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The Landings at Bivens Arm

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Oct 2019: I attended their resident bbq with my friend that lives here and I instantly felt the bond that the staff had with their residents. Even though I was not a resident, they welcomed me with big smiles and open arms! I have never been to a more welcoming community where even the residents all interacted and bonded over burgers and hotdogs ! I would definitely love to live here next Fall! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Just recently moved here and already LOVE THIS PLACE! I was lucky enough to secure a space in the 2/2.5 floorplan for such a great price ! My house is spacious and was very clean upon move in. I could tell that unlike a lot of other complexes, they really take care of their units as well as their residents! The staff is a HUGE plus. They are always so welcoming and friendly! Really makes this feel like a home away from home :) 10/10 highly recommend Review from Google
Aug 2019: I’ve lived at The Landings for 2 years now and needless to say, It’s a hidden treasure. I’ve moved 3 times in the 5 years I’ve lived here and this is the only place I have ever re-signed at. I love that it’s a small and tightly knit community that cares A LOT about its residents. definitely recommend ! Review from Google
Jul 2019: Rounding out my first year here (and yes I renewed for my senior year) and this place is great! Clean, good amenities, great maintenance (rarely needed), fair and affordable even for gainesville rates, and actual communication from the office whenever *anything* is gonna happen in or around your apartment. Sign quick. I renewed without touring anywhere else. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I do not live here but the Property Manager Tiffany is literally awesome. Didn’t sign because nothing was available. She is indeed accommodating. If you’re looking for reasons to live here, a great Property Manager is #1 reason why. Here’s 5 stars to you Tiffany. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I do not live here but the Property Manager Tiffany is literally awesome. Didn’t sign because nothing was available. She is indeed accommodating. If you’re looking for reasons to live here, a great Property Manager is #1 reason why. Here’s 5 stars to you Tiffany. Review from Google
May 2019: I’ve lived here for a year now, and I absolutely love it! The community manager is amazing, and I love the events we have as a community. It’s so close to UF, so getting to class is easy but it’s in an area that’s more quiet. I highly recommend!! Review from Google
May 2019: One of my best experiences living in an apartment complex. The manager Tiffany is the most accommodating Apartment manager there is , she takes time to meet and know everyone in the community. The office staff is wonderful, they've helped me bring my giant amazon packages (a bed frame and mattress) back to my apartment. Charles is also the main person for maintenance and stays on top of everything. The prices are going up here and it makes sense ! Well worth your money. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I really enjoy living here and have recommended many friends to live here as well! The manager does the roommate matching, and i couldnt have been placed with better roommates here! We all renewed and are so happy to continue our stay. The amenities are brand new and the apartments have been upgraded. The bus route is super easy for campus also, which was an important factor for me. Very close to campus in a quiet area! its very homey here! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I really love it here. Signing and move in last year was very simple, and the staff made it very easy for me to transition into my new place. They put together some fun events, and have always been great with any work orders we put in. The price is awesome for all that you get here. Def recommend this place to any students looking for a new home! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have lived here for 3 years now and have truly enjoyed my time here. The staff is awesome, very friendly, and they actually care about residents and the complex. The current manager actually calls every so often to check herself to make sure our apartment is great! They just redid the clubhouse area and the gym is amazinggggg now! The price is great. This place is for sure a hidden gem and I have recommended The Landings for years now to my friends!
