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The Standard Midtown

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Mar 2019: Most 5 star reviews are people claiming they've only had a "nice tour" of the place. I've not even had a tour but I trust the residents on this one, and I wanted to contribute to this dumpster fire of a review section. Review from Google
Mar 2019: don't MOVE INTO THE STANDARD ATLANTA!!! Absolutely not what was promised and no interest by management in addressing concerns raised about difference between what students are paying for versus what they have received. Construction is ongoing 8 months after move in. The Standard is charging rates at the high end and delivering a product that does not match. Based on our experience, don't expect The Standard to be responsive if you choose to rent there.
Mar 2019: It was chill, the staff was really nice and easy to talk to. Whenever I had issues they were resolved relatively quickly. Pretty damn expensive and utilities are not included (around an extra hundred a month) so keep that in mind. The gym is AMAZING and the pool area is super nice. I would look for cheaper options but if price isn't a prob, go for it
Mar 2019: I took a tour of the standard yesterday and it did not disappoint! Paul Weiland gave me an excellent tour and he seemed very knowledgeable. He was great to tour with and he really showed us all the amazing characteristics of the Standard.
Mar 2019: Stay away. Office closes whenever they feel for meetings without extension. No recycling. Parking lot has never been pressure washed and has more dust than the Sahara desert. Only two elevators, one of which is always broken. Staff with an attitude. Building still under construction. Walls leak whenever it rains. Not properly insulated so rooms are always extremely cold. Hallways are filthy and hardly ever cleaned. The whole operation is a sham. Stay away.
Jan 2019: Is there a zero star rating? I could write a laundry list of items that were over-promised and under-delivered since by child's move in date. Yet the rent continued to be at the full amount. The hallway still looks as dingy as move-in day. Doubt it has ever been vacuumed. As an added bonus, the first ones to sign a contract were given ground floors with views of a semi-transparent screen covering a bath house. Save your money and go to a dorm or elsewhere. Review from Google
Jan 2019: SAVE YOUR SELF! DO NOT LIVE HERE. They will tell you one thing and do something totally different. They have the bait and switch down to a science. My daughter has handled her living arrangements for 2 years with no involvement from me. All of the parents had to get involved. If we could have cancelled we would have done it. My daughter will live her next year and I am afraid. They have no interested in helping anyone. They just want money. I am sure we will be nickled and dimed. I wish 0 stars was possible. Review from Google
Jan 2019: My experience living at The Standard has been nothing but amazing. Since I moved in the staff has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service. They also have a quick maintenance response time as well. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: The Standard, despite all the bad rep it's received, has been really good to me. My apartment is gorgeous, the amenities, now that they are done, are by far the best in town (the pool deck literally looks like it's from a resort in Cancun and the gym is 5 times bigger than anywhere else I've seen), and the leasing office staff is full of incredibly nice people. Paul Weiland, Nicola Stone, and Nicole Flocco from the office were especially helpful in giving me a tour and answering each and every question I had regarding apartment floor plans, appliances, parking, amenities, and a plethora of other things. Thank you so much Paul, Nicola, Nicole, and the rest of the staff for making my living experience here so awesome! Review from Google
Dec 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. seriously the staff is truly terrible and have no idea what is going on. i have been constantly screwed by them. Read all the other reviews and see i am not alone. you do not want to live here it has nice amenities but is absolutely not worth it find anywhere else. Review from Google
Nov 2018: From construction delays to lack of effort by maintenance to a mandatory charge to simply keep a payment option on file, this place really needs to change something. The amenities are very nice - pool, fitness center, etc. However, most were not completed until about 2 months after moving in. There were several problems with the room when we moved in, including paint all over the carpet and floor, doors mounted ajar, and an unpainted wall, most of which are repeatedly marked completed without any action taken by maintenance to fix the problems. not worth it for the price. There are better options for student housing in midtown. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Stay away at all costs. didn't have mail for the first two months. Even checks from the bank wouldn't get to them and I was somehow to blame for this. Trash chutes frequently broke, fire alarms sounded 5 times a day including in the middle of the night. One elevator worked for most of the time but even now with two and 18 floors it's inadequate. Constant ongoing construction. While some staff members have gone out of their way to help me out, some our just rude and change their opinion on something from one day to the next. The amount of time and stress that I have sacrificed by simply being a resident here is astonishing. You are paying g for a service that you seldom get. Also parking is incredibly tight and poorly monitored. Hallways are never clean either. Overall, a terrible mess. Not to mention the terrible construction quality. Just is Review from Google
Oct 2018: This place is absolutely awful. There is more dust in the air than a quarry. It’s sounds like a beginners rock band is forming from all the banging. The elevator floors are chipped. Only one jacuzzi heats up. One security guard sits in the corner of the parking lot pretending to be watching cars enter an exit...not to mentioned a parking lot only navigable by shopping cart sized vehicles. It’s like living in an active war zone...yet war zones usually don’t charge rent. Not only do they charge rent but they message you back with “updated” contracts with higher rates than you have already agreed upon claiming that their prices are “subject to change.” It’s a shame, what could have been such a nice place to live is a half finished zoo. Ironically, the construction of the other half is damaging the parts of the building that we Review from Google
Oct 2018: Stay away from this place – The only reason I give it 1 is because I cannot give it a 0 - Don’t even try to talk to the front office – they only know only one word– “NO” you are always wrong and they are always right. It’s a racket to make money off the students and their parents. And as Nick mentioned in his review – parking is very poor – and I mean both design and monitoring (I think it is designed for European sub-sub-compact cars). Look for other student apartments in Atlanta. Review from Google
Oct 2018: It is incredible that anyone thought this building was ready to be opened to residents. It is incomplete. The level of incompetence is wild. We can't even get mail. Rates will be INCREASING as well. They had the audacity to ask their residents to sign leases for next year. No thanks :) Review from Google
Sep 2018: Deciding to live here was a huge regret. The staff continuously makes promises they cannot keep and has no problem taking advantage of the fact that we are students. On top of that, construction noises and fire alarms wake me up everyday and management has provided zero compensation in return. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Very misleading and loop-holey leasing agreement. This is the sort of company that will leverage any and every amount of legal power to make sure they have either broke even or made money off of you regardless of whether the service they provide was worth it or not. I highly suggest not dealing with a company like this. Review from Google
May 2018: The employees of this shady company are going around rating their own apartments, with this complex not even being open yet. How can you rate an apartment if nobody has lived there yet? Review from Google

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