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The Social SMTX

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Nov 2019: I don’t normally write reviews but I came and toured this place with my friend Carla and was in awe at how sweet the staff was, especially Mackenzie who gave us a tour of the property. This community is super small and homey. I especially like how they have a dog park specifically for small dogs so that my little 7lb westie Stormie can enjoy the dog park like the other bigger dogs. I also like the cute little grill stations between the buildings as well as the outdoor Game Center they are building! 10/10 recommend!! Review from Google
Oct 2019: I generally hate the process of trying to find an apartment, but Mackenzie and Carey made the process so much easier and enjoyable. Their customer service was great, they answered any and all the questions I had, and were happy to do so. Haven’t experienced service like this anywhere else in San Marcos, loved the service I received here! Review from Google
Oct 2019: I am in awe with the customer service at this apartment complex. When I first arrived at the complex, I was greeted by a family of deer. It immediately peaked my interest. Once I entered the leasing office I was greeted by two young women with names of Carey and Mackenzie with a southern charm that reminded me of home. They were very knowledgeable and helpful as I asked questions. I was impressed by them and it was a bonus that the apartment is finally undergoing renovations. Highly recommend! Review from Google
Oct 2019: Place is clean, quiet and the grounds are kept up really nicely. The office staff is what had me sold to the Social SMTX. Carey is always very helpful, she makes me feel like a valued resident, and always do the most to solve any problem.She is so nice, polite and friendly. She patiently helped me through the application process. Awesome customer service is always appreciated so thank you Carey for going beyond and above for your clients! Review from Google
Oct 2019: Spoke with a young lady by the name of Carey the other day to help me make my decision to lease here. I’m sold! She gave a list of amenities, perks about the area and best yet the rooms look great! But most importantly she was very attentive to my questions, going in detail about the apartment and I love that. The most important thing to me about an apartment is the staff and she showed me that I will be well taken care of! Thank you! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have been looking for somewhere affordable to stay, with quick a maintenance team as I have had issues with those in the past. Mackenzie was so helpful in answering all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns. I have seen many changes to the complex since the new management team took over and they look great. Excited to see the complex once its completely done being remodeled! Review from Google
Jun 2019: There was at least a emergency maintenance line when it was the Metropolitan. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great property, great management and great maintenance! Highly recommend. Review from Google
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Jul 2018: I lived a the Metropolitan Apartments a little over a year. And everything has been mostly great. Tina the office manager is amazing. I've only had a few issues and shes always been extremely helpful! A+ I just wish the internet was better. The met rocks! Review from Google
Jul 2018: The apartment complex was great, the office manager is awful and very unprofessional. She would get overwhelmed and treat residents and staff like they were her children by yelling at them and would threaten to evict people when there is no reason other than her being overwhelmed which caused stress in a lot of peoples lives. I would rate The Met at least 4 stars if the owner would hire a more professional manager. Maintenance was great, love Robert! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve loved everything about living here EXCEPT for the internet. There have been so many issues with it, and the owner refuses to reimburse us for the time we’ve spent without internet. I work from home and have lost LOTS of money because of this. We will not be renewing our lease. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I waited until the complete end of our relationship with The Met and staff to post this. I will admit, the beginning of our stay at The Met was rocky while they transitioned info new management, but ultimately my husband and I were always taken care of. Maintenance is incredible and ANY time we had a ticket opened they responded within 30 minutes of our call or complaint. They (at our time living there) had office staff that lived in the complex so whenever we had to work late and put our rent in the drop box, they were able to pull it before midnight to avoid late fees. accommodating through and through.   Another thing I loved about The Met was how quiet the complex was. No loud kids or partying students, everyone really felt nice and it made me feel safe. The pool, and gym were always clean and the dog park was a good size too. We Review from Google
Sep 2016: At first I thought that it was a great community with great people working there. I filled out my application which was one page and turned in my $200 deposit for a lease 4 months away. My application process hadn't even begun due to having no co-signer to fufill my income requirements. After a change of heart, 2 days later, asked for my check back and was told that none of it was refundable. This is something that I was not made aware of prior to giving the check. I feel like I've been set up. Completely unprofessional... Unless you're 100% sure this is where you want to be, don't Give Them Your Hard Earned Money. Review from Google
Nov 2015: I never thought I would be writing a good review online, but here I am. This place is pretty cool. Rent is slightly cheaper than the other places i have lived, but cable and internet are included, which is dope. My neighbors are very chill and quiet for the most part. As corny as it sounds this place has a strong community feeling. Lots of dogs, and responsible enough dog owners. Dog deposit is cheap. The staff are straight forward, honest people, which I like. Im used to staff that lie to me with a big fake smile just to get me out of the office. Here, Im treated like a person, not a customer. My needs are met in a timely manner and If they weren't, I would get solid explanation why. If I want to talk to the boss, I don't have to go through several other people to get to her. She is always there and ready to discus anything. I would recommend Review from Google
Jan 2013: good floor plan, nice staff, and met some good friends here. what more could you ask for? Review from Google

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