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Spyglass Apartments

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Mar 2019: Extremely friendly staff, Kylie was wonderful and a pleasure to work with! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Celina!! She’s wonderful and so sweet. She’s been helping me transfer to another apartment in spyglass and she’s been so patient and helpful!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Sabrina was absolutely amazing during the process. This is my first time moving out and I’m moving from 3 states so it’s been all phone conversations and emails. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her help. I don’t think I would have been able to do this without her.
Jan 2019: I lived in Spyglass for 4 years, and I highly recommend this place. The complex is safe, clean, and well-kept. The management and office staff are professional and courteous. The maintenance staff respond to requests promptly and efficiently. Special thanks to Syd Crosby for accommodating my needs when I was moving out. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Spyglass was my very first apartment after moving out of my parents house and I am so glad I chose them! I was a freshman in college and knew no one, but spyglass actually felt like home. It was a quiet complex with mostly grad students/young professionals. The amenities were useful, the gates were a plus, overall I had a great experience. The staff in the leasing office are also great. They are very kind and helpful. Another great thing is the rent price. It was reasonable and not overpriced at all. I would recommend to anyone!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: DO NOT DO LIVE HERE. I have been living here since Fall 2018 and it has been a disappointment. This has been one of the worst decisions I've ever made living here. I am a UF student and often take the bus to campus. There is ONLY ONE bus route and be prepared to for the 45 min ride JUST to go to class. Before I even moved in, there were issues with the lease. I had to resign my lease literally 3 times because they could not prepare one correctly. Their new office staff is friendly, but not very helpful. Roommate matching is honestly a joke as well. Their printing lab never works, you're better off just buying yourself one. Also the WiFi here is a literal joke. We were without wifi for almost TWO DAYS. The cable is always cutting off. COX is here basically 24/7 trying to fix it and nothing ever improves. The apartment itself isn't even good Review from Google
Dec 2018: DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF! I'm a UF student who started their lease in Fall 2018. Even before I started living here, there were huge issues. The roommate matching is ridiculous. I have a certified Emotional Support Dog and Spyglass told me that I would not be able to have him unless ONE of my roommates agreed to have them there. My other roommate was fine with him. The roommate I was matched with was previously living in that apartment and she specifically told them she DID NOT want dogs. If this was the case, WHY was I matched with her if I have A DOG? IT'S A JOKE! They gave me the ultimatum to either not have my dog or go somewhere else. THAT IS ILLEGAL! If a dog is certified to be an ESA then it is legally allowed to live in a no pet housing. This has been the WORST experience of my life and at the end of the day, I had to have multiple c Review from Google
Oct 2018: I don’t live here yet but I have already signed the lease and have been receiving very good service from Spyglass and James, a leasing agent is so helpful. The model looks great and so does the complex. Review from Google
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HOW DOES MY CHILD CONNECT WITH ROOMMATES? Every case is different. Sometimes one group has decided to find an apartment together, others are open to meeting new people they can become friends with. We can accommodate both situations. If your child is looking for roommates we offer a more

IS SPYGLASS A GATED COMMUNITY? Spyglass is gated 24-7 with remote access available via keyless remote or the use of a property code that is changed every month. The code is also changed for the gate, fitness center and our on-site computer lab monthly. Please contact the more

