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May 2017: I LOVE Aspen San Marcos!! Literally the BEST staff EVER💗 Having our own bus to campus is the greatest thing ever cause we all know campus buses are not reliable. Aspen always has super fun events for all of us and lots of chances to win money 😋 DEFF would live here. Review from 5/20/17 on Google
May 2017: Out of every apartment complex I've stayed at while attending Texas State University Aspen has been the best accommodating for my roommates and I. Great amenities and a wonderful staff makes living at Aspen special. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
Apr 2017: The worst place I have ever lived. The rooms are a lot smaller because they show you a 4 bedroom to make you think you are getting a bigger room. They charge you a crazy amount of money for a place that isn't even worth it. THE FIRE ALARM GOES OFF EVERY WEEK AND THEY WILL NOT EMAIL ANYONE EXPLAINING WHY. The staff must have been Middle school drop outs or something because no one there can help you unless "the manger is in", but for some reason she never seems to be working. Review from 4/13/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I absolutely enjoyed my time being a part of the Aspen Heights community. My living situation was almost set to perfection the second I signed with them. The effort the staff puts in to make sure their residents are satisfied is without a doubt one of the things I appreciated the most about Aspen. The events they host for their residents are always fun and it shows how much they care for us. I will miss living here, for I am graduating on the 16th of this month, but I wouldn't change a thing about my experience at Aspen Heights! Sign here, you won't regret it! Review from 12/15/16 on Google
May 2016: Overall experience has been okay 1. Moved in & keys didn't work to open room or even front door 2. The "private shuttles" only run twice every hour so it's not very convenient... I drive to school bc of it or take the aquarena tram 3. The gym is tiny & always full 4. Loud parties during finals week have sucked! Very very loud! 5. The staff is not very knowledgeable on anything... They follow up however on the most pointless things (like to ask if your work order was fixed properly...) 6. Location is perfect for flooding, if you end up living here make sure to leave as soon as there's a flood warning & request to live in 2nd or 3rd floor Review from 5/7/16 on Yelp
Apr 2016: I like having a personal bathroom and private shuttle, but the pros end there. 540 is too expensive to be assigned three other roommates, not a lot of fridge space and frequent clashing. The walls are very thin so it feels like there's no privacy, if your roommates bring people home to party at 3am you're going to get blasted in your bed by full HD quality sound. Our apartment has its own washer and dryer but theyre very cheap and have limited options, the washer has damage several items of clothing so I just started going to the washateria down the road. If you're a gym rat they have some free weight dumbbells and cables. Not ideal but ok if youre in a pinch. Free protein during office hours though they'll occasionally run out and take a long time to order more. Review from 4/3/16 on Yelp
Jan 2016: Honestly not sure if I'm going to be renewing my lease. Although it is nice that they create a paper trail by having everything electronic and online it creates a major drawback for their employees personable skills. I've gone into the office multiple times looking forward to having an actual conversation with an employee but instead I am directed to the website or "did you take care of it online?" Sure technology is great and all but when your residents come in looking to talk something over with an employee and their people skills suck and they look at you dumbfounded, it's pretty terrible. They lack conversational skills and seem to be incompetent of all employees being on the same page with one another. The office environment itself isn't very welcoming either. Review from 1/28/2016 on Yelp
Aug 2015: I amount of trash in this complex is unbearable. The residents don't have any respect for the property and the management does very little to rectify that. I have seen mounds of rotten trash leaking throughout the hallway with no maintenance to solve the problem. Our elevators haven't worked for months. There is graffiti throughout building 3 that has never been taken care of. They never have the gates closed and don't enforce any kind of towing yet they expect you to pay $50 if you can't find your pass or gate opener. There are 3 amenity wristbands that were never enforced that cost $25 to replace if you lose them before your move out day. Review from 8/22/15 on Google


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