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West 20

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Dec 2017: If I could give this place a zero I could. My sister lives here and she hasn’t had a working washer or dryer since the 6 months she has been living there. She complained of a weird smell and noises multiple times and was made fun of by mangers saying she was the girl hearing things in the walls. It turns out they had a bat infestation and didn’t tell anyone. They also had a malfunction with the fire alarm sprinklers that soaked her whole apartment and ruined all of her belongs that they refused to replace. They also wouldn’t allow her to break the lease after all of this. Mind you, we had to clear out all of her belongings in one day, on her birthday. It took all day and they will not replace a single thing. Horrible place, horrible people👎🏼 Review from Google
Dec 2017: When I first moved in, there were a few things I was worried about and Jason and Ronard worked with me to alleviate those problems. Since then, I have been very pleased with West 20 and have decided to renew for next year. My maintenance requests are taken care of very quickly and the staff is very friendly. The price is great for the location and proximity to campus are some of the biggest pros about living here, but the apartments are nice and spacious as well. All in all, my roommates and I have made our apartment very homey and I plan to live here for the next two years until I graduate! Review from Google
Dec 2017: First, the manager Jason needs to be fired. I've considered starting a petition even after leaving with all my friends who still live there hating his management, but honestly just call Scion directly and hopefully someone wakes up over there someday. He is ridiculously rude and shows zero compassion for residents and he deserves none from Scion. They are super nice to get you to sign on the line, then as soon as that happens get ready to have a lawyer on standby which at one point I did. I moved out of this place and pay less in midtown now with a property manager who let's me live in peace, imagine that! When there are issues did you know you could get it resolved in less than 3 visits to the office? Maintenance is GREAT notice all good reviews are toward them, but the office is so incompetent I pray for those maintenance guys sanity. In fac Review from Google
Nov 2017: This place is awful!!!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE! This place wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the terrible management. Jason (manager) is the most rude person you will ever meet. I haven't even moved in yet and I'm already having problems with them! (EDIT: Jason called me out on the fact that I wrote a bad review and when I had to move in, my apartment wasn't even ready. I had to wait two days to finally move in to my apartment. Jason is the worst manager I have ever seen and I don't understand how he still has this job. He won't care if you have a problem so say goodbye to any help once you sign a lease here! I cannot wait to move out) Review from Google
Oct 2017: They are extremely unprofessional. They act as if college aged renters are children and they do not give them any respect. It’s absolutely ridiculous. They make us pay for a gated community however there is at least one gate open at all times. They didn’t order enough fobs, which does not make sense considering they knew the exact amount of people moving in, so many of us had to go weeks without the amenities we are paying for and there are still people without fobs. I’ve filed maintaince requests for the multiple outlets in my room that don’t work and for the bathroom fan. They come and say nothings wrong and don’t fix the issue. Only 5 of my 10 outlets work. They think they can get over on us because we are not “adults”. I can not wait to move out of west 20 Review from Google
Jul 2017: My experience at West 20 has been beyond amazing. I normally don't review anything, but I think good service should sometimes be recognized. Upon moving in, I was helped by a very welcoming staff who ensured me that they would help make my time at West 20 as enjoyable as possible. Whenever I went into the office, the housing consultants were very professional and kind. Besides the fantastic management, the maintenance team does a great job at getting my work orders done in a timely fashion. This will be my second year living at West 20 and I honestly wouldn't trade it for any other complex. If you're looking for an affordable new place to call your home, look into West 20. I promise you, you wont regret it! Review from 7/21/17 on Yelp
Apr 2017: My experience here started off better than its ending. Living here is fine. The bus system is good. My room is pretty cozy. I enjoy my roommates. I don't like sharing a wall. My AC isn't very strong in my room and I have to use my fan to stay cool. Review from 4/25/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Before you read this, just know that all of the people who gave this place 4-5 stars works in the office of west 20. Here are a few things you should know before you sign a lease here.... I never have problems with noise or nasty neighbors. They just installed new furniture and wood flooring, which is really nice, and they are soon to add new appliances as well (fridge, microwave, dishwasher...but no washer/dryer changes). Additionally, the maintenance workers are absolutely fabulous. HOWEVER, my only complaint is the overall managing of this complex, which is a very big problem. Managers are extremely rude and their "upgrades" seem to be too much for them to handle. Review from 4/13/17 on Google
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Apr 2017: This place was okay. I lived here for three years, two of which it was still The Estates. The last year I lived with West 20, and honestly the change of management was a nightmare. For example, one day I was stepping into the shower and I hear a knock on my bedroom door and someone yelling "Strip your bed, we're taking your mattress!" So I had someone with no warning take my normal, decent, comfortable mattress and replace it with a hard, uncomfortable, dorm style bed. They also replaced a medium sized desk with shelving with a small table that they tried to pass off as a desk, and a five drawer dresser with a newer and smaller four drawer one. Review from 4/3/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Lived there a year ago, horrible place. They keep raising the rent so it's not worth it. First off, the utilities are insane. Overage no matter if you and roommates have unplugged and turned off everything. The air conditioner is a joke, expect the front room to never receive any air. You can report it all you want, just expect somebody to tell you they looked at it, topped it off. Never will it be fixed. Never live in building six as you won't have water pressure, once again they say they fix it but the shower will squeal and put out very little water on good days. The bad days you don't get to take a shower. The gate will always be broken, should just be removed. Review from 3/28/17 on Google
Feb 2017: So terrible I wouldn't bother. Staff is very rude and unable to compromise or help. When moving in, the apartment was disguising with old dried up food and dog food laying on the floor. The floors were full of dirt, my room had stains and bugs and the sink also had bugs. They Never came in to clean it even tho they claimed they did. The new appliances came in late and after they installed them, the people threw the food back in, breaking all the eggs, not to mention they left old water bottles on the couches. They also used all of our paper towels to clean up their mess and even though the office claimed it was wrong and was going to help us, we never heard back from them about the incident. After numerous service requests, the gates never seem to work and are very loud especially at night when I try to sleep. Review from 2/14/17 on Google
Feb 2017: The rooms are good, I'm living in a double on the third floor. You get your own bathroom, closet and bedroom (obviously). Community is great they have little parties in the pool occasionally, so that can be good or bad depending on who you are... Gym could be a little better, but still awesome. Not far from UF either by bus or car, so I'm pretty damn happy here. Review from 2/11/17 on Google

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