Sep 2018: I was living here in 2016-2017. I am surprised by the complains here! and the rating. I was so happy here and had to move to Ohio. The management: One word summary; fantastic! every apartment has some issues and mine wasn't an exception. I had great maintenance experience here. the blind broke, they changed them within a week for free. I had problem with the TV, they changed it with a newer one. my mattress was a bit firm and I told them that I can't sleep well, two day after they changed it with a brand new one. THIS IS FLORIDA; you should expect to have bugs and get used to it. but whenever I asked them to take care of them they did. you should be reasonable. there is 200 apartments and doing a service within 3 days is reasonable although if it's emergency they do it right away. the key is to be friendly as they are. Personal encounter: I a Review from Google
Aug 2018: Whoa! Some full disclosure needs to be made here. Renters beware. This is a typical apartment set up for financially strapped college students. Overpriced for what you get. Model apartment is beautiful, but the apartment you actually get is filthy, worn, cheap, and outdated. Repair list is long and rarely addressed by maintenance. Therefore, repairs become the responsibility of the renter by default due to necessity and lack of property manager's attention. Office staff refuses to text you if you have a package, so it is your responsibility to check everyday for package arrival. "Manager on call" will charge $50 disturbance fee. Taking a left hand turn out of apartment complex is dangerous at best due to high vehicle traffic volume. The good thing is complex has buses that run from apartments to campus. Renters have a utility allowance which b Review from Google
Aug 2018: I've lived here for 2 years and the first year we had some problems with the management team. It got resolved after the manager of all these apartment properties (not just spyglass) came and took things into his own hands. Everything was fine but it left a sour taste in our mouth. Reluctantly my roommate and I stayed another year and the living conditions were just horrendous. The apartment smelled due to moisture being trapped in the carpet in the apartment. We lived on the 1st floor and the amount of bugs was incredible. We had roaches, alive and dead probably twice a week. I complained about the roach problem the within the first few months of living here and one of the higher ups in the office explained to me its just because "we live in florida and there will always be roaches". They agreed to treat our apartment yet we still had roaches Review from Google
Jun 2018: Amber was an amazing help throughout the entire application process. She was very kind and professional and she was able to answer any questions that I had concerning the lease and the move in process! Review from Google
May 2018: Our leasing agent James Crosby has worked as the leasing agent for my daughter and son over the past week or so and has been amazing. He is really clear, quick, efficient and has great people skills. Maintenance for our prior lease has also been responsive and helpful. Review from Google
May 2018: It's a really nice place where you can feel at home. I'm about to start my third year living here Review from Google
May 2018: Exemplary staff, worked really well to make sure I was matched with preferred roommates. Living here so far has been such a nice experience. Kudos to management and staff for running a smooth business and a wonderful complex. Review from Google
May 2018: PERFECT if you’re planning on transferring from Santa Fe to UF. I moved here when I was 18 and attending Santa Fe College, it was the best decision I could have made. I continued living at Spyglass Apartments for most of my undergrad, even when I transfered to UF. Their roommate matching system is fantastic and they match people on their own, NOT using a computer. I ended up with roommates who were UF students and they guided me through the process of transferring to UF. Overall best experience!!!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Pretty good. It's kinda pricey, but it's pretty and has really good maintenance. Every Friday it gets cleaned and they're constantly working on it. It has a pool and a hot tub. The dog park isn't very pretty and it's muddy sometimes, but it's not bad. I love that it's pet friendly. There's free printing (bring paper) and sometimes tutoring services. My apartment looked good. The roommate matching for me was suuuper good! It's not 100% safe, but what place is completely safe in a college town? If any problem happens they try to solve it quickly. It's not noisy. Sometimes people play music but they're college kids so it's ok every once in a while some music. The living room is small but the rooms are spacious. My room has the smallest bathroom but it's the most private and has a really convenient counter. I was lucky that my apt had renovated ap Review from Google
Apr 2018: This 5-Star review is for the maintenance team at Spyglass. I am so impressed with how quickly and thoroughly they respond to maintenance issues. Review from Google
Mar 2018: The furniture mover Emilio was a complete scumbag. His manager Sid was too. Very idiotic and difficult people. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I’ve recently signed a temporary sublease here and I’ve liked my stay here, so far I’m looking to renew my lease! My roommates are great, management isn’t the best (seems like they’re always confused all the time), but they’re definitely better than some other places I’ve rented from. It’s a very nice community with the occasional loud neighbors, but keep in mind it is a college town. Overall I’ve very happy with my choice! Review from Google
Jul 2017: It's an apartment complex with lots of great amenities. Swimming pool, jacuzzi study area, math help and very pleasant staff. Free bus to schools and shopping, is just a few steps away. Quiet and gated. Review from Google
Jun 2017: This has not been a good experience for our daughter. Looking foward to lease being up. She won't be staying! Review from Google
Jun 2017: The staff here is extremely friendly, welcoming and most importantly helpful. Spyglass's exterior look is beautiful and the apartments are very homey. The surrounding area is very clean and safe. My experience was extremely easy and not stressful at all especially since I had to move in so quickly. I am in love with my new 2/2 apartment and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Everyone was so very helpful in my transition and extremely informative. Review from 06/10/17 on ApartmentRatings
Apr 2017: I have been living at Spyglass for almost 2 years now, and I literally cannot say enough good things about Spyglass. The complex itself is beautiful, and we love the pool area. We feel very safe in the neighborhood, and even though it's considered "far away" from campus, I get to the law school in about 12 minutes every morning. Not far at all. Maintenance is very responsive, I've never had a request answered more than a business day later. You'll notice that almost all of the 1 star reviews have nothing to do with the complex besides move-out fees. I obviously can't speak to that because I still live here, but even if they charge me money on move out, I believe it would still WELL worth it to live here. Review from Google
Apr 2017: A Good Experience Overall Super cute apartment and grounds. Apartments are older but have charm. The grounds are safe and well kept. Great maintenance crew, we called them over 24/7 but they were always super helpful. Office staff was nice but I had a few packages lost. I lived on the first floor, we were fairly clean, but had a MASSIVE gnat problem; I had to eat with a fan at my face. We also had our fair share of cockroaches, but that may have been the product of just living in a wooded area on the first floor. Overall, I really would recommend Spyglass, just spray for bugs yourself, and be anal about documenting ALL damage before you move in. Review from 4/12/17 on Google

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