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University Pointe

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Sep 2019: Overages are RIDICULOUS. They expect you to keep your air on 80 degrees in the summer time. Not a helpful staff. Do not recommend. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Get ready to pay lots of extra cash in overages even if you're away from home and not using electricity or water. