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The Lodge at Southwest

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Aug 2020: DO NOT LIVE HERE.or any of their properties. The employees are trained to lie to residents. The complex was flooded a few years ago so mold is in all bottom floor units and is not disclosed to renters.The apartment shown looks nothing like what is actually given to residents. Crime is often and not reported by complex only from seeing it yourself or the neighbors. Including car theft and apartment burglaries. The pool is never clean. The walls are paper thin. Keys gets “misplaced” often. The bus stop is all the way down the road at a different complex. The utility bill is never under $100 no matter how conservative or how many roommates. The complex is not taken care of and only care about money. Ask residents instead of people paid by them/bribed to write positive reviews. It’s right across from the jail and gates never work so released from jail enter comp
Oct 2019: Please beware of The Lodge San Marcos. They are taking advantage of college students and their families! We were shown a nicely finished and furnished model, promised a newly remodeled common area with a Starbucks machine, an office/study space including computers, printers, and study rooms, and a $300 gift card. Move-in day was horrible - see the pictures below. The apartment was not ready. It was filthy, there was a large hole in the ceiling, no coffee table, the sofa is dirty and torn, the walls were scratched and in need of painting, and it has a growing odor I'm afraid is mold. The common area and study space are both used for storage. THERE IS NO GIFT CARD. $300 is a lot of money, especially for college kids. I've left multiple voicemail asking for help and requesting an update. No one ever calls back. When I went to the office to get help for my son, they r
Mar 2019: Gaby and Rebecca were absolutely amazing! This was our second listing in apartment hunting and my roomate and I fell in love! With everything that is included the price is okay and the management is phenomenal! They work tirelessly to work with what you need and we loved everything about it! READY TO SIGN!!🤘🏼💗 Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am truly disappointment with The Lodge. It is my second year here. The first year was a decent place to live in but now it is horrible and unbearable. The walls are paper thin, you can hear absolutely everything. The neighbors party all the time, it is not just in one apartment. Literally, 4 apartments out of this building are always having parties. The Lodge changes management a lot. They told me they would take care of me "this time" and they failed to do so. It takes a lot out of me to write a bad review but after three weeks I still haven't heard anything from them. I have placed noise complaints and nothing. I tend to never complain, but i haven't gotten any sleep in weeks due to this issue. Please, save your money and go somewhere else. At least go to a place where they take care of you and your money.
Mar 2019: The NEW management is doing a great job!!! They even took old work orders that previous management ignored and took care of them right away! Lowest rates from my shopping and very accommodating to all my needs! Been living here over 2 years and they have truly made a big difference!! Haley, Richie, and Gabbi have been the BEST
Feb 2019: Had a situation come up today and I have to say the whole staff handled it very well. Spoke with Gabby (new GM) and she handled the situation very proffesionally and was very clear with wanting to help in any way possible. I've been here almost 2 years now, they're under new management and this is easily the best customer service I've recieved. Very comfortable living here in the new remodeled apartments and the amenities are great! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Apparently they are under new management, if so, i love it! I had co workers try to convince me not to sigh here but because of how awesome, efficient, WELCOMING and up to date the staff was when i came for a tour, i decided to listen to my gut feeling and still sign! Even after my tour they called to check up on me, they ASKED me questions about my thoughts and to me, i felt important and like they valued my opinions. I also noticed their staff likes to acknowledge and greet everyone by their name, which i think shows they genuinely care about their residents. Another major reason i decided to sign was because of their management staff. When it comes to customer service, they own it. (Ask for Richard) Any concerns or questions i had, he was ready to help with a smile on, quick, PROFESSIONAL and efficient on answering/handling anything (I am C Review from Google
Jan 2019: Gabby, the new manager is super awesome ! very helpful she is willing to do what she can to help you and make sure you are a happy resident. Love this new management team the apartments are 10X better now ! Also Serena was very sweet and helpful as well. Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Gabby, the new manager, gave me a call about a negative review I left today and was very nice and respectful. I wrote a pretty mean review from being frustrated about a few problems I had under previous management, and I have to say gabby seems to have a drive to turn this place around. So long as she’s in here doing what she says she is trying to do, id say the lodge is up for a great turnaround compared to what it has been. Thanks gabby for fixing my issues and reaching out to me. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place isn't the worst to live but the staff and maintenance seem to have a very hard time getting anything done. Simple maintenance requests take weeks to get completed and so do emergency requests. overall thumbs down due to how bad this is.
