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Campus Crossings at Briarcliff

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Jul 2019: As a first year graduate student and new to the area this apartment complex was a perfect fit! The apartments are well kept, fully furnished, close the bus line, and near everything you need within walking distance. From the moment we set on site, the staff was friendly, especially Bri, and helped us in every step of the process. They are used to dealing with students so they are kind to first-timers and made me feel empowered through the process. The workout room and pool are easy to use and convenient. It was a great place to live for the first year. I would recommend to people needing the convenience or wanting to meet new people. I met some of best friends by living here and through their events. Thanks for all ya'll do! Review from Google
May 2019: Management closes early on weekdays. They also ticket cars in the VISITOR lot using a sticker on your window that is difficult to remove and can damage your car. Managment put a wet floor sign in front of a massive vomit pile and left it for a full month before cleaning. Management has not responded to AC being broken in middle of GA heat for months while still continuing to charge for AC. Matter has still not been solved we are now facing the possibility of withholding rent. Prime example of apartment complex caring very little for the students living in them. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Worst apartment ever lived in. The hallway smells like rotten eggs after couple months of moving in (which is the only time in the year they clean the hallway). The carpet of the hallway also become gross during the year, and they don't really care even you complain. Blackmail you when and after you moved out. Please be careful. Try to take as many evidence pictures you can to make sure their blackmail won't work. What a joke they replied in such a good manner under the Google review and ask me to give them a call. I tried to call them many times after they sent me the so called "move out invoice". Each time their answer was we are not able to make any changes to the invoice because that is what their inspector said, but at the same time, they refused to provide any evidence or pictures to prove the unreasonable charges that's nearly one-month rent. Even told me feel free to sue if I don't believe it, since there's nothing they will do anyway Review from Google
Mar 2019: Threatens to terminate resident leases (and force you to pay the remainder until they find a replacement) based upon suspicion without any evidence. If a roommate makes baseless false complaints to CC without bringing it up with you, they refuse to tell you what occurred to “not cause tension” then blame you in the event that the roommate leaves the property. Emory police has jurisdiction of this property and yet has no access during emergencies after hours and, if they have to destroy property to enter the building due to lack of access, you will be forced to pay. DO NOT HAVE ANY EMERGENCIES HERE AFTER HOURS I’ve emailed the already about this several times and they refuse to give me any information.
Feb 2019: I resided at CC Briarcliff for approximately 2 years, and I had a great experience. - The leasing office staff is very friendly. I have been able to work well with them through any issues I have had during my time period, and they are very responsive to resident concerns. They are also great at following-up with residents regarding issues. They frequently host building events to boost camaraderie, and go out of their way to be helpful. - The maintenance staff is also great. Maintenance requests are often handled within 48 hours of submission, and the leasing staff is very good about following up with residents to ensure that everything is resolved. Along these lines, the building itself is very clean and well-maintained. - A flaw regarding the building itself is that the walls are extremely thin. I can hear my upstairs neighbor very well, to the point of being able to follow her conversations Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have lived at Briarcliff Campus Crossings for about 3 years now, and I can confidently say that this apartment complex is an excellent, comfortable, and truly welcoming place to live. The staff are consistently friendly, helpful, and go above and beyond to ensure you have what you need in a timely and effective manner. Repairs are made soon after requests are put in, the units are well-equipped and comfortable, and the onsite fitness facility has a good range of cardio and weight equipment. I love living here and am happy I have chosen to do so!
Feb 2019: In my (almost) two years of staying at Campus Crossings....I have nothing but positive things to say. First, the convenience of this place is amazing due to its close proximity to Emory and the Emory shuttle (b route) stopping right at the apartment. Secondly, the staff here is super helpful and so warm and inviting. Every time I go to the issue, I feel so welcomed. They even throw intimate social events for the residents that bring a sense of home and family. Lastly, I’ve heard a lot of students complain about the high rate of rent. But in my opinion, when I think of so many of my peers at Emory that commute every single day from places 30min to a hour away- you can’t really beat the price here. I do wish the apartment gym had more equipment and was bigger. Other than that, this place is LOVE. Thank you Campus Crossings for being HOME.
