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The Province

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Jul 2019: The faculty threatened to throw out my property, when I was not moving out, because a new roommate was moving in. I was out of town at the time. I've never encountered an apartment complex that threatened such a thing when I pay to live there. They also put me with three roommates who cannot live with cats when I have a registered cat for an esa animal; when I complained, they said it was "my problem to work out with my roommates." Have not yet responded to my request for a unit change. I'm finding the management style and lack of proper communication immensely frustrating. If you want worry free living, I don't recommend the Province. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I am subleasing a room here for the summer. Our AC has been out for three weeks and someone was supposed to come and fix it today but nobody showed up. I called the customer service and asked if it would be fixed this week and they hung up on me. They aren't reimbursing anyone for this or making an effort to do anything. DO NOT MOVE HERE! Review from Google
May 2019: I would NEVER let anyone I care about live here. I’ve lived here for 2 years and I can confidently say this apartment complex is trash all the way around. Before signing a lease please walk around the entire property (not just the model home or office). You will quickly notice it’s not luxury living at all. The property is so unkept majority of the time. Also I had my issues with my roommates (2 scenarios) breaking the lease by smoking in unit and allowing other people to permanently live in the apartment (ex. A guy lives here with one of my roommates and is here 24/7 within an all female unit). Please never sign the lease with others that have renewed because your unit will not be thoroughly cleaned upon your arrival. In addition the office does not care about your concerns and neither does corporate (trust me I’ve tried)... they enable others to break the
May 2019: Honestly, the manager is awesome. I was planning on subleasing a room. Turns out it was flea infested. I was in the room maybe about 2 minutes and my legs were covered with fleas. The manager was completely understanding and let me resign my sublease with no issues. As someone from out of state I was really worried about how management would be. She said I would not be responsible for anything and she'd refund me my $50 move in fee. Although it didn't work out for me. The staff is great. Review from Google
May 2019: Yes it looks nice but my door has been broken at least three times, me and several other neighbors have had roach infestations and there is mold EVERYWHERE. Don’t do it, it’s not worth the money. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Rooms are too close together. You can hear almost every move your roommates makes. The walls are thin if you want to have a private conversation you have to go outside or in your car. They rarely ever have events for residents.
Feb 2019: great location within walking distance to UNCG, staff are always ready to help and they stay on top of things, facilities are clean, and apartments are in like-new condition.
Feb 2019: I absolutely LOVE living here at The Province. I've been living here for almost two years and the all inclusive living makes it worth the price. The AGM at the time, Naycia, who is now the GM has taken great care of me since the day I came in and toured. I love that they have on site maintenance, complimentary coffee and the 24 hr business center really came in clutch when my laptop crashed and I didn't have the money to get it fixed. The Province all in all, is a great place to stay !
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Feb 2019: The Province is the best student housing apartment in Greensboro. HANDS DOWN!! The staff is amazing and the quality of living is the beat you’re going to find periodT! Special shoutout to the CA Danyetta for always taking care of me!
Nov 2018: These people are scammers. They tried to force me into a lease I didn't sign and were completely unreasonable about the situation. I was forced to pay the cancellation fee to avoid having it sent to a collection agency (despite the fact that I did NOT sign the renewal). Also they wouldn't accept my doctor's note for my ESA. They're crooks that only care about their bottom line. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived at the province for two academic years. First complaint is that the staff was less than helpful in almost all situations. Noisy neighbors keeping you up with a party past 2 AM? Not their problem, even if it has happened repeatedly. The stench of weed seeping into your unit from the one next door? They wont do anything about it. Be careful walking down those exterior stairs, i feel down a full flight TWICE, one resulting in an emergency trip to the doctor for xrays. I complained and they did NOTHING. In another instance i decided i wanted to move back with my folks (cheaper and obvipusly less stressful environment) i filled out the paperwork for a sublet or relet or whatever. Paid the $250 fee. But a mess up at the office resulted in the cancellation of the application. Ended up paying rent ($649 A MONTH) FOR 9 MONTHS WHEN I WASNT EVEN Review from Google
Sep 2018: You raise the rent on students knowing that their full-time and don't wait for them to get financial aid. This is not student housing they're ran by a corporation. they don't even wait till the end of the month to see if you had the rent if you don't pay it by the 15th they already start an eviction process and come knock on your door and harass you. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I lived in the Province for two years in a four bedroom apartment as a UNCG student. The location is wonderful for walking to class, and downtown is really walkable, too. Parking is fine, visitor parking is kind of far from the actual buildings but it's whatever. The apartment was nice enough, most of the furniture was sturdy, but the sofa and chair were easy to mess up even with normal wear and tear. The sizes of the rooms vary considerably in my experience; my roommate and I both paid for the "Deluxe", but her room was way smaller than mine. Some of the bedrooms are on the walkway and are very noisy, so that wasn't awesome, but it was doable. They don't have recycling services, which was uncool. Clean and kept up with for the most part. It's a great first apartment for someone moving out of a dorm. The rent is easy to manage since everythi Review from Google
Apr 2018: The management is very wishy washy they say no pets are allowed but if you walk through the Province almost everyone has a pet. You will get fined for the slightest thing. Province is overrated DONT MOVE HERE!!! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have been at The Province since Feb and have had absolutely no problems. My unit was clean when I moved in and there is someone available in the office whenever I go over. It is quiet in my townhouse and my roommate is fine.
