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Jan 2019: The Junction is by far the best place to live in San Marcos. The staff always greets you warmly and is ready to help with whatever you need! Christi is always super helpful and easy to talk to! Review from Google
Jan 2019: The Junction is amazing. I was glad to see Mackenzie began working in the front office, she is so sweet, always smiling and making sure everything I need is taken care of. All of the renovations really bring the apartments a step up while still staying affordable. They have the best 2 bedroom size in San Marcos!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have lived here for several years and I have never seen as much positive change as there is now. Every since they changed to the new manager in August you can tell they really care about their residents. I had such a long list of things in my apartment that I did not even care to put them in because no one would come out. Now they came to my door and asked what I needed done and actually did it. I recommend living here! It’s a quiet community as well. So no loud parties or annoying neighbors. Review from Google
Dec 2018: DO NOT live here. If you have a work order good look getting that done in a timely matter. The pool might as well not be there because it’s never cleaned. I’ve been trying to pay my rent and utilities for the past four days and yet the office is somehow ALWAYS closed. Guess I’m gonna have to pay $25 convenience fee because of y’all. Thanks. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great place to live! Never had issues with the apartments and if I did it was worked on immediately. Nice and quiet everyday **** Not renovated like they had told me. (Some are new but not all) Guy up front specifically said “each one of them is new in carpet and wood I’ve walked into all of them”. Other than that it’s a great place to live and would recommend to friends. Review from Google
Jul 2018: DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE. The management and staff only care about getting a paycheck from you and that's all!!!! I've had numerous issues with this place from not having a working ac to not having a working dryer to dry my clothes. NOTHING works as far as employees or appliances are involved! They will trick you in the beginning to think it's nice... I promise it's all a trap! Be prepared to take cold showers and have stains and mold in the bathroom floor. READ all reviews before signing, because they are most likely true what anyone says about this place. I've asked numerous residents how they feel about living here and 8 out of 10 I've asked are not returning. If they are returning it's because they are one of the cheaper ones... hmmm I wonder why. Your better off paying 15 dollars extra on rent a month and having an apartment complex that actually gives a crap
Jun 2018: I lived here for two years and I know there are lots of bad reviews on the apartment complex. The only real issue is management and maintenance. All you have to do for that not affect you is be stern and persistent. If you want something fixed you make it clear to them how soon you want it done and if they don't show up call, email or go down in person. In-person confrontations work best. Doin this I have had all pressing work orders attended to, and gotten them to compensate me by not letting me pay utility bills when my electricity was out and reducing my rates. If you know how to be stern and polite you will have no troubles here. Respect the management and they'll respect you, they don't have a choice. Understand if you report something and leave it at one report they will not attend to it. But if you show up in their face two to three times they will.
Jun 2018: The management office gets hundreds of complaints and work orders, that's why you have to be persistent. You can't complain once about something and expect something to be done because your complaint will be lost in a sea of other complaints. While living there I found that going to the office in person a couple times got me attended to faster. The only reason I'm subleasing is that I am leaving the country. Everyone complains about maintenance and management but that is the same problem everywhere you just have to find a way to be heard. If you're timid and afraid to ask for what you want more than one then don't live here but if you are an adult who can handle the real world it's actually a pretty cool place to live, pool, hot tub, 24 hour gym, on-demand fitness studio, full body mirrors in the bedroom, no water bill so long showers, there are plenty up-sides .
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Jun 2018: They are very lenient with late rent just let someone at the office know ahead of time that you'll be late. They are very fast and good at understanding what you want. The staff are residents too so are sympathetic to any problems. Be nice to them be their friend and they'll help you as best as they can. None of the problems is their fault if you scold them like it is they are less likely to be eager to help. They are also students and have their own problems. Plus they give free food frequently just to brighten your day.
