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Student Quarters Fulton

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May 2019: Moved in this past Saturday and was so excited. Unfortunately, that excitement has dwindled. I have not been able to take a shower in my own apartment for almost a week because the shower doesn’t work. I have to go a friends place to shower and use the bathroom. Came in yesterday to my bathroom being flooded with water, because the maintenance man left the tub leaking water. This all started with a non-flushing toilet (that still isn’t fixed), in which it took them 2 days to attempt to come and look at. Currently, as I type this, my roommates and I have no running water anywhere in the apartment. The carpet is wet in my closet due to the leakage from the bathtub. I have yet to unpack any of my belongings, because I don’t want anything to be damaged from the water leakage. Maintenance came today, while I was out and left their tools in the bathroom and still nothing is fixed. Four days ago, I paid to move into a place that I cannot fully enjoy-because they neglected to check for plumbing issues before moving me in Review from Google
Apr 2019: I’ve lived here for a few years and it used to be an ok place to live however, now it is terrible. I don’t know what’s worse between the shootings, my apartment being broke into, the sexual harassment, no security or my car being hit in the parking lot. The office staff is rude and does not care to be helpful. There is also a company that goes around and boots peoples cars and demands money for the boot to be taken off. I thought my apartment being broken into was the last straw but today was when I came back to the apartment complex to find that my car had been hit and who ever hit it just left. There is also no front gate(that has been promised to be fixed for months now). So if you live here you will be paying for a gated community that is in fact the opposite of gated. There are always random people who do not live in the complex, racing their cars, smoking weed and playing loud music late at night Review from Google
Mar 2019: Overall apartment itself is nice! I haven't had any major problems with maintenance, bugs or anything like that. I have been living here for a little over a year and management has changed multiple times since I been here. When i first arrived management and staff was horrible and rude and did not care what went on in this complex. New management is better but I get random charges to my account that I didn't know about and if you do not pay them in a timely manner get charged late fees. I do not understand how I am suppose to pay something that I had no idea about. The parking lot in the summer time is usually full of people standing around staring at you as you get in and out of your car, its really uncomfortable especially for a female coming home alone. And management randomly boots peoples cars for no reason. Do not ever park over here if you aren't a resident with a parking pass because they find petty reasons to boot peoples cars Review from Google
Aug 2018: just moved in, my apartment is dirty it's like they didn't even care to clean it although they were giving 11 days to do so. the internet is not the best (9 mgb) in it's best shape. I've send them messages thro their portal but no one seems to care enough to star for now. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Over the course time, I like living here. Some changes can be made but overall it is a great place to live. The Property Manager is helping me with my rent which is a BIG relief. To have a good living experience, its all about communication. Review from Google
Jun 2018: When Student Quarters came and took over Fulton Place Apartments, the management became awful and it has only gotten worse. I have lived with Student Quarters for two years now and I cannot wait to move out. They do not care about their tenants - they only care about the money. There have been many safety concerns addressed and they do not address them properly. I don’t feel safe on this property anymore. They also hire the rudest “company” to boot illegal cars. I had a friend’s car who was literally there for 5 minutes and they were booted. The “company” was rude and both of the employees were high on the job. Great job Student Quarters! Oh and forget about the “amenities”. The gym is small and outdated and the pool is rarely open and rarely clean. For as much money as we pay it’s not worth it. Run as far away as you can. Review from Google
Jun 2018: All of the good reviews about student quarters just are not accurate or haven't spent enough time around them. They don't care about any of their tenants or their families. They disrespect you and provide no amenities. Every night even though they have more than 100 parking spaces available they constantly boot peoples cars, even if they are in the "guest" lot. I had a guest just drop by for 10 minutes and before they left they ran out to boot their car. They care nothing about the feelings of their tenants or their disrespectful actions towards us. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The office was told for weeks about dangerous activities and unruly visitors hanging out in the parking lot without a resident present. I was told over the phone “this wasn’t the offices problem and to call the police”. Then a shooting happens and girls are harassed all the way to their door steps by unprovoked guys. I’ve lived here for four years and the management has never been worse. Review from Google
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Jun 2018: Too many ratchet people live over here distrubing the peace. Leasing office dont do anything about it. Its ridiculous. Review from Google
Jun 2018: We called multiple times the week prior to our daughter's move in date, set up insurance, completed approval process. We were told the furnished unit would be ready for her and we could sign papers and make a payment when we arrived. My husband, daughter, and I arrived from Atlanta, Ga at 10 a.m. Upon arrival we waited for over 1 hour for someone to assist us. We asked if we could see the unit while waiting and were given keys, the wrong keys! We received the right keys and then went to the unit to find it filthy and unfurnished! We returned and reported the condition of the unit and Nicole went into the office with Brent (property mgr). A few minutes later she comes out and ask another girl to come in the office and they close the door again. For the 3rd time we were left with no communication standing in the office uncertain of next st Review from Google