Nov 2018: I’ve been a resident for over a year now and the stay has been nice. The apartments are comfortable to live in and the residents are friendly. On the other hand, prior management was not so helpful. It took forever to get stuff done and I was always pushed off to the next person so they could deal with me. There is now a new manager and she is making progress with this facility. She is getting stuff done and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend staying at the lodge. There are great things to come with it. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Under new management and they seem to be doing things really well so far by taking care of problems right away. New office staff is very caring and always looking to help out in any way they can! They seem to really enjoy helping residents out. Newly remodeled and the apartments look really nice! Definitely would recommend these apartments, plus it is at a very affordable cost and they hold tons of events with free food! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been able to come into the office at any time and have always been helped the moment I enter the office! The front office is so nice and the manager Gabbi is the best at getting things resolved as soon as possible! If you're looking somewhere cheap and nice to live while in college, you should really come by here! You won't regret it!!! Review from Google
Nov 2018: When I first moved to San Mo I was having trouble finding a nice appartment complex, but then I found the Lodge. As I went in for questions, Kacey was the first one to help me and answer all my questions I had for her. She gave me a tour and she was super friendly the whole time. She definitely is a great employee. I’m glad I walked into the Lodge because now I love my new home. Thank you Kacey for making my first visit so special! Review from Google
Nov 2018: My daughter lives here and she absolutely loves it. The community staff is so helpful. When I was looking into apartments, I called and Kacey was so helpful in answering all my questions and reassuring all my concerns. When I took a tour the staff was very friendly and accommodating as well. The landscaping is beautiful and the quality of the apartments are wonderful. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great inexpensive place to live with good community and management. Great furnished rooms. Would love to renew if I wasn't moving into a house. Great Maintenance staff who are willing to help you with anything ex.- they helped me with my car when I was having car issues :) Review from Google
Jun 2018: Complex is trash. No a/c in fitness center. Work orders take forever to complete. $15 fee to pay rent online. Management is useles and seems to hide when you have concerns. Only thing they know how to do is beg you to renew your lease Review from Google
Jun 2018: We've been paying online the entire lease, once new management comes in my daughter is told it will be another 15 dollar one time convenience fee for the new management. Something seems very unethical. When new management comes in, what the current resident is under contract for should be honored. We will not be renewing the lease, and nor will we recommend anyone to this complex. Just another crook taking advantage of students! Review from Google
May 2018: They do not even deserve a one star. Parents do not allow your college kids to go here. I called and asked dor them to do a wellness check on my daughter they said they are not qualified. How are you not qualified to go knock on a door? Great apartment complex who cares for their people! All they are about is money. Review from Google
May 2018: I wouldn't recommend living here. A few issues i experienced in 2 years were the following. - Paper thin walls - Very small living quarters. The rooms are right next to each other so it feels very cramped and there is minimal kitchen space. - They inconveniently switched payment systems mid way through the year which did not help when trying to pay for rent - The front office is helpful and very friendly, but if you bring up any problems to them, 99% of the time they will blame upper management as they love to blame corporate. Its almost as if they want you to think they have no control of what goes on. The parking here is great. maintenance team is fast and helpful. those 2 things are what I liked the most. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Trash place trash management. Came to "Fix" the problems Iv talked about for over a year and in the process destroyed my bedding shoes computer left the door open and unlocked. Any apt is better than this one. Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT LEASE HERE! Management could care less about any problems you have!! They have changed management multiple times since I moved here and none of the managers were able to fix my roommate situation! I have been trying to get a hold of the new manager for a week now and she has been avoiding me! DO NOT LEASE HERE! Take your money elsewhere! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Carlos was super helpful in getting me my pancakes. Super good help to Tbe Lodge! always willing to help me out! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have really enjoyed living at The Lodge so far! Carlos and all the staff members go above and beyond to make your living experience great. Maintenance was slow at first, but they are making changes. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I just re-newed my lease here and I did it because the past months I’ve lived here have been nothing but comfortable. The staff is incredibly helpful whether it has to deal with my apartment lease or my mail. Some of the reviews talk about having problems with maintenance, but I haven’t had any drastic issues with them. They may take a while, but it also depended on the time of year (ex. the start of the new school year when everyone is trying to get their things together). When maintenance did come by, they got the job done and sometimes even explained to me what was wrong. I’m going into my last year in school and I’m sure with the help of The Lodge, I’ll be less stressed during a really important year of my education. Review from Google

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