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Canopy Apartments

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Mar 2019: I signed a lease here last year and it was the worst decision of my life. They knock on your doors extremely early in the morning like 3 times a week doing useless inspections. So if you don’t enjoy sleeping in this is the perfect place for you. They don’t inform you in a timely manner about these inspections either and just walk in your room while you’re sleep. The people also throw loud parties and music will play be playing till 5am at all times of the week and the security won’t do anything about it. I have to drive to the library to study. They also have random extra fines (they won’t tell you what there for) and forced me to upgrade to a more expensive unit and promised I would receive a $100 credit that they never gave me. On move in day you will move into the most disgusting apartment ever so expect to spend the entire day cleaning. It’s also very sketchy because there is no lightening outside. The place looks very nice on outside but I don’t reccomend. Review from Google
Jan 2019: This was my daughter’s first year here and all in all it’s been pretty good - so she just renewed for next year. We went around to other places again this year - just as we did last year and the competition is pretty bleak unless you are prepared to pay a whole lot more money. Before re-signing, I asked my daughter to think about whether she had any real complaints about the complex or management at Canopy and surprisingly she said no! Management screwed things up a bit when she first Moved in so she didn’t get the unit she originally requested- but the guy that did that was fired - apparently she wasn’t the only one that had that problem. So at least when there is a known issue, they resolve it. She had no other issues after that first one. So she renewed for next year, getting a 2/2 instead of the 4/4 she has this year. She’s h Review from Google
Jan 2019: Sabrina was outstanding! Greeted me with great energy and answered all of my questions without any hesitation. I would highly recommend her Review from Google
Jan 2019: Love this community! The rates are very affordable and the staff is very fun and helpful. Also the apartments are much cleaner than the others around! I am absolutely happy with my stay here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Rome was SO helpful over the phone. I’ve been looking into relocating to Florida for school for some time and she was able to answer all my questions and more! Very sweet over the phone and made me even more excited to visit and check it out :)! Review from Google
Jan 2019: So I love to cook and the kitchens here are huge! Legitimately the most spacious kitchens in Gainesville. I do love basketball but they got rid of their half court to make room for a rock wall and fitness center which I am cool with, the park across the street has 2 courts anyway. Review from Google
Jan 2019: My man Austin is the best. His tour was amazing and I signed on the spot. if you need anything just cal land ask for him he makes magic happen. Keeping my fingers crossed I can get early move in. Review from Google
Jan 2019: a lot better than the other places nearby. Not a huge party scene which is nice when you have things to study for. The office staff is also really nice. I just wish I had hardwood in my room. So much easier to clean Review from Google
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Jan 2019: The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Even if they dont know something they quickly get the answer for you and have amazing follow up. Shout out to Drake at the front desk ;)
Jan 2019: Just signed my daughters lease today for next fall. The staff is so professional and helpful. They were quick to respond and answer all the "dad" questions as my daughter puts it. I know shes excited to live with her friends and all the events on site but I feel a lot better after talking about security and parking and work orders. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Cheap housing with exactly the shady staff you'd expect. Brush up on your rights as a tenant before you sign your lease, because they regularly send people to the units without advanced notice. Review from Google
Dec 2018: My experience here has been rocky to say the least, but not too bad. My friends and I have lived here since June and for the first 3 months our rent was not correct and was different each time (just the base rent). The staff is friendly and willing to help. We haven't really had any bugs except these house centipede things. When we moved in, the apartment was TRASHED. The air vents were filled with dust, the floor was filthy, our stove was broken, and 2 of the sinks in the apartment did not work. Thankfully maintenance here has been great for us, they were very pleasant and had the sinks fixed that day and the stove fixed within three days. Overall really good though compared to some of the college apartment horror stories I read about in reviews. Where I got really upset at the community was when my friends and I were not informed of a new r Review from Google
Dec 2018: --5 stars.This place is a SCAM. They take your money and raise the rent with a wide smile on their faces. Nobody cleans up after their dog and Canopy could care less even though they are supposed to fine people for doing that. The walls are paper thin. When i wake up in the morning to go to class, I can clearly hear the stream of piss from the man above me. &&& (I know for a fact Canopy told all of these people to write a 5 star review . Its either a 1 star or 5 star) Review from Google
Sep 2018: The apartments are fantastic, very clean and new with minimum to no problems. The office staff is very very helpful and anytime you had a problem they were right on it wasting no time! The price is very affordable for what you get i would absolutely recommend to anyone! Review from Google
Sep 2018: So far, has been the best complex I’ve ever dealt with. Clean, spacious apartments with loads of amanities for tenants. Being pet friendly is also a HUGE plus! Review from Google
