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Jan 2019: I previously wrote a review about Cabana before moving in stating that I had some issues with the roommate matching and other things but I'm happy to say that my views have changed. You can tell that the new management at Cabana Beach is really working hard to make sure that the residents are getting what they paid for. If something breaks or you need anything done, you can let the office know and they fix it really fast. You can't beat the prices too. I have seen in all and Cabana is the lowest price for all inclusive apartments. I honestly don't have any complains anymore. I even renewed for next year! Review from Google
Dec 2018: This place is great if you’re looking for affordable housing or a short-term lease. The staff and managers are nice which is different from the last place I had lived at (West 20). However, my roommates and I were put in a cockroach infested apartment when we moved in. They obviously hadn’t bothered to check the apartment properly before move in because there were clearly cockroaches all over our kitchen. Management was very understanding once we told them about it but it took them about two weeks to finally put us in a different apartment so we had to live with cockroaches for about three weeks. We did have to threaten to seek legal help a few times because they refused to change our appliances which were extremely old. My roommate’s mom had to send the manager an email to finally get them to change our appliances and the maintenance st Review from Google
Dec 2018: This is not a bad place to live in because the price is affordable and the upgraded apartments are decent. The staff in the office is sometimes hard to talk to and deal with. A lot of times that I go there and ask for help they always seem so unhappy to help me, that’s why I always try not to go there as much as possible. I would say I get what I pay for but that shouldn’t pertain to the staff and their willingness to help, after all that is their job. The maintenance people are wonderful and prompt to fixing maintenance issues, before they took a long time but they are improving a lot this year. I like their online payment system, it’s faster and easier! My apartment building is fairly quite, I never had a noise issue. I enjoy their gym and computer lab. This place really is equipped with great amenities for the price that I pay for and Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been happy with all my interactions with staff. The home is clean and arranged attractively throughout. They help me with all questions and needs. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great customer service and staff and I love my room. So big and comfortable. Thank you for the gift cards and the events you guys have! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Very decent place. They work hard to make you feel comfortable. Highly recommended. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been at Cabana for 2 years now and love it. All my roommates that I have had are wonderful. Cabana really match me with my preference. I also love being rewarded for renewing. It has been a great experience for me living at the beach. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Over all Cabana really isn't that bad; for the price and what's included I can deal with the issues. The only complaints I have is sometimes the maintenance staff is extremely slow and you have to keep asking; one other complaint is I don't believe they roommate match BUT regardless moving in with a stranger isn't going to be ideal. If you are looking for a decent place to live for a great price; this is good. If you hate noise and living alone its not. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I really enjoy everything that cabana beach brings to their tenants I'm also very happy at the fact that if there's an error the office will rectify the issue and resolve it , I'm very pleased with -Leasing consultant Jordan Leach - she is very professional easy to talk to and takes care of generating work orders and making sure they actually get completed . I recommend Cabana beach not only to college students but to anyone that enjoys a nice relax space with a beach feel . GCA Review from Google
Oct 2018: I enjoy my resident experience. I really enjoy the pool and the gym access. I also like all the festivities that the cabana crew put together, I feel as if they should do more a month. Review from Google
Jun 2018: UPDATE: IVE LIVED AT CABANA FOR 9 MONTHS. SINCE MOVING HERE IVE HAD SEVERAL PROBLEMS WITH THE AC. WE PLACE AT LEAST TWO MAINTENACE REQUEST FOR THE AC A MONTH. I THINK ITS TIME CABANA SENDS SOMEONE WHO IS DEDICATED TO FIXING ONLY ACs. ITS ALSO RAISING OUR UTILITY BILL. I love cabana so far. I got really lucky with my roommates and apartment. I guess the only thing that sucks is if you pay online with a credit card they charge you fee but other than that it’s been pretty nice! Review from Google
May 2018: This student housing community offers 2 and 4 bedroom apartment options with different levels of upgrades and price points to fit your budget. Apartments are individually leased by-the-bedroom with roommate matching and a private bathroom for every resident. Monthly rent includes high-speed internet, cable with HBO, and a full furniture and appliance package including a washer and dryer in every apartment home and 55" 4k SMART TVs in upgraded floor plans. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Honestly if I could give this place a negative rating I would. You know the saying you pay for what you get for, yeah well the cheap prices of this place are way to expensive for what you get. Management doesn’t care about you, nobody who works there know what is going on. It’s an absolute mess. The property is dirty and when they tell you they clean the bedroom before you receive it that is an absolute lie. I received my apartment with the entire hallway missing the carpet. I had problems with my roommate and only when I was threatened and had to get the police involved did management do anything to help me. Do not get a place here. Better spend a little extra money for somewhere that is cleaner and will take care of you and your safety. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Not the best but still a somewhat decent buy! Moving in was tough because the furniture wasn't there. Things have improved somewhat over time. This place is tolerable- I will say that! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Cabana Beach is an alright place for the price, but I also ran into numerous problems there. In my first semester, my apartment got broken into. While this is not necessarily Cabana's fault, it made me feel very unsafe living there afterwards. What was Cabana's fault, and what is the reason for this low review, was my apartment getting flooded in the second semester. I woke up Sunday morning to a hole in the wall with water pouring out all over our floor. Me and my roommates quickly got to work pushing water out our door until maintenance arrived, which took a couple hours. After maintenance finally shut off the water, we spent a couple more hours cleaning and drying our apartment. Maintenance put a dozen or so huge loud machines in our apartment to start to dry it out. Meanwhile, we were forced to stay in this flooded ruined apartment with Review from Google