Jan 2019: I love living here! The vibe is awesome and you just can't beat the price. There's always cool events going on at the front office and one of the managers, Tiffany, is so helpful and nice it makes living here even more enjoyable. I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Recently upgraded units, my friends kitchen is awesome. I signed to live here next year with her and I couldn't be more excited. great price for a great product. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I absolutely love living at the landings. I have had a wonderful experience with the management and the staff as they all are extremely friendly and actually care about the residents. I always see the manager walking around and greeting residents, asking how exams are going. I have never really seen that before, and it genuinely feels like a home here. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to for an apartment! Its affordable, maintenance is awesome, and the staff is super friendly. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The community here is so great! What I love about this place is the employees, manager, and maintenance are all so welcoming, friendly, and efficient. I have never had an issue and them not come and fix it for me within the day! I highly recommend this hidden gem of an apartment complex-- I have loved my many years here! Review from Google
Sep 2018: The Landings is an awesome place to live and call home! The staff here is very friendly and helpful. The community manager and the office leasing staff are always willing to help out with any problem that may occur while staying here. The clubhouse, apartments and amenities are newly renovated. Highly Recommended! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Amazing complex! Great price, no issues with neighbors or management ever. The only concern you should have with this place is the distance from campus, but other than that I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for ~$500/mo housing to sign here :) Review from Google
Jul 2018: I absolutely love The Landings! I have had the pleasure of calling this place home for many years. The staff is ALWAYS friendly! They know me by name! They are very good about sending out notices via emails, flyers, and even phone calls. Charles, the maintenance guy has great mannerisms when entering my apartment and repairing things. He is always polite and very professional. Timely too, might I add! The new property manager, Tiffany is very nice and welcoming! always willing to listen to my concerns and has always provided immediate solutions. If you’re looking for a nice, intimate, updated community to live then you owe it to yourself to give this place a try! You’ll be glad you did! Oh and it’s a super quick commute to UF for all you students out there. Archer road and the interstate are close by as well! Hope this helps! Happy house Review from Google
May 2018: THIS PLACE ISN’T THAT BAD! Except for the mold; it seems to grow on everthing here, especially in the bathroom walls. The overall layout of the apartments are BEAUTIFUL, except the managment team here doesn’t communicate with their tenants accurately nor professionally. But I PROMISE, they’ll be NICE AND WELCOMING at first. Here, you’ll find that the maintenance staff is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL; they’re excellent at keeping the bushes trimmed and neat. If you decide to live here, you might have to: 1.) pay a late fee if you’re rent is late, (But that’s everywhere, right?) or 2.) look over your lease again, cause they change it without your consent. :-) Review from Google
May 2018: Rent with utilities usually goes for around $500/month in a 4-bedroom setup. Best bang for your buck. Of course, your experience will depend on roommates, and I was really lucky with mine as none were dirty party animals. The management of the community is wonderful, and despite being some of the cheapest one can afford in Gainesville, the community is rather good quality. The rooms were spacious and the bathrooms were individual to each tenant and in good conditions. Pest control is great. In my year of stay I did not see a single cockroach in the apartment, and Charles keeps the outside clean and answers to maintenance promptly. They have events like Taco or Pizza or Ice Cream socials with complementary food. My only wish is that the clubhouse hours were extended to 7-8pm as throughout most of the weekdays one has class till 4pm and the Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is my second school year living here. I have had 0 issues (besides the normal roommate stuff which the apt complex can't control). Great pricing, I think its worth the price for students. The staff is very welcoming each time you are in the main office area. Maintenance has always fixed any issues we've had in 24 or less. I recommend The Landings to everyone! Review from Google
Apr 2018: My son lives here, and often speaks highly of his apartment and the office people. He has been out of the country for school and I was trying to pay his rent. The young man who answered today was so kind and helpful, and spent 20 minutes on the phone with me helping me login to the account to pay his rent. Was very kind, helpful and understanding. Always a good interaction and thought I'd leave positive thoughts along! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I just ran into a problem with The Landings/Collier that I wanted to share with possible, future residents. (Honestly, my experience living here for the past 8 months has been pretty decent until now.) Recently, they implemented a new payment portal online, that goes into full effect starting May 2018. The new portal offers ZERO free payment options, and charges a fee even for the eCheck option. In addition, the office will no longer be accepting checks (which our lease, that both the manager and I signed, explicitly states that we can pay with a check). I forwarded my concerns to the manager and mentioned how it is unfair for them to expect us pay these fees mid-lease year without any prior warning, and asked if current residents could continue to pay via a check to avoid these fees. (They have been sending us emails about this new payment Review from Google
Feb 2018: Honestly really love this place. Its sooooo quiet , never any crazy parties like the other places around town AND they are renovating all the units. I was really concerned being there with people in my unit renovating it, but they have done such a great job and I LOVE my new kitchen and bathroom. The price for what you get is unlike anywhere else too. The manager and service guy are both so nice. I read reviews heavily and this place is really top notch for value and quietness. Review from Google

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