doors as you can tell it’s old and done cheap. Paint on the doors peel. - carpet in room was torn on the edges of door. Nails stuck out, and I was surprised they didn’t fix this before I moved in. Ended up fixing it myself (which was my decision). - Review from Google
Dec 2018: The Apartments were built in 1984 and they do not maintain them. When we filled out our "moved in" agreement we had a two page list of problems and photos which were never repaired during the time we lived there nor before we left. They then sent us a bill for all of the problems that were there before we moved in. When we asked them for our copy of the move in check list to show them, they said they lost it. When we asked them, they refused to produce the invoice for paid bills, for such repairs. They also claimed that we had a pet, which we did not. They then claimed that we took the A/C drip pan which would have required us to lift a 1000 lb unit that was on it, which we also did not do. We were also charged for toilet seats, light bulbs, painting, and carpet cleaning. All of which were like that went we moved in. The apartment manager that Review from Google
Dec 2018: Do you like listening to a symphony of leaf blowers at 9 am every Thursday? How about ceiling leaks, wet carpet and cold drafts? Then the Timbers is right for you! Lease now and get a seasonal pass to the cockroach zoo for FREE! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I've lived here 1 month and have not had a working shower for 2 weeks... theyve left holes in our walls, dry wall dust covering everything and flooded the bathroom and the kitchen like it was casual Review from Google
Oct 2018: If I could cancel my lease and move back to Iconic Village, I would. At least at Iconic, the management was kind enough and up front about how long it would take to make repairs. Upon move in management hadn’t even cut me a key to my apartment, and they scrambled for over an hour to get their maintenance guy to bring his copy. When I got into my apartment my bedroom door didn’t have a handle (still doesn’t lol), my shower was completely dismantled, and the pipe behind the handle had a leak. It took over a week for them to send someone to fix it but all he did was put the shower handle back together and sloppily seal it up. He couldn’t fix the leak just yet, citing that the city would shut the water off on Monday. When the city says they’re going to shut off the water on a certain day, they do it. Fast forward a week later and the wat Review from Google
Aug 2018: Don’t live here. Seriously. Live anywhere else. I’ve been here for five years, and it’s gotten worse every year. The latest management doesn’t care about making sure things get done. I put in a request TWO YEARS AGO that still hasn’t been addressed. Maintenance doesn’t do anything, but they try to make it out like it’s your fault they couldn’t take care of something. The property manager is just as bad for playing the blame game. The only good thing about The Timbers is its location. It’s not worth it. Trust me. Nobody who works here cares about you. Review from Google
May 2018: I moved in last year and this place is great. I looked around for a while for the best place and The Timbers beat my expectations. The renovations over the last year have been great. I use the new gym at least twice a week. It's better then some newer places gyms. The pool furniture is amazing too and now they have a printer for residents to use with paper included. Makes my life easier then having to remember paper or walk to Alkek. I'm a marketing major at McCoys and have seen the bad reviews but know that it's normal that the upset people go out and post rather then the happy ones. I unfortunately have to move out this year since I graduated but if I could stay I would. Everyone is so nice and I even know my neighbors. Just can't wait for the parking lot to get re-done soon which I know is on their list. Review from Google
May 2018: I’ve loved living here at the Timbers! Everyone who works here is super friendly and helpful! I especially love the new renovations that they have done (I’m obsessed w/ the new pool furniture, which I hit up at least once a week)! Also, its only a 15 minutes to my classes in McCoy. definitely recommend! Review from Google
May 2018: I really enjoy living here! The water bill was messed up for several months due to a leak in the building, however it was fixed and the utility bill is fine now. The rent is affordable compared to other apartments in town and is within walking distance to the quad. It is also a quiet place if you’re looking to get away from the party scene. would recommend! Review from Google
May 2018: The staff is very friendly, they know are their residents by name. They are very helpful and assist you when you need anything. The property has great views of the campus and is a short walk from campus and the river. You can even walk to the square from here in about 20 minutes. I love working out, so the new fitness center is awesome for the days when I don't feel like dealing with the crowd at the rec center. There is always plenty of parking for both visitors and guests. I am going to stay here until I graduate. Review from Google
May 2018: Great place to live close to campus. I moved in 2 years ago and the place has never looked better. They are upgrading everything including the awesome new gym. New pool furniture and plants around the pool are also nice. Pros Close to class. Quiet for the most part. Manager is always willing to help. She once helped jump my car when my battery died. Cons Surrounded by lots of trees which sometimes attracts a lot of bugs. Pest Control will come out as often as you need them though. Sometimes parking is a hassle. The hill is sometimes hard to drive up during heavy rain. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I lived at the timbers for a school year and really enjoyed my time there. 2 minute walk from campus and Sewell can not be beat. Very few people seem to know about this place making it the hidden jewel of San Marcos I lived at 4 different apartment complexes throughout my stay and I have to say I only dream I could have started my college career at a location like the timbers. The staff is phenomenal and were always offering us popcorn sweets and goodies which I personally am a fan of. This truly is a exceptional place to stay and if you are considering enrolling at Texas state or transferring here this is an absolute necessity for the ultimate bobcat experience. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Like every complex, they have their pros and cons. They are doing renovations everywhere so it looks a lot nicer. Staff is pretty friendly and very helpful. Plus it’s right next door to campus, so it’s mostly college students who live here. Rarely any parties so it’s peaceful! If you have major issues with your apartment, they are usually quick to fix it. However, the cons is that if you have a minor problem then they tend to take their time; sometimes to a point where I feel like they forget. If you remind them though then they usually send someone within the week to make sure it is fixed. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Been a resident for two years and the staff this year is incredible. Super easy to come to about any issues, quick repairs, and just generally friendly. Would 100% recommend living here to anyone, especially if you need to walk to TXST campus. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Straight up party place for spoiled kids. I wouldn't live there free Review from Google
Oct 2017: Great location and even better staff! The complex has been undergoing renovations for the fall and the property is looking quite nice with the new touch ups. The neighbors are all young and friendly and the environment itself is calm and mostly quiet. For those looking for a cool, calm, and convenient location with Campus being so close, The Timbers is a no brainer. Review from Google

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