Apr 2018: Honestly can't give a fair review so I went with 3 stars, trying to be fair. But now I'm not so sure ... I don't know If that is really "fair." But since I can't just delete my review, that's the best I could come up with. Without boring you again with all the details, just suffice it to say that 1 random encounter when the parties on either end could be having a bad day or a good one, isn't worthy of the extreme praise or criticisms as the case may be. I have never been considered a fence sitter inn the past, but until I come up with something better, that is all I can offer, trying to be fair. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived at Cabana since August now and I love it. Very nice apartments, very good area, super nice leasing office and an awesome pool! The staff is always accommodating and fixes any problems quickly. I also appreciate Jordan Leach as she regularly helps me with any needs, like yesterday I called up about an email me and my roommate have been waiting on for two weeks & also something I needed tending to in my bedroom and Jordan was the 3rd person I have talked to about both of these things and within 30 minutes I had that email, and the very next day my bedroom problem is fixed. Thank you Jordan for your help! Review from Google
Feb 2018: BE CAREFUL! If you are requesting to change a room MAKE SURE THEY GIVE YOU ALL DETAILS IN WRITING before approving the change. I just moved to a new apartment and they are charging me an additional fee for a 3rd floor, which they conveniently "FORGOT TO MENTION" until after I made the move. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’m a resident of another student complex, but my girlfriend lives here. If I could give zero stars I would. I would check the excessive piles of trash in front of the complex garbage disposal (which works perfectly fine by the way). These students are so obsessed and whiny about the environment yet they are too lazy to properly dispose their trash. Way to be a part of the problem. To any incoming student who is considering a lease with Cabana, don’t waste your time. Maintenance is mediocre and the atmosphere is unbelievably filthy. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Avoid staying at Cabana Beach if you're in Gainesville for UF or Santa Fe. The management staff is terrible. If you are trying to sublease your place, they will try their best not to help you. You cannot get in contact with a manager even if you make an appointment. Their management company Preiss is one of the worst.I have been calling their office for two weeks but no one is available to help. don't be fooled by their showroom, it's not even close to what you will get. My bathroom and carpet were dirty when I arrived at my place. It took more than three weeks for their maintenance to fix our A.C. There is no option to get out of their lease after you graduate. Avoid this Headache if you will be attending school while leaving in Gainesville. I will make sure more people review this place. Help the students with sublease or provide an opti Review from Google
Dec 2017: I love cabana so far. I got really lucky with my roommates and apartment. I guess the only thing that sucks is if you pay online with a credit card they charge you fee but other than that it’s been pretty nice! Review from Google
Nov 2017: I have been living here for about five months now and love it. The management has recently changed and so far have greatly improved the place as they are painting and doing upkeep. The office staff are all very friendly. I just renewed my lease for next year. Cabana beach offers the most affordable prices in Gainesville for apartments that are the great quality. Jordan Leach was the leasing consultant that assisted me and she was very friendly, responded very quickly to my emails/requests and helped me with everything I needed. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I’ve lived in quite a few apartments in Gainesville and I’m really not someone who writes bad reviews about a place unless I’ve has repeatedly bad experiences. But this place was just a nightmare in every aspect. If you’re thinking of moving here, maybe think twice. I’ was subleasing from someone and they tacked on a million fees that weren’t there when I’ was initially signing the lease. They took 12 days to “clean and inspect” the room for quality, but the apartment was RAMPANT with fleas, had a ton of black mold in the toilet, and the room was just generally filthy. The whole neighborhood is filthy. The trash receptacles are always overflowing and full of raccoons. The office staff was completely apathetic to any problems we had. If you ever have problems in your apartment or with your mail, expect some serious attitude Review from Google
Sep 2017: The Cabana Beach apartment was the worst place I ever paid rent to live. In their website they will not post the bad and you should know the truth. 1. The staff never communicate with management about any problem you tell them. This had created multiple headaches because issues never get resolved. 2. They keep harassing you with letters in the mail even thou u call to solve the problem. 3. If you have problems with a roommate you are screwed. They say they care about your safety but they don't. And they don't move you out of the apartment. 4. They charge you for stuff left in the place even if is not yours. They said that you were supposed to trow it away. I'm sorry but I don't touch what's not mine. 5. The air conditioner unit keep breaking up almost every week. 6. Before I move in, they confuse my paperwork causing my moving date , l Review from Google
Apr 2017: Neither me or my friend that lives here had good roommate experiences while living here. I personally didn't enjoy having roaches and a dirty commons area while living here. Has potential of being a decent place.... Review from 4/2/17 on Google

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