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Cabana Beach

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Mar 2019: I cannot wait to live here next year! the environment is so nice and the staff has been so helpful with the application/lease process! Review from Google
Mar 2019: LIVE SOME WHERE ELSE I’ve been living here for almost a year now and I wished I picked another place to live. I live in a 3x3 -When I moved into the apartment a lot of stuff needed to be fixed -When you first move you in August you only live here for 2 weeks but they make you pay for a full month rent. -Utilities bills can go from $60 to $200. -Poor management -The front desk staff are super nice but some of them are clueless when it come to there job. My mom has been working in this industry for years and when she would has them question they couldn’t answer them or didn’t respond to her. There more some positive living here but the negatives out weigh them so LIVE SOME WHERE ELSE!!!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Is this the 2nd year my daughter has lived there and On move in day my 1st impression wasn't good for one the wiring for the AC unit is not within code. 2nd my daughter's AC was out the 2 months during the summer 3rd dryer hasn't worked several months and she's been there And when I called to complain they just tell me There are several work orders in front of me which tells me again this apartment complex has many problems. Finally My biggest problem is the utility bill every month is been a $100 I don't understand why I will call corporate and get answers. Review from Google
Nov 2018: We had our sink leaking for the longest time before mantience handled it. My roommate had his carpet completely stained before moving in and they charged him hundreds of dollars when moving out. They try to find stuff that has already been messed up before you move out and charge you for everything. They only care about making money Review from Google
Nov 2018: if you work nights and sleep during the day I would look somewhere else. They have come into the apartment 6-8 times in two months, waking me up every time. I wouldn’t be mad about it if they really needed to do that, but some of the stuff they come for could be combined into one visit instead of having multiple visits. It’s a little pricey for what you get but other then that it’s nice. They have a good pool and gym. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Nice apt! All are just now getting renovated and the price is great! My favorite part are the doors 😂 Review from Google
Sep 2018: If I could give them a negative score I would! They were so unprofessional at all times. I had continuous roommate issues that they handled poorly. Everything that was said in private about the situation was repeated back to the roommate breaking the rules of confidentiality. Abigail was no help also very rude and didn’t make the situation better, which was her job. The entire office staff was incompetent and foul! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Good price for what you get. I’ve had a very poor experience with the new management. I had a great first year and decided to renew my lease but things changed once the new management took over. My dryer was out for over a month, despite multiple conversations and calls with the office. The new office hours are very inconvenient. The women at the desk are very unfriendly and make hardly an effort to resolve any issues. If I wanted to stay another year, the prices were even higher than the past two years even though my unit was exactly the same. The pool is nice. Review from Google
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May 2018: I love this place so far. Great staff and cool pool Review from Google
May 2018: Nice place -- don't understand where the bad reviews are coming from. Some of the cheapest apartments in all of San Marcos. Units are nice, staff is nice, the overall complex is nice. Is it some high priced luxury complex? No, but it's a nice, safe place to live in college. No real complaints living here.
