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Dakota Ranch Apartments

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Sep 2019: The staff at the leasing office was great to me. would recommend to live at. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Move-in day: unit not ready. Appliances pulled out but not replaced. Nothing cleaned. Couch dirty and smells. Water damage in bedroom. Mold. Clothes in the dryer. These student housing apartments do 11 month leases so units can be made ready for next occupants, so what happened? Review from Google
Jul 2019: Pet friendly and always helpful office staff.
Jun 2019: Great staff very secure close to campus for my boys and bus shuttle. Had no issues Review from Google
May 2019: One of the worst apartment complexes I’ve stayed at in my life. Have had so many maintenance issues, problems with the staff, as well as calling over and over to handle such a tiny issue only to continue to call until the office is closed and they aren’t answering the phones anymore. Then after, to be forced to call the courtesy officer only to not even get a phone call back or to fix the problem which has been keeping me and the neighbors up all night for the past couple nights (this is not the only time). This is a problem that occurs often as the doors are broken and I cannot handle this issue myself as it is the washing machine door of the person above me’s apartment, which slams into the metal grate on the outer edge throughout the day and night over and over. It keeps me and the other neighbors awake and the person living there is never there (knocked a bunch of times). I was told the problem would be fixed three times during the day only to have nothing done Review from Google
May 2019: This complex does not care about its residents!! A sexual assault occurred on the property and they did not inform it’s residents. Instead they informed us of a sexual assault that occurred at another apt complex near by but again said NOTHING about it occurring at Dakota Ranch. The major draw back of living here is the age of this complex. DO NOT SIGN HERE BASED ON THE MODEL! They are playing you!! The model is WAY nicer than the actual apartments. I didn't realize how old they were until I moved in and saw it for the first time, all drains in the apt including the kitchen sink drains and the bathtub are disgusting!!! So much rust and discoloration makes this apt obviously at least 10 years old. I DO not recommend LIVING HERE!!!!
May 2019: I did a lot of research before picking a place to call home here in San Marcos. Dakota Ranch has not disappointed. It’s a really quiet community which is a huge plus in a college town. The front desk staff are super nice and always willing to work with me and hear my concerns. The nature trail is beautiful especially during the spring when the bluebonnets blossom. The only con I’ve experienced was that my carpet was dirty upon move in. However, once I brought this to the attention of the front desk staff they had someone come and replace it immediately. Maintenance has also always been super considerate of working around my schedule, which is a huge bonus. Overall, I would highly recommend Dakota Ranch to those looking for decent housing in San Marcos. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Best place to live in San Marcos!! I love this place and I’m so glad I renewed my lease for next year. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I love living here! The scenery and environment is so comforting as well as all the staff. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I can not wait to move in to my new apartment in August! I love that they don’t have breed restrictions on dogs and have a trail that goes around the property! The staff is so friendly and they answered all the questions that i had before signing my lease! I can’t wait to start my new life down in San Marcos at Dakota Ranch! Review from Google
Mar 2019: We live in an actual dog kennel. My neighbor abuses their large dog by forcing it to live on the extremely small balcony where it sits in it's own poop and pee for 16+ hours a day. The owner is never home, and he does not allow the dog inside when he is not home, so it stays on the balcony. I have called the front office so many times and was told that a manager would be notified and that they would follow through. I have never heard anything from them. I finally had to contact animal control, but all they can do is check on the dog; it can't be taken away unless it's by management. It barks and cries trying to get inside all day and all night long. My girlfriend and I have been averaging a few hours of sleep a night. No dog rules are enforced at all. Dogs run around without leashes constantly and no one picks up after them. I have called about this as well and was told flat out by staff that they do not enforce these rules Review from Google
Dec 2018: I used to really enjoy living here, but the office is useless at solving issues. My roommate had two animals in the house that were not on the lease. The animals destroyed the furniture peeing and pooping on it. I informed the office about it multiple times but they didn’t force her to remove the animals from the apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I lived at DR for several months. The experience is as would be expected for a college apartment complex, I'd give it 3 stars. However, upon moving out over three months ago I still have not received my deposit back (which I am clearly owed if you log into account). I have spoken to representatives on the phone over half a dozen times and emailed to a similar degree. Every time they tell me it will be resolved, yet almost 3 and half months later, still no deposit refund. I would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone based on this experience - it's simply illegal and violates the 30-day TX policy. Review from Google
Sep 2018: If I could give no starts I would. DO NOT LIVE HERE all five star reviews have to be fake. I moved in on August 2018 to a dirty apartment with MULTIPLE fixtures broken. We had Matt the manager come in immediately to walk the apartment and take down all of the issues that were present, and later that night I filled out the maintenance survey online. ONE MONTH LATER, I get a call from the front desk asking if I have any maintenance requests, and it was brought to my attention that Matt, had filed none of our complaints because nothing had been fixed and the front desk had no maintenance requests for our unit. Since, FEW of the things on our list has been completed haphazardly. We requested a new couch because ours was trashed from the tenants before, and maintenance came, dropped the new one off, and left the old one to rot in front of our apar Review from Google
