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University Village

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Apr 2019: UV is the best place to live if you want the privacy of being off campus but still staying close enough to get the full college experience. UV has the best staff around. Everyone here is really nice and willing to help you with any and all your needs. They really do go above and beyond to make your stay here remeberable. I absolutely love being a resident here and I'll be sad to leave once I graduate. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love University Village, it has such a cozy homey touch to it. Their staff are so friendly and are so genuine. They have amazing amenities a free tanning bed, resort style pool, JIM fitness center with cardio and lots and lots of weights! Their apartments are huge! Big closets and and fully furnished apartment but they are also private! Great place to live!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: This is my third year living here and I just signed my lease for the forth year, and I could not have picked a better place to live. The maintenance staff is really on top of things, and the office/management staff is really nice and helpful if you have any concerns. I have felt very safe here, which was a big deal for me when looking for a place to live. If I ever felt concerned with my safety, management handled it so well. They have lots of fun things for the residents as well. You will not find a better place to live that has everything UV has, at a better price. A lot of people complain about it, but if you follow their basic rules and be considerate of other people living there, you will have no issues. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love living at University Village! I always feel safe and secure and if I ever do have an issue with my apartment (facet dripping, appliance issue, etc.) they are VERY quick to resolve it. The apartments are nice and big, clean, and updated. The community center is very nice including the pool, free printing, and workout facilities. They are upgrading it for 2019 and I’m very excited to see what’s in store. I also love how UV has many events with free food - a big perk for any college student! 10/10 would recommend Review from Google
Jan 2019: I stayed on campus for 2 years before deciding to get off campus student housing. When I decided to move off campus I was looking to avoid using unnecessary student loans to stay on campus and I am so glad that I did. I have stayed at University Village for a little bit over 6 months now. I actually found out about it through a friend and I was able to take over a sublease from someone for the summer I decided to renew for the following school year. Although the rent is a little pricey I definitely feel like you get a lot out of what you pay for. The apartments are all inclusive so you don’t have to worry about different prices for rent each month. The apartment also is fully furnished which means you don’t have to buy or bring in your own furniture. You also get free printing in the clubhouse, which was very helpful for me as a student. P Review from Google
Jan 2019: University Villiage is an awesome place for college students such as myself! The staff is always welcoming and very helpful. The location is also very convenient since you can easily walk to campus. Overall, UV is a great place to live! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I've lived at UV for over a year, and I've had the best experience! I've gotten to know the admin and maintenance staff very well, and they are always helpful. They always help resolve my issues quickly and give me information on procedures going forward. The events they hold are great for college students! There's free food, giveaways, and social time with friends. My favorite one from this past year was the Halloween event where they gave away candy, pizza, and goody bags. Being able to invite my friends to the complex I live at they love to is awesome! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I lived at UV my last two years of college and was never disappointed! Staff has alsways been friendly and helpful with any questions or issues that came up. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to live! Review from Google
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Nov 2018: University Village has so much to offer and worth every penny! All of my maintenance requests were completed in a timely manner and if I ever had a complaint the staff and managers would get it figured out right away. Overall great experience, great location and amenities and perfect housing for students. I have no complaints Review from Google
Nov 2018: University Village is easily the best place for students to live when going to UNCG. While the rent might be a little bit higher it is definitely worth the investment when it comes to the amenities, amazing customer service in the office, and the outstanding maintenance team. Other places that I’ve lived in Greensboro have a lot of problems when it comes to maintenance services but I never experienced them here. I would recommend this place to anyone, family or friend. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have lived at University Village for two years now, and my experience here has been great! Their maintenance staff is attentive and always fulfills their request within the same day of receiving it. My questions are always answered promptly and accurately. And the staff is very friendly and smiley. I feel very safe here as a college student, and I would highly recommend this apartment complex to anybody looking to rent an apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love how close UV is to UNCG, making it a short walk to class. Also, not having to pay for a parking pass on campus anymore saved me a couple hundred dollars! I renewed my lease and I am looking forward to staying here for another year! 10/10 recommend Review from Google