May 2018: I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay here. The new management is your worst nightmare. Biggest mistake ever. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived here for the better part of 2 years now, and it's really a pleasant place to live. The staff is really friendly, and the apartments are generally pretty clean and very affordable! :) Review from Google
Apr 2018: Been here for two years! Maintenance is quick and effective! Management will hear your thoughts and complaints. Highly recommend! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I was excited to move into Student Quarters before new management took over after that it has literally been the worst apartment experience of my life. They also managed to lose 5 months worth of rent money I gave them. There are worse options that are still better than living here. Also Darrell was here when things were great, do not be deceived HE IS NO LONGER HERE. Review from Google
Mar 2018: When I first moved here in 2015 this was a great place to stay, but now I cannot say the same. When I first moved here there were no overages, the wifi was great, and the maintenance issues were handled in 1-2 days. This has all drastically changed. I will be glad when I move out in July. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I am relieved that I am moving out in a few months once I graduate. When I first moved in (in 2015) under the old management there were no electrical overages and they had great roommate matching. Under the new management it seems they let anyone live here just for $$$. Also, the internet service is horrible. We haven't been able to get it fixed and the management does not care. I have tried to get my toilet fixed for over a year since it runs, and that was never looked at even when I did put request in. I do not recommend staying here whatsoever! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've lived here for two years and it's been the worst experience. The property manager and office staff are all incredibly rude and put in minimal effort when helping you with an issue. They took away 24-hour maintenance and refuse to help you at all if you need emergency maintenance at night or on the weekends. The apartments are sub-par and small for such a ridiculous price. I pay $635 a month and my room and bathroom are so small, I couldn't fit all of my furniture and had to get rid of some. They also find all kinds of reasons to charge you extra fees!!! There's also very limited parking. Review from Google
Aug 2017: If you are looking for great student housing there are many wonderful places up and down spring garden st but Student Quarters is NOT the place for you.I had a question for the building manager, Brent and he was extremely rude and unhelpful. Brent acted as if my inquiries were a bother or nuisance to him. The staff at student quarters will try there hardest to get you into a lease but once you're in all issues and inquiries will be met with either silence or attitude!!!! Review from Google
Apr 2017: Darrell Harden was extremely helpful! The tour was very helpful and thorough. I'm exuberant about possibly moving here! Great rooms & great prices! Review from Google
Apr 2017: Dominique is the best! She was very helpful with helping me find the perfect apartment to fit my needs. I came in with no clue where to stay in Greensboro and on that day she gave me a tour and explained the mission and core values of Student Quarters. Before leaving, I signed my lease. Review from Google
Apr 2017: They take a little while to respond to some problems but if you go to the main assistant manager, he is very helpful. The rent is pretty cheap, and even though it may be small they fix there problems after a decent amount of time if you tell the right people. Its a great location and there's a HEAT bus stop right outside.
Feb 2017: I absolutely love the staff here. They are amazing. All of my maintenance requests are always fulfilled shortly after putting them in. The staff in the office are beyond friendly. They always do their best to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. Awesome! Not to mention, Darrell, Brent, & Josh are the best! Always there to help. Review from Google
Jan 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! You better be desperate before you live here. Management sucks. Front office staff is terrible. They will make fun of you if you have an issue. Had an issue with the roommate smoking weed in the apartment and her boyfriend living there with her! Management didn't do a thing for me. They let things go until I emailed corporate. Now they are pretty much still taking her side even though she is violating her lease. The maintenance guys are so nice and friendly they actually want to help me. But other than that the place sucks thanks to management and staff! They cant keep a property manager if that tells you anything. They like to magically come up with fees you owe and lose leases. Trash overflowed for like 2 weeks and they blamed it on the trash company when it was them. DO NOT LIVE HERE!! RUN!
Nov 2016: RUN FAR FAR WAY!!! The customer service here is deplorable. I have yet to receive a parking pass or move-in form to record the damages in the apartment so that I will not be charged for them when I move out, despite having had asked for them multiple times. They will be nice and very accommodating when you first sign the lease and move in, but as soon as you ask for anything they do not return your calls or have any sense of urgency. They are rude an unapologetic of their mistakes. The place is dirty and there are roaches, they didn't even clean the shower before I moved in, there were pubic hairs all over it. Review from 11/25/16 on Google
Nov 2016: wouldn't recommend it.

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