Mar 2018: Don’t rent here. This place has honestly gone from bad to worse. They were called “The Reserve on West Ave” before, do yourself a favor and look at those reviews too. They changed the name and management but didn’t change the quality of the apartments. I lived here for two years and both were TERRIBLE. We expected things to be better when new management came in but NO. They did HALFASS renovations that were scheduled for last summer during the fall and barely “finished.” They are having to go back and fix things that were finished, like countertops. Also a lot of buildings had plumbing and AC issues that cause flooding in restrooms and laundry closets. The flooding took a month to address because maintenance couldn't figure out where it was coming from. WE HAD MOLD GROWING ON OUR FLOORS AND THE DOOR FRAMES OF OUR LAUNDRY CLOSET. It is still ther
Feb 2018: The staff here in the office is pleasant, however they cannot accommodate residents when the office is negligent. A/c in my unit has been out since 2/16/2018, and I had to contact the office directly with the last response from "management" on 2/21/2018. I have emailed, called, and taken off work to be able to speak with the office manager, Hilda, who does not reply to emails (2/21 since last response) or phone calls.The unit had previously gone out in September with internal temperatures reaching well above the safe point of 85f specified in law. I did not hear from a representative till I posted about it, despite leaving messages and submitting maintenance requests as I have to work during most business hours. Here is my attempt again to get something done about this. There are two dogs in this apartment as well, which only adds to the stres Review from Google
Feb 2018: I've been paying for a fully furnished apartment ($625/mo.) for 7 months now and still am missing multiple pieces of furniture. We went the first month with no kitchen table/chairs and my roommate didn't even have a desk chair so he had to eat on the ground. Maintenance comes by once in a blue moon, half ass "fixes" 1 of your 20 work orders and then leaves. They've decided to "renovate" throughout this school year and its going terribly. The renovation is done by possibly the least competent contractors they could find. don't get your hopes up for their "upgraded" interiors as they're terribly done (I could honestly do better). The paint above the countertops is peeling from when they replaced the countertops/sink. All around it's terribly managed and falling apart. Absolutely wouldn't recommend!
Feb 2018: From the beginning, this place was not livable. I moved into a mosquito infested apartment that didn't get fixed until it got too cold for mosquitoes to live. They were there due to a leak in my roommates bathroom that took them months to start work on. maintenance is constantly in your apartment fixing SOMETHING and they respond slow to requests. The reason I say maintenance will always be in your apartment if your move here is because there is always something that is broken or needs to be fixed. I have attached pics of the latest flood that leaked brown water and ruined my towels. After fixing everything from the flood, a mess is still left as seen in 2nd pic. Also they removed the washer and dryer doors and never put them back even though my roommate has requested that they be put back on. Management fails to communicate effectively when Review from Google
Feb 2018: Worst place to live in San Marcos prices are to high for what they’re offering. The apartments have a roach and ant problem, half the windows don’t stay open on their own and don’t plan on getting anyone on there to fix them. Biggest complaint is on maintenance, they do not fix or replace anything. Took two months to get someone in to work on a wash and dryer. First time they came out they said they had ordered a piece which came in two months later. This happened to a friends unit as well, even then they needed to replace both of them. We also had a problem with our fridge and the solution was “well it’s not leaking now.” They leave a mess anytime they track through the apartments and give little to no notice so if you have a pet plan on getting a fee if it isn’t locked up to their convience. Front office workers are sweet and Review from Google
Jan 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE I did not have AC for months before they finally fixed it after 10 attempts and me following up daily!! Moved into a 90 degree apartment... The 5 star reviews are most likely from people trying to get their free gift cards from the office as you can see the recent reviews are all a well deserve 1 star and only talk about their which is not anything like what I moved into. I filed a work order for my drier washer a month ago and followed up several times and they promised everyday they would come. Well today my washer machine started leaking on the floor so :) I have not had a door to my laundry room because it fell off and almost hit my room mate, but I guess it's too much to expect a door to be put on after a month of following up. Or even a cabinet for that matter. To get anything done around here you must follow up at least Review from Google
