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Pointe San Marcos

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Oct 2019: I was anxious about getting a lease when I first moved down here. But as soon as I walked into the front office Sam welcomed me and offered me some free coffee. He even gave me a tour of the place and talked to me about things to do around the apartments. 5 stars since I was able to remember his name after months have passed. Review from Google
Oct 2019: I’m freshman’s Texas state and I went to check out the apartment complex.The place is very nice and clean and one of the employees named sam that gave tour was very helpful man. Review from Google
Oct 2019: I have had a great start to the 2019-20 school year living here at the pointe! It is a very nice, clean, and quiet apartment complex in San Marcos. The staff is very nice and friendly. Plenty of perks living here such as being close to campus and downtown not to mention H.E.B is right across the street! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Nothing like coming home from a long day of work and having to walk up 5 flights of stairs cause the elevators are down all the time or lugging up groceries. DON’T live here if you aren’t an athlete and don’t enjoy going up and down stairs cause that’s what you’ll be doing 50% of the time here! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I wish I could give 0 stars. The Pointe is AWFUL. Do not live here. The staff doesn’t care about the appearance of the complex or their residents. There’s constantly dog poop in the halls and stair wells, the trash is over flowed, it smells terrible, things are always broken, and the office staff NEVER fixes any problems you take to them. They just tell you to deal with it. Seriously, if you’re considering living here, you’d be better off under a bridge. Worst place I’ve ever lived in my life. There honestly aren’t words to describe how bad it is Review from Google
Jul 2019: Friendly staff and quick maintenance.
Jul 2019: The property’s are very pretty and the staff is very helpful. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great location and a great staff. Overall a great living experience Review from Google
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Jun 2019: Very awesome place great staff and crew daughters second year it’s been great close to campus too. Review from Google
May 2019: living here at Pointe San Marcos has been a thrill and made going to class easy. it is only a 5 min walk to the business school. every time i sent in a maintenance request it got taken care of the day of or the day after! their staff are really nice and take care of their residents very well. although some ups and downs here and there it was a great place to live at, which is why Ive lived here since day one of it being open for us to move in. Do recommend to anyone ! Review from Google
Mar 2019: This apartment had a rough beginning due to delays in move in dates and flooding of the parking garage but I truly feel they did everything they could to accommodate me and their other residents. After the terrible start, my experience has been nothing but exceptional. The maintenance crew is always so friendly and kind. All my maintenance requests have been fulfilled in a timely manner. Now that the amenities are furnished (game room) I can say they are very enjoyable. I often use the game room for interviews since it is very quiet and not heavily trafficked. Despite some of the negative reviews I’ve seen on here I would definitely recommend this apartment to my friends. This is an entirely different apartment complex than it was when it began. The new management has created a huge difference in the environment. Lease here! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Lies lies lies from the beginning. I signed with them spring 2017 because of lies about it for sure being ready in time, the multiple amenities, dog friendly environment, and visitor parking. All of which were lies. They do not have visitor parking, it is public parking that is always taken. The garage floods when it rains a lot and is FULL of dust. The hallways and stair cases are disgusting and dusty. The pool bathroom is disgusting with no toilet paper or hand towels. The pool is nice but never gets any sun because of design. Oh and the elevator was out of commission for 90% of my lease last year. I was on the fourth floor and the floor was unleveled , how is the 4th floor not level?! Oh and don’t get tricked into a loft room because they are the size of a closet with no roof or door. I am still having to deal with this apartments unprofessionalism due to my W2 not being forwarded to my existing address after I called and was told they would Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love living here, it is close to campus, the square, and HEB. The point staff is always really helpful and friendly o matter ho tedious the situation, and they make everyone gets the best experience from living here. There's always some sort of activities that involve food or prizes.. it doesnt get better! Review from Google
