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M Street

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Mar 2019: Outstanding service. The entire staff was both welcoming and helpful. Jerome and Nicole were attentive and adamant about ensuring that all my needs were met. They got me moved with in timely manner, much sooner than I anticipated im so appreciative that the staff made this a wonderful experience for me. M street Apartments are the best! Review from Google
Mar 2019: The staff in the leasing off are really sweet people and professional. I felt right at home. Thank you Nicole and Jerome for your patience with the process! I love my apartment! Review from Google
Jan 2019: M Street Apartments seems to never answer their phone, as I have tried several atempts to reach out to them to inquire about the complex. After reading many current reviews, most of which is negative, I'm glad no one answered the phone. Thanks to all who write reviews, it helps people like myself make wise decisions on where to move. It seems that the corporate office needs to be involved more, since the Management at this complex is no help. Review from Google
Jan 2019: BE AWARE!!!!! Went to M-Street Apartment to inquire about units. While there I was told they wasn't giving tours because there was only one person in the office and the another person would be back in a few mins and i should come back in a few minutes. I notice the M-Street corner store attached to the property. I went in the store to waste time after several minutes i went back to the leasing office and set up a tour for another day. As soon as i left the office the guy locked the door then i notice i had a boot on my car while parked in the "future residents" spot. As i waited over a hour in the cold for the office to reopen the crown grow larger with people who came to look at the apartments including a father and daughter looking for her first apartment. Once the office reopen the staff was rude and unprofessional and just didn't care abou Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been working with M-Street for almost a month now in order for my Move-In to be as smooth as possible. The Staff have all been friendly from my leasing agent Audryanna Powell, to her partner Angel they have been heaven sent and just full of so much knowledge about the property and the Area. I am of Royal descent so they have helped make everything such an easy transition. The managers Jerome B and Nicole I believe was her name were amazing also for as they provided additional information to help me understand the history of the property and how prominent it is in that area. I appreciate you all for just making me feel like I am part of the M-Street family and looks forward to my Luxury apartment move-in. I forgot to mention the CITY SKYLINE VIEW is impeccable that is what really sealed the deal. I also have popped up on the property on Review from Google
Nov 2018: I've lived at M Street for almost 5 months now and have generally enjoyed the experience. Maintenance typically does a good job at fixing issues quickly, and the new package system they put in place is really convenient. Also, the complex is within walking distance of multiple good restaurants and bars. Review from Google
Nov 2018: In the past couple of months there have been 3 break ins. It feels really unsafe to live here. We have spoken to the management regarding this a couple of time but no adequate measures have been taken. A lot of times the main community gate remains unlocked. A gate needs to be installed under every building to make it safer but instead the money is being invested in repainting the exterior facade of the building. That’s really unnecessary. If you want to attract new residents resolve the safety issue first. Recently we got an email saying security guards will patrol in the evening time to improve the safety; but that’s not the correct approach because the breaking happen at night! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I have been living here for 3 months now. 2 break-ins happened within these 3 months. Management did not even inform us about the break-ins. They haven’t done anything about the security and when questioned about it, they have always been rude. Worst management ever. Most unsafe community. Gates are always broken. Would not recommend. Review from Google
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Oct 2018: I am a current resident of M street apartment. Terrible place to live in terms of safety. Very frequent break-ins and in fact in one situation an armed person broke patio glass door and entered while the residents were still in! Clearly, neither your possessions nor you are safe here. Worse is the attitude of the management. Extremely callous with no regard for your safety. The security gate is broken 75% of the times, so please do not advertise as a gated community. No measures whatsoever have been taken to address this issue. And for some reason the manager who has any kind of decision making capacity is never in the leasing office. Feel extremely unsafe living here. Wish I could give them negative stars. Horrible experience! Review from Google
Aug 2018: A pretty decent apartment. It is especially popular as a close to the campus living for Georgia Tech students. The rent is reasonable and the management staff are quite friendly. They are also very quick to respond to any maintenance requests made through their online portal which makes life much easier. Great location with lots of shops along the main street. Has a gym and swimming pool. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Heard they just raised rent up to possibly $1200+ for a family who’s been there for years now? I’m sure the number is way more, my mortgage is nowhere near which really bites the bullet. Especially being these units are no longer the latest and greatest, wear & year is more than obvious... location can only be worth so much 🤷🏾‍♀️ Review from Google
May 2018: Absolutely the worst place I have ever lived in the 12 years I’ve lived in Atlanta. I was at Mstreet from ‘15-‘16. Shortly after moving in my apartment was broken into and over $20k in personal items stolen from my apartment. The doors are easily manipulated (the cops were aware, so I’m sure management was aware) and bam! Talk about traumatic and not feeling comfortable where you live. On top of that, the entire complex was so dirty. When I say dirty I mean entire pizzas left on hallway floors rotting and attracting bugs for WEEKS. Also, the neighbors on our bottom floor were constantly having the cops called on them and I witnessed men punching and dragging women in the parking lot beside this apartment. The gates never work (and obviously aren’t much of a security measure). When I asked to move out a month early from my 18 mo lease Review from Google
Jan 2018: I had a problem, but leasing office staff fixed perfectly. Thanks Manager Alejandro and everyone in there Review from Google
Dec 2017: Been here for a year and I just renewed for another. I am pretty satisfied overall. Staff is great and my maintenance request are always taken care of. Not moving till its time to buy : ) Review from Google
Dec 2017: I love living at M st Apartments and I have lived here since 2010. The leasing Mgrs, Alejandro and Steve, are the best when it comes to taking care of my apartment needs, they follow up to ensure the job is done right. The staff is friendly as well. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I've lived at M st for years and there is no other place I'd rather be. Steve the leasing Mgr is very attentive. Whatever issues I have he jumps right on it. The staff is great and friendly as well. Review from Google
Aug 2017: I lived at M Street for three years. The management staff is super friendly and personable. The maintenance staff is the best! Any maintenance concerns I had were minor and to be expected over the course of three years and were handled quickly and without inconvenience. The maintenance staff even helped when they saw me having car trouble one day, which was totally not their concern. The loctation is convenient and quiet. The amenities clean and well maintained. I had a great experience during my time living here. Review from Google
May 2017: My sister and I came to clean an apartment off of the Handy app. The client did not give us great entry instructions or an apartment number so we decided to go to the office to ask for help. The office door was locked and the agent came to the door, popped his head out and began insulting us. At first it was funny, then he told us we didn't deserve "his AC" and closed and locked the door back. We've never experienced a front desk concierge or leasing agent being so rude to us as Handy Pros. He shouldn't be able to address people that way. If we were potential residents, we would have definitely turned away. Review from Google
Feb 2014: The amenities are great and my apartment is beautiful and spacious! Overall the staff seems friendly. I've only been here for a couple of days but I'm worried about the way maintenance requests are handled. I haven't heard back on the ones that I submitted about three days ago, and the staff said that they were supposed to be handled within 48 hours. Review from 02/24/14 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2014: I enjoyed my experience at M Street apartments. The close proximity to GSU was nice, and the rent was affordable. The availability of parking was also a huge plus, as compared with the apartment complex that I lived last year. If I were not graduating, I would return for another year. Review from 01/27/14 on apartment Ratings

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