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Copper Beech San Marcos

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Feb 2019: Love Copper Beech! Moved into their two bedroom town-home and just loved the newly upgraded units and the space (huge)! The apartments are in a great location and in a safe neighborhood. I always get a bus to campus, as there are several bus stops. The management is wonder, if I ever need anything I can always rely on them to answer my questions efficiently. And again the SPACE is wonderful! Review from Google
Feb 2019: When asked the question "Did you enjoy your stay at copper beech" my answer was immediately no. For starters the tenants next to my friends room got into an altercation in the middle of the night when I really just wanted to enjoy my stay here. In the middle of their altercation I then heard some mad man looking for someone named Mark or maybe Marvin. However when I went to inspect the area there was no one there which obviously makes me believe that this location is haunted like in that one game Luwigis Mansion. Now after all of this you may be asking yourself why is this guy giving Copper Beech 5 stars? Is it because of big chungus and shaggy? No the simple answer is Joe. He's pretty cool cat. Joe is the lord and savior of Copper Beech. Review from Google
Jan 2019: So I just moved in a few weeks ago and honestly I love it!! if you looking for reliable, responsible, and clean student housing I would honestly go with copper beech, the people in the front office a verrryy kind, making sure that all of your answers, requests and concerns are met...Im honestly so happy I went with them as my first choice !! Review from Google
Dec 2018: These appear to be a nice place to live. I have a family member that lives here and goes to school locally and has never complained about it. So I guess they are nice.?. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great apartment complex!!! This is my second year living here and I love it!! I highly recommend living here! Very spacious and comfortable. Review from Google
Nov 2018: So far living at copper has been a great experience. The rooms are spacious and maintence is very helpful and responds quickly. The staff is very friendly and is able to help with whatever you need. definitely recommend signing here! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve been living here for two years & it’s the best student living apartments in San Marcos. The best price. Super spacious & worth the price! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Nice place to live, the gym and pool are really nice. The apartments are large and spacious. The staff is really nice with the exception of the little blonde girl that works in the front, she is EXTREMELY rude and has a horrible attitude and every other resident that I know that has encountered her has said the same. Definitely not the kind of person you want representing your company. Review from Google
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Am I allowed to sublease my apartment? It depends. In many general apartments, being allowed to sublease is common. In student housing, the opposite is true. Since student housing involves renting by the room, who lives in an apartment has a large effect on the others sharing common more

What does student housing mean? Student housing is usually a reference to the way the apartment community operates. Some examples: Individual Leases: Student housing usually offers individual leases, meaning you are only responsible for your lease, more

Jul 2018: Copper has been a decent place to live. Not very good moving in, but maintenance has been decent and friendly. Cheap rent for the space. Could've been a lot better, but also could've been a lot worse. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Very unsafe to live here. Windows and doors to the residences can easily be broken into. Would not recommend. Review from Google
Jun 2018: So friendly and love the small events! They always do taco Tuesday or doggie treat bar. Which my dog loves! All staff and residents are so nice! Review from Google
May 2018: haven't moved in yet but they've been very helpful with me subleasing and changing the move in date and rent payments on the lease. I cant wait to move in! Review from Google
Feb 2018: My girlfriend lives here and her ac has barely ever worked. She sets it on 72 degrees and its always on 79 or 80. Weve made multiple maintenance calls and nothing has ever happened. Just some staff came in and out and looked at it for 2 minutes, told us a part may be going out on the actual ac unit, and then we never heard anything again. We have had to call 5-6 times since august, and its only February. Thats almost once a month with this issue. Copper Beech sucks. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Roaches and ants everywhere. Management will not take responsibility to pick up trash on the ground in the complex. Management is very slow to respond to any problem. Copper Beech is a nasty, dirty, rat hole. The only reason someone would give it a high rating is because they are young and are happy to be living on their own.
Jan 2018: Do yourself the favor and sign somewhere else. They don't take anything into consideration for roommate matching. Office is VERY unhelpful for any problems. They try to sweep everything under the rug and act like it's all amazing. Review from Google
Dec 2017: If you're moving in with people you know then do it, the rooms are well worth it. If you're going to use roommate matching, you're better off going elsewhere because the office doesn't take anything into consideration and basically puts who ever they want together. And it's also party central during peak times, keep that in mind when it smells like booze and weed like crazy around some buildings. Oh, and telling the office doesn't do anything because they'll just erase emails and play dumb. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Love 💘 them...My daughters room is large, spacious and she has her own bathroom in the room. Her closet is a nice size...and the rest of the house is nice as well...large enough for everyone(3 others) to enjoy their own privacy! Review from Google
Aug 2017: I love how spacious my apartment is and the actual managers are very sweet and try their hardest to help you. Move in process was pretty terrible but apartment condition was OK, a few maintenance request but nothing major. However, office staff needs serious work, they're all students and I understand that they are put under stressful situations but there is a serious attitude problem. I've made sure to have everything in writing when submitting work orders and on move in day I brought a print out of my lease because the leasing agents never submitted them for me to update my rate. They also seemed bothered when you request something. 3 stars because I really like my apartment but leasing agents aren't too nice. Review from Google
Aug 2017: If you're considering living here, don't. Broken AC for 3 weeks in a July Texas summer and nobody in the office cares. Management is always conviently unavailable when there's a problem. Be prepared to get blank stares and head nods any time there's an issue in the unit. Any maintenance request needs to be put in online, called in, and then you need to go to the office to speak with a manager before anything even begins to get fixed. Multiple problems within the unit went unfixed because no one in that office cares as long as they're getting their money. The money we pay for them to do their part. On top of the worst maintenance and staff experiences I've had, they also tried to charge me my last months rent twice and say I never paid it when I have receipts. They take taking advantage of college students to another level. Do. Not. Sign. Review from Google
May 2017: Great experience here! Loved the spacious fitness area and large pool. Maintenance was always quick to respond and staff was always helpful. Highly recommend! Review from 5/30/17 on Google
May 2017: Great amenities, great staff, great location. My son will be living here for the next four years of his life. As a parent I am very satisfied of the professional treatment from the staff and the location to the school. This kids are spoil these days. Review from 5/16/17 on Google
May 2017: Our daughter has lived in Copper Beech for two years and absolutely loves it. The maintenance folks get there quick and take decisive action making things right again. She enjoys the atmosphere of college living at it's finest and hasn't considered living anywhere else in San Marcos. Thanks for a great experience! Review from 5/16/17 on Google
May 2017: The worst place I have ever lived. Every month there was something wrong with our apartment & we eve had to move in to the model apartment ! No one did anything to try and accommodate us until months later when they had to replace our refrigerator(after we had to throw all of our groceries away) I advise to sign somewhere else. Review from 5/11/17 on Google
May 2017: Great place if you're the hangout house. copper has plenty of space for all of my friends. Nice big kitchen that i haven't found in any other apartment. Buses are normally packed so plan on giving yourself some extra time on the way to class. Biggest downfall of this place is the trash and litter around the yards :( Review from 5/2/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Overall, Copper Beech is a great apartment complex to live in as a college student. The maintenance is quick and 24/7 if there is an emergency. The staff has all been very kind to me during different situations. And the price is great for the amount of space in each apartment! Review from 4/27/17 on Google

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