Dec 2018: a great place to live next to campus. the kitchen is probably my favorite part, the sink is really nice, we have dryers that actually dry clothes and a water heater that doesnt suck in the winter. the front office is very friendly too. no complaints on maintenance, its brand new so things don't break very often Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have really enjoyed living at the pointe. It’s at an amazing location, the apartments are nice, maintenance is super quick and mostly takes care of my request the very same day. Staff is super friendly and really helpful! They really go out of their way and have been super accommodating with any requests I made or asked about. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The lady manager is super friendly and helpful and so are the college interns, but the way this place operates is horrible. We have had work orders since move in (August) and nothing has been fixed. They won’t fix the seal under the door and when they took a look at it they said there is nothing they can do. This makes a higher utility bill and our floors get soaked when it rains. They had a promo when I signed for a $1000 gift card and said it would be 30 days when I recoeved it. It took about 90 days. The manager Carlos acts like a 5 year old and doesn’t give a damn about the residents. There were white parking lines along the wall of the garage and when I parked there I got towed. He went and took a look at the spot and accused me of making a parking spot out of chalk. It’s in a good location and the apartments are kind of cool but so Review from Google
Nov 2018: I am senior at Texas State so I’ve lived at other apartment complexes and none have been even close to as awesome as the Pointe. The staff is so welcoming and makes going into the office a fun experience! Maintenance requests are always taken care of very quickly and the location next to campus cannot be beat. I wish it would have been open sooner so I could’ve spent more of my time here in San Marcos at the Pointe! I’ll be sad to leave in the summer! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I LOVE LIVING HERE!! I’ve moved every year and this has been the best experience I’ve ever had. You are insanely close to campus, the staff helps you right away and they are so friendly, I never feel uncomfortable asking for something. They give out awesome food frequently, and always welcome me to the coffee maker! I wish I would have been living here sooner. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I am a current resident at Pointe, and I just want to commemorate the maintenance team at Pointe. I live at Pointe and I can tell you that the residents there are absolutely disgusting. There is always dog poop all over the entire complex, the trash chute is always overfilled and spilling into the hallway, empty beer bottles, and I am not joking when I say (again) that there is feces everywhere. People don't pick up after their pets and its so disgusting. I have encountered actual dog diarrhea in the elevators. And I have a dog but I always keep up with her and clean up after her. I have so many stories about specific residents being disgusting, but you know what? The maintenance team is on top of everything. Every time I see/smell something nasty, it's always gone the next day. I see them every single day working, cleaning up, trying to keep Review from Google
Mar 2018: I've had a few issues since first moving in but those got settled. Unfortunately with the flood my new apartment was one of the ones that got flooded but they placed in a temporary unit while mine gets fixed. Since the change of management I have noticed a drastic change with everyone in the office and with how quickly things get done now. Jayme and Katie are great managers and with them in charge I see a good future for Pointe San Marcos! Review from Google
Mar 2018: In the middle of the semester and lease term I had an issue with my roommate, and needed to move out as soon as possible. The assistant manager Katie Bowman was very helpful and actually cared through the entire process. At this time Pointe was not allowing unit transfers but she made sure I moved during this urgent situation and did everything she could in a very timely manner. I love my apartment and she continues to be consistent and truly cares about the residents. She is awesome and really went out of her way to make sure I have the best living experience here at Pointe. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Staff is super friendly. Manager was helpful and professional! The building is very beautiful and they have awesome amenities!! I would definitely recommend signing a lease here you will love it!! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I visited this location today the building was very beautiful and clean, the staff was very nice and helpful. Mikkel (think that’s how you spell it) answered all the questions I had and helped in anyway possible!! Very impressed! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Management did everything to accommodate my daughter during the delays and I am happy to say we are more than pleased with the apartment. She's had her fair share of horrible apartments but this one by far has proven to be the best place for her. Staff and management are very respectful and help with everything they can. HAPPY my daughter signed with Pointe San Marcos. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Stopped by today with my girlfriend, but they’re sold out of their one bedrooms. Decent place but I’m concerned that their rating is a 1.7 stars and they haven’t even been open for a year. Review from Google

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