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100 Midtown

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Jan 2019: The building itself is kind of old but the new management is doing everything to make it awesome. The office is decked out with coffee and candy that I get every day after or before class. The community assistants throw events throughout the month and they bought awesome new board games. My only issue is the WiFi is spotty and goes in and out but the office has been in constant contact with the supplier do get the issue resolved. Review from Google
Oct 2018: The building does have its issues. However, the staff here has been incredibly accommodating and have been working very diligently to make my experience living at 100 Midtown as pleasant as they can be. Special shout out to Kianna as she's been especially helpful. I'm more than likely going to renew my lease because it's the best value in the area. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I don't understand some of the negative reviews for this place. For me, it has been a great experience so far. It is walking distance for almost everything I need, and if I need to go somewhere farther away, they have Lime and Bird scooters right outside the front door that I can take. It also has a 24 hour gym and ping pong/pool that I use almost everyday. 100 Midtown also has a restaurant connected to the building, Chinese Buddha, which is really good and gives you a building discount you you show them your card. The new management is very nice and everyday they have the student residents working the front office make cookies and coffee for us when we leave/get back to class. The residents themselves are super cool and I meet someone from a different country almost everyday. To put it shortly, it is just a dope and relaxed living space that Review from Google
Sep 2018: i don't know why google don't have 0 star because this place certainly deserves it. horrible management, if you want miserable life, feel free to move in. Update: I saw the management team responded my review. To clarify, I posted this review on behalf of a friend. As you guys can see the management team actually track who gives review. My friend strongly believed, at the time, a true but negative review, would result in a more strict move-out inspection and jeopardizing his/her security deposit. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Great apartment. Incredible price for fully furnished apartment in midtown with utilities included. Located close to restaurants, coffee houses, publix, and Marta. Any problems have been quickly and effectively dealt with by management. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Deshaun (spelling is probably wrong), the maintenance guy, did an excellent job fixing a few things in my bathroom! I submitted a maintenance request in the evening and he was there to fix it by 10 am the next day. I came back from class to find everything that was wrong to be fixed and working great! Thanks, Deshaun! Update: I have had yet another positive experience at 100 Midtown. From a situation that could have potentially gone south, Trip, the leasing manager, jumped in a saved the day. He helped me tremendously. Thank you, Trip!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Tons of cockroaches. A lot of strange charges. Some facilities are always broken. Some staffs are rude. Review from Google
Apr 2018: This place is NOT safe! Do not move here if you are a female. Homeless people on drugs constantly hang around the building and in the parking garage. Other than safety being an issue, the elevators are constantly broken. The building has a serious cockroach problem. And the office staff do not care about the residents. Review from Google
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Mar 2018: This place is fairly reasonably priced for the location, but that is all that it has going for it. The wifi goes out fairly consistently. The gym is abysmal, there is a wall of treadmills, which do not consistently work. The weight machines are old, and randomly selected, most of which are intended to do the same things. There are 5 elevator shafts in the building, only 3 of which have worked during the past 8 months I have been here. Most of the time only 2 actually worked at any given time, and it is not uncommon for one of the elevators to break down. In order to have a guest park at the building, you have to get a guest pass, which they do give for free... But they will only write passes that last 24 hours, and the company that boots the parking garage is ruthless with booting cars. If your car is parked for 30 minutes with an Review from Google
Mar 2018: I moved into this apartment complex in August, and I must say, this is not a bad place to live. A lot of the ratings on here do not seem to fair, but it by no means is unlivable. I would prefer to give it 2.5/5.0 but since that is not an option I went with 3. I apologize if this rating is a bit long winded, but I just want to give a thorough review. When we first moved into the apartment, it was not clean, you could tell that a cleaning crew had been through the apartment, but only wiped off some services, leaving lots of very unclean areas. There was also a bug problem when we first arrived. We saw a lot bugs for the first 3 weeks of living here. After we cleaned our apartment to reasonable living conditions (and bought roach killing supplies) the amount of bugs drastically dropped. In the past 2 weeks, I think that we have only seen Review from Google
Mar 2018: Why is the internet here SO bad. It's the 21st century. Why don't you all just make us pay to live in some Hoovervilles or something. At least we'd get some fresh air since nobody has windows that can open. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Location and price are good. Staff are friendly. However, too many, too many, roaches. Elevators are old and not well programmed. Review from Google
Jan 2018: wonderful location, near gatech campus and publix market. it is full furnished, including fast Internet. just need to keep the kitchen clean to avoid bugs. gym and studing room are in ground floor, nice apartment. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Absolutely Horrible: DO NOT TRY TO LIVE HERE WITH THE INTENTION OF SUBLEASING ~Management was terrible - they don't listen to complaints/concerns ~Cockroach infestation - absolutely disgusting ~Unsanitary Living Conditions - mold, etc. They don't appropriately check the premises before allowing you to check in. ~Subletting the apartment is unnecessarily difficult, and I received bills and was forced to pay after I moved out ~Bad Internet connection ~Elevators were horrible, vandalized, and had disgusting floors which smelled and were never cleaned ~My car was broken into while in the parking deck - Management did nothing and changed no security measures. Other cars were broken into over the course of my stay ~If you call their office with a concern, they will tell you that they will call you back within a couple hours/ the next day. they never Review from Google
