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Sanctuary Lofts

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Aug 2019: This is a fantastic apartment with amazingly helpful staff. Huge shoutout to Lauren, Annie, and Josh for helping me and going above and beyond!! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Janah from the front office was super patient and helpful. Also Sanctuary really worked with my roommate and I to get us in an apartment we were pleased with!! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Great location and Lauren from the front office has been super helpful throughout my time living here! Review from Google
Jul 2019: WiFi never works here, not even in the study room at times. There’s a good chance the door to get into the building won’t work either so you will have to go around the building and look for a working door (Residents have started to just leave a rock between these doors so a key is pointless at that point). Front office people (Taylor, Jonathan) are very nice and helpful but there are a few other workers who could extremely unhelpful and unfriendly. Sanctuary has been doing new floors also, did not give us a proper heads up. Maintenance left water bottles everywhere and left all of our possessions all cramped and so dusty. They tried to leave my roommates laptop on the bottom and put heavy possessions on top of it and dented her LV bag.... My neighbor has also mentioned how a maintenance worker was laying on her couch on top of her sheets and pillows and such when she got home as she was caught off guard with the new floor construction as well Review from Google
Jul 2019: We paid our daughters rent online and they processed the payment twice! Now trying to get the extra payment back is proving extremely difficult. Our daughter says things like this have happened before as well. Apartment staff is nice but the finance company is not great. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Place is wayyyy to expensive for the size of the rooms. They maintaince people and front desk people are nice, but never get anything done. EX: day I moved in we had no side chair, do me and my roommates each called 5 times throughout both semesters, and said they would take care of it. Moved out last sunday and still no side chair. Another example was my toilet was leaking and We had maintenance come up. The lady said she knew where it was coming from but didn't tighten any screws so I had to do it myself. Moral of the story is, avoid sanctuary. There are places just as close for a cheaper price (vistas). Even if you move farther from campus, theres always bus loops. Also they are very cheap and try to take your money in every way possible. Review from Google
Jul 2019: This apartment complex is one of the worst places to live in San Marcos. Not only is the property poorly kept, but it is also extremely expensive. The exterior of the apartment complex and the garage are always filthy. You cannot walk ten feet from your car without encountering canine fecal matter or an overfilled dumpster, and despite numerous complaints from tenants management has still not taken action to clean up the property. Also, while on the subject of the garage, my car was broken into while in the garage and my parking pass was stolen. Then my car was towed from the lot that I was paying to use. When I went to the front desk to resolve the issue they blamed me and said that I must have left my car unlocked. They told me that there was no way to prove that I had a parking pass even though they where CHARGING ME monthly for one. I had to pay 250 dollars to get my car from the towing company Review from Google
May 2019: The front office staff is amazing!! They are always so helpful! Especially this girl named Lauren, she’s so sweet and always does everything so can to make me feel at home! She definitely makes Sanctuary a great place to live! Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I've really enjoyed my time at Sanctuary Lofts! Campus is a short walk away, the people in the leasing office are always kind and want to talk to you, and the gym is massive. Definitely worth stopping by! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Simply amazing property. One of the best places in San Marcos for sure. Management is great and the price is just right for what you pay! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Great place to live if you are looking for somewhere affordable and convenient. Staff is super friendly and wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I lived here last year and I miss living here! The gym is so nice, the parking garage is big so I never had issues finding parking. I loved the location it is so close to campus and the square!! The complex has so much character and I enjoyed my apartment a lot. The main reason that I moved is because it is not a good place to live with a dog. If they somehow added more grass or a pet area I would move back!!