May 2018: It depends on what you want from a university education. If you want one focused on arts on a beautiful campus full of a truly diverse crowd of students and don't mind paying a bit much and not expecting that investment to pay off enormously financially, I think you'll fit in just fine. The college is known as being left-leaning politically, which isn't too surprising as a liberal arts university. Review from Google
May 2018: Rooms and amenities and such are all fine. However the people that work in the office (with some exceptions) are completely rude and incompetent. If or when you have some sort of problem, which you will have, the staff will lie and procrastinate dealing with your issue. Also they have recently been purchased by some other company, which seems to have increased the incompetence level. When I started living here they had like a 3.4 or something rating, now its a 2.9. I am generally not the type of person to post some petty ass review, but the people that work here are douche bags. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Since I have lived in University a Village I have been robed, my apartment had flooded from a leak in my toilet (which for the first hour after calling mantenance they tried blaming me telling me I was going to have to pay for it until they realized it was not my fault). The sinks constantly clog, my garbage disposal has broke, my oven needed to be replaced and to top it all off if you have a first floor apartment they Mow the lawn at 8-9 am so don't plan on getting any sleep while you stay here! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I was a long distance student at the university, and I have to say that from day one my adviser through the Liberal Studies program was disastrously unhelpful. By unhelpful I mean that her modus operandi is to get you to email other people, not offering you any sort of welcome or assessment of what you need to be successful when you start the program (and this is normal for the other schools I attended, long distance or not). She was basically a ghost, and not at all like Casper. When I needed help with a situation, she blamed me, basically shrugged her shoulders, and I had to email a bunch of people to actually solve the problem I had (that she could have fixed, and was fixed by someone else, in five minutes' time). It was not a good experience with her at all, and I felt confused and exhausted trying to become an expert at her job while also Review from Google
Apr 2018: Our daughter has lived at University Village Apartments since 2016. The cost and the amenities was great - came furnished (not many college apartments do) and provided access to many resources (pool, computer, printer room, lounge area - club house). Staff has been amazing - friendly, informative and personable (rare for college apartment offices). Would lease again (may happen, have a son in high school with plans for college). Important to know, we felt her time there she was safe and secure and the complex management always handled any questions/concerns she had or that we had promptly and professional. Thanks to UVA for a great experience and two wonderful years of memories made! Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT let your children stay here. If you are looking for a safe place for your child to rent while attending college go somewhere else. Since my son has been there these last 2 semesters he has had his Jeep broken into and radio stolen, 3 armed robberies where the thieves pushed their way into apartments while residents were home, and had 3 tires slashed last week along with 15 other cars and the night after that there were gun shots all night. He does not feel safe here along with many other residents that he has talked to. So after replacing tires and paying for a tow truck the property manager has refused to let us out of the last 3 months of rent and was extremely rude to my husband when discussing the issue. The community manager, Jamal was extremely nice and said he didn’t see an issue with letting us out of the lease because our son feels unsafe. They d
Mar 2018: Apartment management is so incredibly kind, but the price you pay for the quality of life here is ridiculous. Get a third floor room or you’ll be sleeping with earplugs if you want to sleep at all. Also, keep in mind this is a college apartment, so very few people seem to have respect or regard for the fact that there are other people that live here, too. Mr. Ed and his professional staff might be the only redeeming factor for this place. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Incredibly diverse campus with a lot of friendly staff and students. They have a lot of good opprotunitys and paths to take. The campus looks very beautiful and the school takes good care of the students. I loved the music building on campus. Review from Google
Feb 2018: We chose UV for our daughter in 2016 and it has been a fantastic experience for all! We were concerned about having her live off campus for several reasons, yet UV has eased our minds. The staff was very attentive to her concerns about suitable roommates and matched her perfectly. The location is ideal! The parking policies, though they may seem strict to some, have definitely given us confidence that UV knows who is allowed in and out of the property. We have renewed for next year and are happy that she has spent her college years at UV. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking for off-campus housing at UNCG. Kudos! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Beautiful campus, amazing professors and just an overall great university. The curriculum can be challenging...but rewarding at the same time. They also have an amazing History department! Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is the 4th college I’ve been too and hopefully my last, great value for the education. Would definitely recommend living off campus to make that price even better! Review from Google
Nov 2017: University Village has provided myself with a true place to call home. The staff are extraordinary and if a problem were ever to arise I know they will respond ASAP. Review from Google
Sep 2017: I have had a wonderful experience at UV and plan to stay here for the rest of my college years. Review from Google

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