Jan 2018: I lived there for a year. 1. The building is close to a fire station and I hear the fire alarm several times even during midnight. 2. Windows cannot be opened and despite their claim that the fresh air is pumped to the building, the air inside the units is not good at all. 3. Several times the manager broke her promises. 4. Elevators are inconvenient. 5. The fire system of the building is crazy. It has alarmed several times without no reason. Be aware of those reviews rated this building by 5 stars. Some of them were written by the staffs of the building :o DO not recommend :( Review from Google
Oct 2017: This place isn’t perfect, but I don’t think it deserves all of the 1-2 star reviews either. All in all, I’m glad I chose to live here. Pros: price, location, washer/dryer in room (although it’s a very inefficient machine, it still works), friendly staff, parking, maintenance (especially Dashan. He is great!) Cons: bugs, elevators (they are very slow or just don’t work at all. I got stuck in an elevator the first week I was here, but I haven’t had a problem since), cleaning services (my apartment was very dirty when I first arrived. The previous tenants left a HUB CAP in my kitchen cabinet. I haven’t requested cleaning services since I’ve lived here.) This place isn’t as nice as some of the other student apartments around Georgia Tech, but I definitely think it’s worth what you pay for. If amenities aren’t that big of a Review from Google
Aug 2017: I have had a great experience here at 100 Midtown. I have lived here for a year while going to school at Georgia Tech. It has a very convenient location: right across the highway from campus and next to Publix. It is relatively affordable, and parking is plentiful/inexpensive. The staff are helpful and friendly people. If you are patient and respectful they are more than willing to work with you to solve problems and make your life easier. The maintenance team here has been very helpful and friendly as well. They are highly capable of helping to keep your apartment like new. Special thanks to Dashan for doing such quality work in my apartment. 100 Midtown can be whatever you make of it. If you're a person who likes a place with character and to surround yourself with good people, I think you'll find 100 Midtown is the right place for Review from Google
May 2017: Recently, they started getting very greedy and will fine you for even the smallest things. Have too many objects on your bathroom counter and they will fine you for that. If your bathtub is not spick and span clean they will fine you for that. If your kitchen is not spick and span clean, they will fine you. If you have too much stuff in your room, they will fine you for that. Whatever you fix, they will find a way to fine you. Oh and these inspections will happen quarterly and they fine you more for repeated violations, so you can basically add $50+ to your rent depending on how much money they want to get from you. Review from 5/23/17 on Google
May 2017: AWFUL management! This place has horrific management. The elevators are far past inspection, they enter your room for no reason - (according to the lease for an emergency and reasonable purpose), the cleaning crew does not come as scheduled, there was a hole in the ceiling of our apartment due to a roof leak for months before it was fixed, yet a messy room (clothes and papers, NO food) is a health hazard. Review from 5/7/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I am living there. 1. The building is close to a fire station and I hear the fire alarm several times even during midnight. 2. Windows cannot be opened and despite their claim that the fresh air is pumped to the building, the air inside the units is not good at all. 3. Several times the manager broke her promises. 4. Elevators are inconvenient. 5. The fire system of the building is crazy. It has alarmed several times without no reason. Be aware of those reviews rated this building by 5 stars. Some of them were written by the staffs of the building :o Review from 3/17/17 on Google
Mar 2017: **UPDATE 3/13** It has been a full week and the only response Ive received was a call from DiecTV/DirectPath attempting to BRIBE ME with $100 to remove my review of 100 Midtown from Google while there is STILL a $214 collection on my credit report. 100 Midtown may not have been the ones who physically reported a collection that was in fact THEIR OWN liability but their gross negligence and dare I say willful blindness to off set their own cost played a critical role in all of this. Review from 3/13/17 on Google
Mar 2017: The absolute worse place to live in Midtown! I am writing this review using my mobile hotspot because we are currently experiencing a building wide internet outage. This is absolutely ridiculous! the last one happen last semester during finals week! the internet was down for days! I would not recommend this place to anybody. The internet sucks, the elevators do not work, the place is filled with roaches, homeless people sleep in the stairwells and on the amenity level and management is rude and will look for any reason to charge you extra fees! Review from 3/11/17 on Google
Mar 2017: The place should be avoided at all costs. The management is rude and unconcerned .We had bed bugs which the manager said was because of their fault. They took almost 3 months to get the treatment. We changed our apartment and got allocated a filthy apartment with broken appliances. Had really bad experiences. Only saving grace is the location convenience. Review from 3/9/17 on Google
Feb 2016: I've enjoyed my stay at 100 Midtown so far. They seem to be making a lot of improvements. This week they were working on the elevators which has been my biggest complaint. I hope they continue to make these changes in the right direction. I do like the new laundry room and the housekeeping service they just started as well. Review from 2/5/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2016: I would say be extremely careful when you move from 100. Because you would LOSE your packages FOREVER if you did not update your new address. I ordered a package and did not update to my current address, which means the package went to 100 midtown. However, staff in 100 midtown did not contact me though they have my contact information, neither did they return that package to the original company (they were reluctant to tell me how they handled), which means I lose both the package and the money. On contrast, when I moved from my school apartment to 100 midtown, my packages reaching my previous school apartment would be redelivered to me or I was called to go to pick up packages myself. Review from 1/25/16 on Apartment Ratings

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