Feb 2019: I love living here. Taylor (CA) signed me back in July and could not have been more helpful and kind. I am a business student so all of my classes are in McCoy, and it takes me 4 minutes to get there. Sure they're a little pricey, but you're paying for an amazing location,safe place to park, and great amenities. Manager Josh is always working hard to solve issues and help his CAs with any problems, which I admire. Everyone in the office is friendly, and the property itself is beautiful. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Horrible, scam of a place to live!!! We were shown a model apartment of what our daughter would be renting, it was very nice and we were satisfied to sign the lease. When she was given her keys to move in, we were shocked at what we saw. The apartment looked NOTHING like the model we were shown. It was old, dirty and not updated at all. The furniture was gross, the bathroom was dingy and there were ants everywhere. My daughter had numerous problems with plumbing and poor management. Finally, when it was time to move out, my daughter and I thoroughly cleaned her room and bathroom. We left it much cleaner than it was when she moved in. We left nothing in either room. The final bill arrived. I knew we would have to pay the final utilities, no problem. However, also on the final bill were two erroneous charges. One for a broken bed slat, which I k Review from Google
Dec 2018: I had a sublease from May 2018-August 2018. They weren't responsible to clean it before move-in, but damn. There was rotting meat inside the fridge that could be smelt from the hallway, impossible to not gag. The entire apartment also smelt like cat feces b/c my roommate allowed the cat to go wherever it pleased. Then I get charged b/c my roommate left 6 bags of trash behind and they can't reason with me and drop the fee. The place was nearly inhospitable and no care was shown toward my specific situation. Also, it's inside a creepy church with long, horror-movie hallways, the MOST uncomfortable mattress EVER. So happy I remembered to say that. You can feel each individual spring. The property is way over priced. I wish I could give y'all a zero star review, thanks! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The service/people here are great, a nice walk to txst which is wonderful. However, as everyone has been saying in the reviews, WiFi here does suck and it takes a while for maintence to come through. Probably because so many people that live here file work orders concerning the water heater/washing machine/leaks. It’s an on going issue. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Don’t live here. they will tow ur car, not have WiFi, or hot water.
Oct 2018: DONT LIVE HERE! You will regret living here immediately! They have horrible WiFi, there is almost never hot water, the a/c doesn’t work most the time and they tow people’s cars so much. This place is just the absolute worst. Choose a different place to live trust me! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Pros: maintenance is very quick to fix problems and proximity to school Cons: utilities will drag you down. This month i paid 87 dollars ON TOP OF RENT (635) AND 25 of parking. Mind you, I’m not even here on most weekends and I’m gone most of the day for school. How does that add up? Doesn’t sound logical. WiFi IS ALWAYS OUT. It’s not very reliable so if you have online stuff to do you’re stuck like chuck. The rooms are super small. Also the rates for rent ALWAYS go up. So the amount you sign for is not what you will pay throughout. They definitely lure you in with all the deals they give you when you first sign but let me tell you they quickly go out of the door once youre in. Could definitely find somewhere else decent to live for cheaper. IT IS A SCAM. DO NOT SIGN HERE !!! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Pros: The management and workers are super super nice! Maintenance always came within 1-2 days so that was good. It’s really close to campus so if you don’t like the bus this is probably a pretty decent place to go. Cons: I wasn’t matched with the person I signed with. We didn’t find out until last minute and for some reason they couldn’t change it. The elevators break like all the time which is super unfortunate when you live on the top floor. Our AC broke every month (sometimes more than once a month) since we moved in. We tried telling them that we wanted some money back on utilities since it only worked half the time but they only documented that it broke 4 times so they weren’t going to (we all laughed when they said only 4). My last complaint is probably the utilities price because I’m living with 4 girls and we are all Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place is terrible idc they lure you in with false promises that utilities will be no more than 50 dollars and slowly the prices start increasing till you’re paying almost 100 dollars. The amenities for this apartment are not worth the price idc how close to campus it is. Upon moving in my room was experiencing water damage that they tried to pin on hurricane Harvey mind you I had big ass dehumidifiers in my room for the first few months of living there. Later an actual crew came and said the damage was due to a leak in my roommates bathroom that took forever to “fix” and was never actually fixed. They do water by building so it doesn’t matter how much water you save you end up paying ridiculous amounts to make up for other people. Something is constantly broken or wrong our ac unit has been acting funky for a while and they just n Review from Google
Apr 2018: The amenities are great but what is even better is the location. It is two blocks from campus so you don't have to worry about the commute. The staff has been very friendly and helpful. Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is my second semester living at Sanctuary Lofts, and I can confidently say that I will be spending at least another year here. I love this place. The staff is friendly, helpful, professional, and at the same time, chill. Location is perfect for a swift, refreshing bike ride/walk to class. Negatives - My floor plan is a 4 Bed 4 Bath, and the bedrooms/bathrooms seem much smaller in comparison to the size of other apartment floor plans I’ve seen. I’m perfectly happy with the size of my space, but I’ve had people comment on the “quaintness”. Our fitness center is bad-a, and the pool provides an awesome space for a bbq/pool party. definitely recommend this place. 🙌🏼 5 stars Review from Google
Feb 2018: 3 days a week they have a LOUD trash compactor going for around 2 hours starting at 8am. If you value you’re sleep don’t live here, wakes me up everytime. Have called and called to ask if they could do it at a different time and they denied the request. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Staff is great, and they do a great job at roommate matching. Maintenance responds by the next day. The amenities are great and they have free waffle Wednesdays every week. This complex is a great option for those who want to live super close to campus. It's also a minute walk from H-E-B and about a five minute walk from the square. Review from Google

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