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The Outpost

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Feb 2019: Only giving them a one star because you have to give them something. Don’t live here. even if they say you can live here free of charge, DONT.
Sep 2018: The outpost has a lot of standing problems that ultimately led me to move out as soon as I could. The roommate matching sucks like others may have stated before and upon move in I had HORRIBLE mold and mildew issues in my bathroom. (It was pretty disgusting) I consistently had to pay overage charges every month for water even though my personal water usage was very low. Management was very unprofessional. There are so many other apartments in sm to choose from, save yourself the headache!! Review from Google
Sep 2018: This apartment complex has ripped off so many of my friends/coworker upon move out, and have always made it uncomfortable for all of us while living there. They will always play nice and make it seem like they are doing things right for the students living there. They left us without water for the entire month of December. Upon move in I told them my carpet was very dirty, and in the two years I lived there they never cleaned/changed they carpet. Upon move in/out the office staff told me not to worry about it, and during my stay the staff guaranteed me that I wouldnt have to worry about it. WELL that was a HELL of a LIE. Even when on move out day they told me not to worry about it I got a fee for a cleaning service. Shame TONI for not reviewing her carpet records and seeing that the carpet has not been changed/cleaned for over 2 years yet she Review from Google
Sep 2018: if i could give this place less than one star I would. Unlike the model that they show you, alot of the units have bathroom mold/mildew problems that are down right DISGUSTING upon move in as someone has stated before. The water bill is not limited to your unit so be prepared for water overage charges even if you are very conservative with your personal water usage. The roommate matching is TERRIBLE and the management (especially toni) is often very rude, GOSSIPY, treats residents like CHILDREN.. and of course only responds well to parents. HOW INSULTING. The room checks that they do periodically throughout the year are ridiculous to the point where its invasive and quite annoying.(feels like a freshman dorm) If you are looking for a great all around apartment i would highly recommend looking elsewhere.. save yourself the stress. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The amenities are great and well kept. The apartments are good, a little dirty on move in (a lot of dust on doors) but easy to clean. The biggest problem I had with move in day is that 2 of the rooms don't look anything like the model room they show you. There are 2 rooms (one being mine) that have bathrooms that are WAY smaller. there is about half the space in mine than in the front 2 rooms. Also on move in the washing machine was full of water and smelled horrible. Other than the bathrooms and the washing machine there are a couple problems here and there but most of them can be fixed with a work order. It's a good place for the price and you don't have to cross train tracks which helps with the probability of being late to be low. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have lived at the Outpost for 2 years and renewed for a third year. I have no complaints! I absolutely love the staff and maintenance gets work orders done super quick! David is so personable and is there if you need anything. My apartment has felt like home the day I moved in two years ago and I recommend Outpost to everyone I know! Bus route is also really nice because it stops on the quad. Love you guys! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Ive never really had any problems, it’s fairly nice i just think rent is too high tbh, $200 more and i could be paying for my own house. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Such an amazing place to live, everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Highly recommend!!! Review from Google
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Nov 2017: Really enjoy living here just resigned for another Review from Google
Nov 2017: Such nice people working here! They learn your names really quick. And maintenance is A1. I love the Outpost. Review from Google
Oct 2017: By far the worst apartments EVER!! Super unfair. The leasing manager Toni should be fired. The apartment is “pet friendly” but doesn’t allow specific breeds or dogs over 50 pounds which is completely understandable but the rule has to apply to ALL RESIDENTS ! Not just the ones your pick and choose. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE. Review from Google
Sep 2017: I currently live here. Only problem is, is the wifi sucks!!! All they need is to go with a better wifi company, that's only complaint I have. Review from Google
Jul 2017: don't be fooled by the model that they show you, when you actual move into the apartment the bathroom fixtures are nasty management doesn't take the time out to make sure all wear and tear in the apartments is up to date. Bad and rushed paint job didn't bother to actually clean the base board and walls to do a good paint job. My entire bedroom needs a deep wash and remodeled. The rent money we pay is to fix the problems in the apartment before and while residents are living in. Remodeling for each apartment needs to be done and not a rush job. Review from Google
Feb 2017: Great place to live! I've lived here for about 6 years and never had a major problem out of them! Awesome living experience! Review from 2/27/17 on Google
Jan 2017: It is my first month in and my work orders were taken care of quickly! The handymen are amazing at what they do! The front office staff is patient and easy to work with when you're on a schedule. Review from 1/3/17 on Google
Nov 2016: It is my second year here at the outpost, and I can say I deeply regret renewing my lease. The only decent thing about this place is the maintenance guys because they are very nice and quick to fix a clogged drain or replace a dryer. I was given a random roommate this semester who was the EXACT opposite of what I requested in my roommate survey, and they have made my life a living hell. After catching them doing things that breached their contract with the Outpost, very serious things, I went to management to get them kicked out. But, "nothing can be done" so now I am the one who is being put out and having to move apartments. They do not care if people breach their contracts, make you feel uncomfortable or make your life a living hell. Do NOT move here, management sucks. Also, remodeling needs to be done pronto. Review from 11/23/16 on Google
Nov 2016: don't be fooled by the showroom nothing like the real apartments dirty, damaged, and torn. They will not work with you if you request changes. If you sign a lease and decide to get out of it you have to pay 85% of a months worth of rent even if you DIE you have figure out how to pay like isn't that a joke another complex laughed when I showed them my contract. The maintenance is great they will do things immediately that and the mail is the only good thing about this place. One time my friend was visiting and we were in the show room with absolutely nothing on us and all, because the door was open of course, so then here comes the manager when we're looking around and he was like "what are you doing here!" I said "I'm just showing her the show room can't we look into mean the door was open?" Review from 11/20/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I've lived at the outpost for two years now and have been happy with it. The bus route in convenient as we are the first stop on it but due to trains and construction unfortunately sometimes it still takes quite a while to get to campus, of course that's not a fault of The Outpost. Unfortunately moving out next year due to increases in rent which is getting pricey compared to other apartments just as good as it and not allowing pets if I decide to get one. But staff is friendly and I very much like two of the maintenance employees for doing a wonderful job. The Outpost tries to create contests and events which is nice for the people who live here. Review from 4/29/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I LOVE the Outpost. I have renewed for my third year in a row. When I transferred to Texas State, I toured roughly 15+ apartments and nothing drew me in as much as The Outpost did. Rent is very affordable and reasonable for how nice the place is. I love the monthly events each month and the weekly social media contest. The office and clubhouse was renovated in the fall of 2015 and it looks amazing now! The pool and hot tub was recently resurfaced. Since I have been here, they have added in speed bumps in the back, upgraded all the lighting and added LED lights under the car ports! Maintenance is excellent here; they usually have everything done within that same day! Review from 4/25/16 on Google
Nov 2015: I love it here. Convenient bus route and safer from floods! The pricing is worth what we get, nice floor and room space, and the patio is big as well! The newly renovated club house is awesome and the overall appearance of the complex is lovely. Review from 11/10/15 on Google
Oct 2015: The apartments are nice and clean. The amenities are very nice and convenient. maintenance is swift in what they do, especially Luke! He is the best! The whole staff is friendly too. I do wish that they would allow pets, however, not allowing them is probably how they apartments stay so clean! I love the new clubhouse and the pool! It's a great place for student living, especially if it is your first time moving out! Review from 10/26/15 on Google
Oct 2015: The maintenance is fast and the club house is absolutely amazing. The only thing I can think of that I would like is for the pool gate to have no lock on it so I don't have to hop it. I have late classes so it's hard for me to make time for working out and such. Review from 10/20/15 on Google

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