Sep 2018: HONEST REVIEW. I would consider living here pretty fair... When i first signed the lease for Dakota Ranch it was for a A2 for 2017-2018. The apartment itself is pretty nice. The appliances are standard and I haven't had many issues all around, The first year was great all the management knew who we were, took the time to learn our names and the office would have great community events and contests for the residents. They offered contest for barkbox and breakfast for residents during finals and at the start of a new semester. Parking was never an issue every building had spare spots, I resigned for 2018=2019 because I was that excited to live here again. Dakota Ranch no longer hosts these resident contests, no longer has barkbox contests and it seems like there is a new staff every couple months. PARKING IS A DISASTER,,,Summer of 2018 Dako Review from Google
Sep 2018: I am really sad to have to be writing this review but I have to say something about this place. I signed my lease here as a naive little freshman and was so excited to move in. Move in day came closer and closer and I was ready to go. My roommate moved in two days before I did and told me about everything in our unit... it was not cleaned before we moved in, it didn't even look like they inspected it before we moved in. My unit that I am in was probably one of the worst ones on this property; the dishwasher was falling out of the wall, two of the bathtubs need to be redone, my common area lights were not working, the blinds were just absolutely atrocious... the list goes on and on. I submitted my maintenance requests like a good tenant and waited for a week. I then went into the office and talked to the employees seven times in order to try an Review from Google
Jul 2018: Dakota Ranch is a great place to live. It is close to campus yet very quiet. The rooms are older and could use some remodeling (get rid of carpet) but whenever I had an issue it would be resolved quickly. The staff is friendly and willing to work with you on almost anything. Pool is really nice/well maintained but sometimes overcrowded by people who obviously don't live here and roll up in a van 12 deep and use all the propane for the grills. If you have a dog this is the place for you, excellent dog park and trails, and you'll meet tons of other dog owners. I definitely recommend living here Review from Google
Jul 2018: Such an amazing place! The staff is always friendly and they even ask how my day is going most of the time. The maintenance crew is awesome I put a request in and they fixed it within 30 minutes. The text message up-dates are soo nice to have, they politely remind you of things that are coming up,which is super helpful with our busy schedules! Thanks Dakota Ranch!:) Review from Google
May 2018: Good apartment complex. Safe, okay amenities, quiet, and nice to simply be around and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Hill Country. Only bad thing is that rent is high and apartments are kind of small. Review from Google
May 2018: I thought I enjoyed living here but the office staff doesn’t always know what they’re talking about. I resigned and the girl called me and told me I would be paying a different rate. She was uneducated on the current rate specials. Now, they are offering a completely different rate. THEY REFUSE TO MAKE IT RIGHT EVEN THOUGH THEY MESSED UP. If you are going to resig here wait until the last possible moment. That seems to be the only time they have good deals. The maintenance men are the only knowledge staff. The rest are a joke and the leasing manger is the most awkward person. If I have an issue he just stares. They need to fix their front office staff. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Dakota Ranch is in a lot of respects just like all the other student complexes out there. Most of the students are quiet but there is always that 1 bad apple. I happen to live above those bad apples at the moment. I have complained about them to the complex who tells me to call the police. The police have better things to do than deal with noise complaints and the property owners don’t care to hire security to handle these issues. I have dealt with my neighbors throwing parties, throwing stuff off their balcony (including alcohol), taking my trash from the dumpster back to in front of my place, being woken up by the super strong smell of weed, and constant 3am loud conversations on their balcony. All this to say it’s been going on since the girls above me moved in in August. The prior complex manager was super nice but did nothing about th Review from Google
Feb 2018: Okay First of all, the staff IS SO RUDE. Im talking snobby rude they do NOT care about you. When I moved into my apartment, it WAS NOT CLEANED PRIOR, and my tub was filthy and needs to be repaired and resurfaced. its now been 7 months since I've moved in for it STILL to not be fixed. I have put in at least 5 requests. I have a rental car right now and they DENIED me a temporary pass...? Like I don't pay 700 a month for the worst apartment I've ever stayed in, in my entire life. What am I supposed to do when I'm carrying groceries, and heavy items alone and have to walk half a mile to my apartment in the rain? I can't stand this place I am miserable living here. I have tried to ignore all the problems but the rude girls at the front who are very rude every single time I go in there I can't deal with this anymore. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT IS A TR Review from Google
Jan 2018: The staff is very friendly it is very quiet here i love it here wouldnt want to be at any other place the gm is amazing Review from Google
Jun 2017: I've lived here for two years, recently signed for a third, and it's the best apartment complex I've ever lived in. I had to move into Dakota Ranch on short notice after a different complex had a flea problem, and it's felt like home ever since. There's been consistent updates to Dakota Ranch since then, ensuring that my dollar continues to a long way here. The management has also changed over in that time, but the staff has always been courteous and willing to bend over backwards to accommodate me. That goes double for the on-site maintenance, who've always worked me in quickly. In short, I've always felt safe here, and though I can't put a price on that, I can give it an honest five stars. Review from Google
Jun 2017: I've lived here for two years now, about to make it three. This is a great property. The staff is always super friendly and helpful! The property is updated, looks nice, and feels safe. My favorite part about living here is the maintenance. I can't tell you how many times I have had to put in a request for things over the past couple of years (life happens,) and they are always super quick to come over and patch it all up, plus they're all really friendly! The location is also really ideal. We're up on a hill, so I feel like I never have to worry when the flooding gets bad down by campus and I-35, and it's nice and quiet compared to a lot of the other properties in more crowded parts of town. The only cons of living here are that it's quite expensive, but at the end of the day it's worth it for all of the amenities and how nice our apartment Review from Google

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