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Mar 2019: Love Love Love Stephanie! She is amazing & very helpful. She’s open to understanding your situation & tries her best to fix the problem. This place is great for getting on your feet & making changes within your life. I would recommend the Lindell apartments rather than the ones on Spring Garden. But one thing that I hugely dislike is the lack of time management. When it comes to work orders, it seems like maintenance take forever to get things done. And, when they do it, it’s like putting a bandage over the problem. For example, in my old apartment on Spring Garden, we had a mold issue & they continuously painted over top of it instead of fixing the major issue... so I move to a different apartment but my old roommates still live there. But besides that, it’s a great place. Be aware of your roommates & loud parties all the time! Once again, I recommend Lindell than Spring Garden. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Has been an okay place to live. The price is affordable and the staff are very understanding of your situation. -Dakota Minton. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I've been with Campus Crossing for almost two years and I just signed my lease for the third year. I live at the Spring Garden location and I love it here. The staff knows me by name and is always friendly and helpful. The only maintenance issues I have had are minor and are fixed within a day or two. I have never had any issues finding parking and the grounds are maintained. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I love campus crossing great staff good rates best all around!!!!💯🤟🏾🖤 Review from Google
Feb 2019: I've lived at the spring garden location for a couple of months and it's been a good experience, maintenance handles issues in a timely manner and the rent is reasonable. 4/5 because dog owners don't clean up after their pets and the parking spots are really narrow. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I am a resident at Chapel Walk apartments and I had to put in a service order for my toilet. They were there and fixed the issue about an hour later and did a good job. Review from Google
Sep 2018: There are better places in town for the price, especially if you have people to move in with. Maintenance requests are rarely dealt with and fixed, appliances are awful, and when you move out they don’t even send your deposit in the stated amount of time (2 months). It’s loud, dirty and gross here. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Awful place to leave in here. Leaving in a garbage is so much better than even thinking of leaving in this awful place. Review from Google
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Jun 2018: While the apartments seem nice, the staff has not fulfilled one promise they made before we signed the lease. My daughter asked to have a grad student as a roommate. They said they would do their best. She was told if she found a roommate they would use her to fill the second slot in a 2 x2 in Lindell. My daughter found a roommate this week as when the young lady called she was told all rooms had been assigned. We called a week ago to find out when placements would be made and were told in July. Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!! 2 BREAK-INS IN 6 MONTHS. I would rate less than one star if I could. Nothing but horrible experiences living here. License plate stolen off of my vehicle, roommates vehicles were both vandalized with $500+ in damages. All of my packages are stolen off the doorstep and the leasing office does very little to help. Someone has broken into the apartment 2 times (that we are aware of) and stolen all of my cash savings. Leasing office says we are leaving the door open or “the wind is blowing the door open”. The WORST place to live. Don’t learn the hard way. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived here for two years 2015-2017 and the area is convenient for UNCG students, quick stop at a store, work, etc. I suggest moving there with people you do know.That is the only benefit from living there. With no parking pass the parking spaces get taken up quickly the closer night-time come and I've only seen towing a total of 10 times. Trash outside of residents's door, trash around the parking lot, and trash outside the garbage dumpster. Parties, loud music, and broken bottles almost every weekend. There is gates at every entrance and would need a key to enter, but some of the gates don't work, someone broke the button or gate, or some object blocking the game from closing. Office does not want to get involved with issues unless property damage or the police is involved even if they were told about this issue before. Maintenance Review from Google
Dec 2017: Do not live here! I repeat it’s not worth it. My experience at this apartment is a nightmare. First of all the police is there almost every night because of fights, and parties. (weekdays especially) the stairwells are filled with trash, and matience will not clean it up. The only thing nice about the apartment is the balcony, and that’s it. I had to move out of state for personal reasons and they wouldn’t let me pay out of my lease. I’ve been trying to get out of my lease since the middle of October. It’s now December, and I’m still paying for an apartment that I don’t live in. To make matters even worse nobody in the leasing office knows what they are doing nor will they help you find somebody to takeover your lease. There is no subleasing or pay out only lease takeover. Also there are no parking passes so anybody can park thei Review from Google
Nov 2017: Campus Crossing saved my life. First it is cheaper, close to uncg, and apartments are clean. I am an out of state student I am currently taking classes In North Carolina. When I fist moved here I tried to get an apartment and being a student I could not rent an apartment anywhere without a cosigner I was ready to cancel my classes and move back to PA. I spoke to the staff at campus crossing and explained my situation and how every other place told me to leave ( even though I told them I have money saved up for an apartment), Campus crossing helped me out right away and gave me a room. I have not had any issues since I have been here. If a problem occurred I sent in a request form and it was fixed right away. thank you guys for everything :D Review from Google
Nov 2017: I love campus crossing. I am renewing my lease with campus crossing for the second time. The staff is extremely helpful. The location is great and the apartments are great for the price. Review from Google
Aug 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Campus crossing doesn't care about the people who stay here. I have nothing good to say about my stay here. The office staff, the maintenance, not very good. When maintenance does come if you have more than one problem they only fix one and forget to come back to fix the rest. My window lock broke and I told maintenance more than once to fix it and they never came and my apartment was broken into and everything was taken and of course nothing could be done. All of the appliances are old and run down, the dishwasher doesn't wash, dryer takes 3 times to dry only making the light bill higher. So do not spend your time and money here. The area isn't safe, no cameras, oh and no parking!! It's a first come first serve even when you are the one paying rent. And you'll be forced to park somewhere else or on the street. And if you do Review from Google
Aug 2017: Great place to stay. Friendly and helpful staff. Maintenance is fast and efficient . Best affordable prices around. You can't go wrong with Campus Crossing . Review from Google

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