Apr 2018: I really loved living here, it has been the best off campus living experience I’ve ever had so far out of my three years at Texas State. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I was subleasing for a girl at this apartment and she had unpaid utilities. It is the day before move-out and I've been trying to get this taken care of for over 2 months and I never received a response from management. They overcharged me twice for my rent and the managers suck. The employees are nice since they are are students that attend TXST. Probably the only good things about this apartment were that my roommate had a cat and I had great sex with my ex-boyfriend. Cabana Beach, do better. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Awful management. The property Manager is never there when issues arise. They Remodeled a few apartments, but don't let that fool you. The old ones are in poor shape and the time it takes to get someone to fix anything is ridiculous. My AC has gone out 4 times and every time its the same issue. They neglect there residents and put it the most minimal effort. The internet is slow and due to someone on the wifi that got our IP banned meaning if you play online games be prepared to now play offline...ALOT. Once my lease is up I will be moving and it wont take much to top what this place. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Horrible management. They do not take care of their residents. All they care is about filling up the apartments but when it comes to maintenance they take forever to fix simple issues such as water leaks, dryer never works, appliances are too old to function. There is not enough security around the apartment complex. They do have very nice staff all the time that try to help you out, but when it comes to their manager, he gets aggressive, cannot get a solution from him and he is bad at management. As a student you do not want to be living uncomfortable living in apartments that do not care about your well being. It is just added stress. Your college apartment should be your home away from home and Cabana Beach is just not a place to call home. I regret re-signing my lease. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived here for two years and it is a great place! It is affordable living for a college student on a budget. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I really appreciate the staff here, although other people I have spoken to all offer differing opinions. The apartments are definitely the price you pay for, pretty standard. That said, the various dog owners around the complex simply refuse to pick up after their pets. My biggest issue was how unpleasant it was to smell dog logs every time I set my foot outside. Maintenance never really took care of all my logs and actually falsely completed some orders and took care of them much later although I did not care too much to make anything of it. Personally, my apartment was incredibly dusty, and despite my best efforts, a layer of dust always came back. EDIT: Ratings and review changed to reflect new perspective. Also, I came back to edit some grammar... My review still applies to 2015-2016 Review from Google
Nov 2017: Ive been here for 2 years and considering renewing my lease for a 3rd. You make friends with the front desk people and everyone is really nice. Only flaw is the the slow maintenance if you have a word order but everything else is great. (: Review from Google
Nov 2017: Garbage, Not only did they leave my door wide open when they were checking the “sprinklers and smoke detectors” but they took 2 months to fix a dryer.They totally didn’t communicate with us to inform us that they thought they fixed the dryer so they ASSSUMED it was fixed. What sort of company assumes anything for a customer so we continued to think it was going to be fixed until WE had to call and do their job to inform them it was still broken because apparently they can’t come into our place unannounced like they did to check the “sprinklers” to check on a dryer. They use third parties to run their billing and the process for paying rent online which is also garbage because they accumulate the electric and water bill then they punch you with those bills which happens I suppose October or November.I suppose an owner will read th Review from Google
Sep 2017: I wouldn't live here for a million dollars because they would probably charge you so much that you'd be left with one dollar. don't live here. Just don't do it. don't put yourself through that. I lived here with both old management and new management (I think they switched a little over halfway through the lease). While I hold out hope that the new management will bring positive changes, it just wasn't my experience. At move-out, we were sent a utility bill totaling to a little over $50 I believe. When we logged into the residents portal, we owed $140 for all of the final charges. This is all fine and dandy, and I was more than willing to pay for utilities that I had used, but we at least deserved an email. We're in college and coming up with $140 when you only expected to pay $50 can be a serious challenge. I have several friends that lived i Review from Google
May 2017: Solid 3 stars. The best way to describe it is "not bad". I like the location (although the 35 Frontage Road/ Wonderworld intersection is AWFUL). The complex is nice enough. The gym is nice. The units are nice, but there is SO LITTLE storage in that place. I don't know about other units, but mine doesn't even have a pantry (in a 4bed/4bath. Literally how do 4 people live in an apartment that doesn't HAVE A PANTRY??) The staff is friendly. But nothing about this apartment really strikes me as amazing, but it's not bad. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I really love living here. It's super affordable, there's always plenty of parking around my building and it isn't super loud. And the people in the front office are super nice. Review from 3/23/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I Love their dog friendly community at the apartments such a nice vibe and very student oriented. Makes it easier for people to connect with each other. Review from 11/20/16 on Google
Oct 2016: This is a great place to live, not a lot of partying going on so that helps out when you need study time. The staff is really friendly and tries to help as much as possible. Overall great apartments. Review from 10/3/16 on Google
Sep 2016: Got stuck with a roommate that completely trashed the place before the rest of us moved in. She caused so much damage, continuously violated the lease, and threatened us. Even after giving management proof of her various lease violations, they still refused to kick her out, or provide any consequences. Also found out that even though it was mandatory to sign up for Simple Bills, that roommate had refused, so we were all forced to pay her share of utilities for over 8 months. When the office finally made her sign up, they promised us a refund for the other roommate's portion we had been paying, and we never received it. Review from 9/12/16 on Google
Apr 2016: With the lowest price, you get a decently large apartment. Plus, they have tons of free food each month. When something breaks or goes wrong, the maintenance is there pretty quickly to get it fix. Definitely a great deal for the price. Review from 4/5/16 on Apartment Ratings

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