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Mar 2019: Hi! We are currently under new management with Pfalzgraf Communities and we will be unveiling our renovated resort style pool at the end of May 2019. We have also added a renovated unit as of March 2019 and this will be at a different market rate from the classic unit. We would love to invite you to stop by for a tour of our newly renovated amenities! We are sure that you would love it. Should you decide to lease for 12 months, we will also pay for one of your classes!! We look forward to seeing you soon!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: As a resident, I have always been greeted warmly by the staff and had an overall positive experience. As a parent, I would feel very comfortable with my son or daughter living here. The staff goes out of their way to interact with those residing in the apartments- this is very important to me, because it demonstrates their commitment to the community and the often young residents. I would recommend this place to others; it is quiet and condusive to a positive college experience. (No kitchens in the apartment also mean parents can rest easily, knowing inexperienced cooks won't burn down the place!) Thank you to the staff for this wonderful second home! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Nice, peaceful place to live. Elvis Presley walks the hallways! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've been living at the District for almost 2 years and I have no complaints. The staff are really helpful and respectful which is a plus. Walking to and from my desired destination I feel safe because to get in the building you have to have a FOB and that's for all doors. The new owners are remodeling the building so it looks nice. As long as you come in before 5:30 you can take a free tour of the building. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I was here for 2 years. August 2014 to 2016. They didn't have my carpet and bathroom fixed before I moved in. It's quite pricy I think. Before I moved in there were rumors about rodents creeping in, but I can't quite remember seeing one. The place improved a lot. Review from Google
May 2018: No AC or Heat control. Not the most comfortably place to live. But a good price Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've been living here for the past 4 months (Jan 2017 to April 2018) and have zero complaints to post. All amenities are free and the office has always been helpful. A new company just recently took new ownership of the building and has been fixing it up, including paint jobs and maintenance work. The doors operate on FOBs so I've never felt unsafe. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Pretty great experience and its a single bedroom its a great community and also comes with some great perks such as a awesome front desk and service from everyone there! Friendly , quick to fix small issues and they even allow events to be hosted in the lounge and for artist there to participate in the art of the building. If your looking for somewhere permanent this is not it , unless you live minimally and don't mind mind some rather small and minor problems that come at any building or place you live . kitchen downstairs , gym , and pool , also a nice lounge area to relax and do work. P.S LOVE THE STAFF Review from Google
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When should I start looking for student housing? Student housing is very different than most apartments. In most apartments you would start looking two months or so before you want to move. In student housing the search starts in October of the year more

Cheaper On or Off Campus? The question if it is cheaper to live on or off campus comes up all of the time. The general answer is off campus. While price wise off campus is almost always is cheaper, you must keep in mind what you are giving more

Dec 2017: Awful place to live if you're a college student. The wifi is spotty at best, really only working at the level a student needs it to during the middle of the day; good luck if it's after 8pm. The "quiet time" they advertise during finals week really means "time for all unnecessary maintenance." The entire week of finals I have been woken up at 7am due to the excessive amount of noise around the complex. The only thing keeping me here is the price, which quite honestly is becoming less appealing. Review from Google
Aug 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Man, where do you even begin. This old building and its facilities require seemingly daily repairs, there is literally always something broken and nothing gets fixed quickly. One of the entry doors was out of order for over a month during my 2 month stay. The AC constantly went out, and when it was on it wasn't exactly effective, with no possibility of your room being below 74 degrees. The apartments have no lights! There is a tiny light at the door and that is it other then the bathroom. You could see the foundation between the end of the floor molding and the beginning of the floor. The hallways reeked of mold and cigarette smoke. The pool was open for all of 3 days before being closed and emptied due to vandalism. Wifi was spotty at best. Road noise is awful for those on lower floors. Elevators ran amuck and residents wer Review from Google
Jun 2017: You get what you pay for. Safety was always a problem with the door constantly being broken or kicked down. The noise from tenants was constant. And most importantly, my apartment had a severe mold problem that made me sick. It was never addressed and when I moved out they moved someone else right in. I complained more than once and wish that I would have taken it further. Do not rent here. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Management is amazing and always helpful, but be seriously warned, the internet is AWFUL. Really slow, goes off many times and jumps among different routers. The internet service providers can only do so much if the hardware on site does not function properly so it is fruitless to call them. If you are willing to pay more to get your own internet line this place is great. Review from 4/16/17 on Google
Feb 2017: This was by far the best apartment I've lived in. Quiet place to live. The numerous amenities are a plus. I enjoyed the gym and pool the most. I also liked that it was secure access to the all buildings. Also there is usually security on staff at night, that was cool. My experience with the leasing office was amazing. Whenever I needed Tabitha or Gillian they were always available and willing to help. Definitely going to miss living at this place! Review from Google
Jan 2017: I have to say, I've been living here for about 4 months now and I love it! I love the leasing agents, who are so nice & helpful, and the price really can't be beat. It's unfortunate that a lot of the negative reviews I've read seem to be false in some way, as I have loved living here and knew what I was getting into upon move in. A lot of reviewers are complaining about the actual room itself, which you can get a detailed tour of before move in if you just ask, so complaining about that doesn't really make sense unless you didn't take a tour and had no idea what you're getting into upon moving in. But yeah, I have lived in 1 other apartment in Greensboro and in comparison, this place is The Ritz! Review from 1/24/17 on Google
Dec 2016: The management at the District often times do not address the safety of residents in a serious way such as ensuring that everyone's security is of the utmost importance and also handling problems that are of a serious nature such as assault, stalking, and other crime-related activities. They need to update the building from start to finish so to better provide an adequate and holistic atmosphere for all those students residing within it's walls. The pool often times was not cleaned resulting in several moles and other algae-related organisms to grow within its boundaries. Overall, the complex needs to improve significantly and also do a more thorough background check on potential residents who are planning to call this place home. Review from Google
Oct 2015: District at West Market, Is a nice place, in a great location in the downtown, Greensboro, NC area, The building has a remodel work out room, with new equipment, plus yoga room, at great game room, with 70 inch TV, The studios are painted, and remodel with nice furniture, full cable upgrade with internet that is Wi-Fi through out the entire building, nice plush swimming pool that is 9 feet deep in a court yard area, upgrade laundry room with new tile floors, and laundry price are very reasonable, The staff are very excellent, they have been patient with me thought all my problems, The building well kept up and clean, no bugs or rodents, Great atmosphere, with also a kitchen area with 3 flat top stoves to cook on, with a large, spacious dinning room. Review from 10/19/2015 on Google
Oct 2015: Such a great place very quiet and the view is so great and the staff are so friendly. My experience has been great every one is great nun bad to say about living here. Review from 10/12/2015 on Google
Oct 2015: I've been staying at The District since August 2015 and I've been loving it. My experience here has been one of a kind and I wouldn't trade it. Here you can study in a peaceful environment and after studies you can go to the gym or even head to the game room for some fun. The staff here is excellent with assisting residents. The District is a great place to live giving you your own space for a good cost downtown. Review from 10/5/2015 on Google

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