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Mar 2019: This place is AWESOME! My dishwasher broke and they had it fixed in no time. Thanks to Christi! She is professional and friendly. I would recommend this place! Review from Google
Sep 2017: The staff of an apartment community has a significant impact on whether or not I like the community. The staff members I have interacted with at the Exchange are phenomenal. They are personal, friendly and extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them and their presence at the Exchange makes it a great community. Review from Google
Aug 2017: It is a nice place for new students to stay--convenient, quiet and 20min free shuttle to campus. However, to me, the house design does have a fengshui problem. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I would give it a zero star if I can. I've stayed with The Exchange for two years and it was the most horrid experience ever. The leasing staff is constantly changing (the entire staff without prior notice! I went through four different leasing group.) and they never seem to pass on any information to one another. One time, I was in a middle of a discussion about my lease renewal (I was not going to continue my lease, and everyone knew about it. Hell, I was trying to move out 2 month earlier, actually! We were in the process of putting another roommate in my lease, so we were going to sort everything out in the end). However, one day the staff all changed! They claim that this discussion was never in written record (I mean, did I know the staff will change in couple days to prepare all this..?? No!) and charged me an extra month of rent becaus Review from Google
Jun 2017: Lived there when it was tribridge and now we are receiving collection calls for something we dont owe Review from Google
Dec 2016: My husband and I lived here for a year, it has been the worst place we have ever lived in Atlanta. The day we moved in we got robed while unloading our truck in bright day light, our car got broken into twice and management is horrible, they are very unreliable and rude. The property manager Caesar has nasty attitude and very incompetent, even when it came down to simple tasks like giving you packages delivered to you. The day we finally moved out we never received back our deposit which was about 500 dollars until this day we have not received it back and it has been 4 months since we moved out. This property was the worst experience ever!! Review from Google
May 2016: Jay is a very responsive and considerate leasing agent who is willing to help. Thank you, Jay! Lovely apartments here! Nice, new, renovated, and priced for what I think is now the best value in Westside Review from Google
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Am I allowed to sublease my apartment? It depends. In many general apartments, being allowed to sublease is common. In student housing, the opposite is true. Since student housing involves renting by the room, who lives in an apartment has a large effect on the others sharing common more

What is the difference between a sublease and a relet? The key difference between a sublease and a relet is the involvment of the original leasee. In a sublease, the original leasee is still responsible to the owner. This means there are two legal contracts, one with the original more

Apr 2016: The property is in excellent shape. We were there a few weeks ago and they are completely re-doing the floors. The property is in excellent condition! Review from Google

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