Aug 2018: They unreasonably charge your money when you move out without reasons. Why? They just want money. Government should shut down this scam company, stealing students' money!!! Even you move out with a clean room, they still charge you. Why? Because they want your money! I DO not recommend this apartment! Near Emory, like emory point, clairmont reserve and highland lake are better than campus crossing!!! Review from Google
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Aug 2018: Bad experience! don't waste your money and time in this apartment. They charge you additional money without reasons and notice and you don't have a chance to dispute. Bad management, bad reputation, so only a few people will renew. They JUST WANT YOUR MONEY! THEY DON"T CARE ANY THING! Review from Google
Aug 2018: They will charge you for everything when you move out. Review from Google
Jun 2018: don't waste your time or money renting from these people. They ignored everyone of my request. If I could give a zero, i would. Very disappointed. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I enjoyed living at Campus Crossings. The location is very convenient to Emory and CDC, as well as the grocery store and post office. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the maintenance team is very responsive and thorough (especially G, he is great!!). I believe that the office is very clear regarding tenant expectations, policies, and procedures. For tenants who do not read emails or pay attention to detail, they may find this more difficult. However, I think the staff treats tenants like adults, and if you are on top of it, you will have no problems living at CC. While the furnished apartments is convienent, I would say that the bed, couch, and chairs could definitely be more comfortable. I believe better furniture is needed, given the cost of rent. Also, the no-pets policy is a drawback, and some amenities such as valet trash (for ex Review from Google
Nov 2017: It’s a nice place to live, nice people in the office, it’s convenient, and it’s pretty kool Review from Google
Nov 2017: You should steer clear of Campus Crossing Briarcliff. There are a litany of reasons to not live here. The management is piss poor, they are the worst. The front office is perhaps the laziest group of people to have ever managed an apartment complex. Since there such high turnover for the because only students live here for a short period of time, they think it gives them a free license to be as unhelpful and disrespectful as possible. They never want to help and everything you ask of them is met with either a no or a heck no. The whole place is abysmal, the halls always smells of fish mixed with garbage. The reason for the garbage smell is the garbage room is very dirty and almost never cleaned. You can often find troves of flys or mosquitos in the garbage room, or as I like to call it mosquito heaven. These are just a small sample of the rea Review from Google
Aug 2017: Living here was fine. When it comes to money, they are blood-sucking. Their rent is high and move-out charge is horrible. After I moved out, they charged me the price of carpet twice. I argued about the second charge last month and got no feedback. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I will definitely recommend campus crossings at Briarcliff. It is fully furnished, with a close community which is safe, and the emory shuttle just right in front. But sometimes people will hold a party at the poolside until late night, the noise made me difficult to fall asleep. And one of the staffs in leasing office is not very patient when I have something to ask her. The rest are all very warm and helpful. The room is very private with a restroom in each. The price is too high for me, so I'm planning to leave. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Pro: location and shuttle to Emory. Clean environment. Maintenance crew. Price is ok but nothing else. Con: furniture is a joke. Nothing about luxury appliances, even Ikea would be ashamed. Management doesn't know what they are doing. Absolutely unqualified. I Used to work in a similar business, and if the management would be the same in my old business everyone would be fired and someone new would be hired. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Nice place to stay and centrally located. I stayed for 2 years while in study. I did not know many people but campus crossings has many persons from my program. The officers were friendly and helpful during my stay. I acquired vehicle when i had an issues the officers help me with it. I will refer others.
Apr 2017: Campus Crossings is close to the Kroger and I appreciate that I can jump on the shuttle and get to class. I met my fiancé here. Great place to stay!
Apr 2017: Love the Management office and I have lived here for 4 years. They are very responsive and helped me get to know the area since this was my first stay in the south. I'm from California. I lived in a 2 bedroom. I liked the amount of space that they offer and that I had the comfort of using my own bathroom. I had a lot of furniture from undergrad but I didn't want to bring it. It was helpful that I could come and not have to bring it along. I LOVED my stay here and would stay but back to the west I go!!!
Jul 2016: Campus Crossing Briarcliff lied to get law students to sign lease. Law school classes start earlier than all other classes at Emory, but staff at Campus Crossing Briarcliff promised that they always let law students move in early because of the law school schedule. Now, Campus Crossing Briarcliff is saying that they won't let anyone move in until Monday, August 15, 2016, and that's the first day of classes for Emory Law! Orientation for new law school students starts on August 9th. Campus Crossing Briarcliff made an intentional, material misrepresentation to improperly induce law schools students to sign the lease. Classic case of bait and switch. You should steer clear of Campus Crossing Briarcliff.
Jun 2016: I definitely do not recommend living here. The only two pros are that it comes furnished and if you don't have a car the shuttle stops right in front. Cons: The staff in no way goes out of their way to help you out when you asked repeatedly in advance for accommodations to situations that they bring on the tenants. They try to strong arm the tenants into doing things that are not in the lease and threaten if you don't agree to it they will slap you with fees, which they legally can't since it is not directly stated in the lease. There are way too many inspections and you do not get to refuse to them. I think over the past year I had 10 inspections for different reasons. Seriously how many times do you need to inspect an apartment. Just do it once a year and do not disturb the resident any longer. They make you move out by noon on the last day Review from Google
May 2016: Moved out this month. I enjoy experience with Campus Crossings. Very convenient to the Emory University. The staffer officers were always helpful. I enjoy my room and suite mates and privacy of bedroom. There is furniture. Also the room was comfortable and I appreciate my own bathroom space. Downtown Atlanta is close to get to by train or car. I would recommend. Review from 5/27/16 on Google
May 2016: Save yourself money and pick somewhere else to live. There are plenty of better complexes near shuttle routes. The "high-speed" internet that they advertise does not exist, and the whole complex is offen without Internet. Poor management that doesn't seem to care about the residents. The list goes on and on. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
Oct 2015: Campus Crossing is OK! I like everything else except the noise. Review from 10/27/15 on Google

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