Aug 2018: DO NOT STAY HERE. I have never had such a bad experience. I'm usually not the type of person who bothers to write a review or complain, however let me save you guys from a horrible year. I would not write a long complaint if I didn't feel the need to warn you. Canopy constantly tries to get the MOST money out of you. You have a roommate that is inconsiderate and you can't make ends meet? Well, you're stuck with them. That's what happened to my roommate and I with another roommate. Our roommate would break rules in the contract and threaten me and my other roommate, yet was never evicted because "no proof." We knew the real reason was because they wanted to make sure someone would be paying for the room that would be left empty if they did evict the roommate. On top of horrible service, they try to leech so much money out of you. Sure the amen Review from Google
Apr 2018: Canopy has been great since I've been here. The office people are so nice and help with anything you need them for. They have free food and parties all the time and they even provide paper in the computer lab which doesn't sound like a huge deal at first but is a life saver!! Maintenance was hit or miss in the beginning but have gotten so much better. They get my work orders by the next day and the office people even call to make sure everything was taken care of. I literally can't wait for the new amenities to get done. I can see the new stuff at the pool already and it looks amazing! I'd recommend Canopy to anyone! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Canopy has been a nice place to live. I like the free food and parties they always have. I'm really excited for the new amenities to open in a couple months. I live in a 4 room and its big! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Unsafe location, paper ass thin walls, trash everywhere. This place makes the crossings look like a 5 star resort. I have been blessed with neighbors whom throw their beer cans off of their balcony and onto my back patio. Do any of the managers care? Of course not! For over $700 a month I get to clean up after disgusting, loud neighbors. This place has probably been the biggest waste of money. Please do not let any daughters live here I have been harrased at the plaza right next door almost 10 times in the last 6 months. I have resorted to carrying a stun gun at all times while Review from Google
Dec 2017: The apartments are nice, but literally everything else is terrible. The location isnt great, it’s pretty far from everything except grocery stores, which I thought I could deal with, but it’s a hassle. Even the entrance is poorly placed, if you’re coming to canopy from the west, you have to make a U-turn to even get in. Traffic on 20th Ave gets really bad at certain times of the day, so have fun taking an hour to get home. And the area it’s in isn’t exactly the nicest or safest. In addition, the management is some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. The staff seem to be untrained and have little information. Work orders take a month or longer, sometimes they are blatantly ignored and you’ll receive a message that your work order was closed due to completion, but they never actually came in and did anything. They also are usele Review from Google
Nov 2017: I've been at the Canopy for two years now. Here's my take: Location The Canopy is conveniently located on 20th Avenue, which is about 5 minutes away from UF, and about 20 minutes away from SantaFe. Most times during the day, there are buses going by every 7 minutes. This is incredibly convenient. Aesthetics The entire area looks really nice, and with high ceilings, granite table tops, wood floors and spacious rooms, you’re definitely going to feel at home in your apartment. In some of the other reviews I see people complain of pest problems, but to be honest, I haven’t had any. Also, the lounge near the office just had some recent additions, and it really does have a hangout vibe to it. Staff Awesome people, really friendly and helpful. If you have a problem, tell them, they are really good about solving them. **EDIT: Management ha Review from Google
Oct 2017: The apartment, itself, is very aesthetically pleasing. Very spacious layout, granite countertops, and windows in every room. However, the showers seem like a last minute thought and I wish there was an actual cable box in the living room with full capability. My other concern is the length of time it takes to have a maintenance work order completed and the overall training of the leasing staff. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Canopy Apartments is a great place to live if you are looking for somewhere to call home. The apartment D1 is an amazing floorpan and is quit large. My bedroom is massive and plenty of space. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Bad location and terrible management. The location of Canopy is inconvenient and also a safety concern. SW 20th Ave is always busy which makes travelling very annoying. Some days I would need to leave over an hour early just to make sure I have enough time to get to my classes. Canopy is on RTS route 20 which is by far the busiest route and during busy class times, you'll be lucky to get a spot on the bus. Some days you may have to wait for 2 or 3 buses before you will be picked up due to buses being full. Also, the safety concerns in regards to the location is terrible. The gas station in front of the Canopy had been robbed several times during my lease and there was even a shooting there. The neighborhood adjacent to Canopy has sketchy people walking around 24/7. People from the neighborhood also cut through Canopy to get to the gas station Review from Google
Aug 2017: Canopy Apartments in conjunction with TCI/ Total Cleaners Inc. of Keystone.... have not paid their workers for painting apartments this summer... I worked for them for ten days and still have yet to be paid... It would be nice to be able to eat and pay my bills... but I haven't been paid. Review from Google

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