Feb 2018: This place is okay as far as having the utilities included and all that, but they have some sneaky underhanded practices when it comes to the lease renewal. They basically require everyone to have a guarantor, and then they have in the fine print that the guarantor OR the resident can renew the lease. So when it came time to renew, and I decided I did not want to live there anymore, but my mom was sent a renewal lease, and she thought she was just guaranteeing it for me, just in case. they considered it renewed. She only wanted to make it so that IF I decided to renew, it would be signed for me, she wasn't trying to renew it for me. Plus the email stated "After you AND she sign the renewal lease..." VERY misleading. And the re-leasing fee is $250...just for them to find someone else to lease from them, which they would have done anyway. Crappy Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is the perfect student apartment complex if you’re looking to include all utilities, fully furnished rooms and living room, with washers and dryers included. The leasing office building is everything! They have a study area, workout area, theater room, pool area, and a very rustic cabin style kitchen area where you can make your own Starbucks. Maintenance is always on time and very friendly, the roommate matching is on point, and for me personally, comfortability and affordability are hand in hand. If you want a really nice size room, please remember that the early bird gets the worm. They are on top when it comes to towing cars without the decal so tell your friends to park in visitors parking. The one thing I wish they had was an open pet policy other than that everything else is pretty straight. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Amazing apartment! Honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this place. You get your own bathroom and walk in closet. It’s clean and the office is pretty good at getting back to you in a timely manner. Review from Google
Jan 2018: So far, the Province has been a great place to live. Everyone I’ve come across here has been very pleasant, the amenities are excellent, and the staff is very welcoming. I would recommend the Province for sure, especially for UNCG students being that campus is so close you can walk. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Stayed as a guest but overall they have great amenities here. The pool is open in september unlike other places in the area. There is a movie theater on site. A fitness center. The space of the apartments are decent size. It was three rooms and two bathrooms. One room with private bathroom and walk in closets. Their alarm system is fully functional and sensitive for fires or when people cant cook. Ample parking. Neighbors are very quiet and respectable. No trash lying around or loud musical parties. Easy run into town for food or to the college or museum. Review from Google
May 2016: My experience at the province was not so great. The apartments are cheaply made with appliances that break almost every week. The showers have a serious mildew problem and everytime you shower black chunks will just come out of the cracks of your tub. (Gross) Your couch and chairs will begin to rip just from sitting on them. The walls are incredibly thin so you can hear every single noise outside, especially the trains that go by constantly. They do a terrible job at roommate matching and if you have a serious problem with your roommate they will not do anything about it even if it is a serious one. This place is seriously not worth the $500+ you pay. Review from 5/18/16 on Google
Sep 2015: As a parent of a resident @ The Province in Greensboro, I can say via my personal interactions w/the office staff and reports from my child who lives there, that this apt. complex is a Great place to live. Office staff have all been very kind, helpful and generous with their time for questions, assistance needed, etc. From what I understand, management of the property has changed, with has alleviated the guest parking space issue. And as a note - fir those who complain about a guest being able to stay over for 'only 3 nights' /month, well, most apt complexes have restrictions on visitor/guest parking And sleeping over, as well. You pay for occupant to room/live and park, not for your friends and family to move into, as well. Review from 9/22/2015 on Google
May 2015: Pros: -Great Location -Nice office Staff -Newer buildings -Quick maintenance repair time Cons: -While the office staff is nice, they just say pretty words. I had an issue and they couldn't do anything about it so I had to call home office in Texas. -The visitor parking situation is absolutely ridiculous. We have at least an extra 100 parking spaces but with a complex that holds 700 people, only 10 people are allowed to have visitors a day. Think about this. You pay over $500 a month, but can't even be promised a secure spot to have a guest. -The appliances are cheap. Expect to dry your clothes for 3 hours. Dirty dishes? That dishwasher couldn't even clean off soap suds. Want to watch TV? Watch it on what seems like a raggedy refurbished TV. -If you have room 1 or 2, your window is on the hallway. Review from 5/1/2015 on Google
Apr 2015: I have lived at the Province for three years and the staff has made this the most rewarding experience. A lot of community residences have staff that does not really care for the residents and their situations. But here at the Province, you can come in any time and share how your day is going and they would attentively listen and offer everyday advice from, roommate problems, tips on living and even cooking suggestions. This location is convenient to UNCG with only a ten minute walk and less than 5 minutes drive especially for those who love to sleep and stay up late. I recommend this community to anyone who is looking for a great place to maximize their college experience during their stay in Greensboro. Review from 4/19/2015 on Google

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