Dec 2017: My daughter is scheduled to move in 4 days. Someone else has been sleeping in her unit, despite reporting to management. This also means the unit is not clean. Currently there is mold everywhere and the floor is leaking water up from the floor. I am sad my daughter may not have a place to move into because as a Nurse the mold and mold spores is a major health code violation and health hazard. I will not let her move in if this looks like this on move in day. I also won't go for the run around with management, these are college students. She has family already living there that says management doesn't care not listen they just want the rent paid on time, but not on time with repairs. I am definitely second guessing, sounds shady! Review from Google
Dec 2017: I've had nothing but issues since i moved in. There has been i think two changes in management since i signed my lease last November, and they try to accommodate issues but do a horrible job. I've had an ongoing issue for over two months now and been in the office and on the phone with every manager in the office again and again. I am so sick of dealing with them, i would not recommend moving here at all. A small positive note, the apartment it's self is nice, but the experience of living here is a living, and on-going nightmare. Review from Google
Dec 2017: my boyfriend lives here in a three bedroom, and when he first moved in the AC didn’t work. it took them over two months to ACTUALLY fix it. They even made him pay the full electric bill for the months the AC was broken. Every work order he puts in is useless. They never respond to any emails and his bathroom cabinet has been broken now for a month, despite the fact that he’s put in THREE work orders for it. The apartment is not how the model looks at all and everyone who lives in the same building is either having the same problems or even worse ones. I wouldn’t trust the reviews on this place. Review from Google
Dec 2017: If you are looking for a place to stay in San Marcos I would not recommend the Reserve at West Avenue.For starters the first week we moved in the sink wouldn’t drain, disposal wouldn’t work and when the dishwasher was ran the sink would flood with water and almost flooded the apartment. They came and fixed it after 2 weeks of us calling and putting in multiple maintenance requests since to them “it wasn’t a priority.” About a few weeks ago I had a wet soggy carpet in my room by the ac unit. Turns out the ac unit was leaking in the walls through the carpet and coming up. Guys took about a week to come. When they came they changed the filter looked inside said they’d come back after lunch and lift up the carpet and use a blower to dry everything out. Also was told they would monitor it for mold. They never came back. My floor is now Review from Google
May 2017: I'm rather unsatisfied with the complex! Here is what I have an issue with: The mattress by itself is uncomfortable and so are the wooden chairs in the room to sit in for long periods of time. My sliding closet door falls off the hinges constantly, my bed frame is new but a good 8 inches too long and takes up usable space, management DID NOT check the apartment when I moved in either. We had mold and a dryer issue which did get fixed in a reasonable time. Maintenance works really hard, but it may take some time to get around depending on the volume of orders placed. Review from 5/24/17 on Google
May 2017: I don't usually give reviews, but today I felt compelled to give this review about my experience at The Reserve at West Avenue. I was very impressed with a number of things including spacious apartments, nice furniture, a very nice gym and even a tanning booth just to name a few. The cost for rent is very reasonable, and all bills are paid except electric. Lastly, the person that helped us (XXXX) was extremely nice and very helpful! Needless to say, I will be living there next fall. Review from 5/21/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I live here currently and I think this place is great! My maintenance requests always go through either same day or the next day if I submit it late. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and I have never had an issue with them. The only thing I can complain about is that our flooring seems to be coming up a bit, but it's not a problem. Overall a very awesome place to live!
Feb 2017: For any college students looking for a really nice apartment at an affordable rate, The Reserve is a great choice. Also, the workout center is fantastic. Review from 2/16/17 on Google
Jan 2017: I'm rather unsatisfied with the complex !The people working in the front office are lovely!! Here is what I have an issue with: The mattress by itself is uncomfortable and so are the wooden chairs in the room to sit in for long periods of time. My sliding closet door falls off the hinges constantly, my bed frame is new but a good 8 inches too long and takes up usable space, there is no storage/closet for sharing with roommates, only shelving in rooms are in the closest so my textbooks take up space on my little desk, management DID NOT check the apartment when I moved in either. We had mold and a dryer issue which did get fixed in a reasonable time. Review from 1/6/17 on Google
Jan 2017: They don't care about the students living here. My roommate broke her lease and the Reserve broke their own lease agreement by not allowing mine to be terminated and was of no help when they made me search for a subleaser. don't sign here, all they want is your money. Review from 1/2/17 on Google

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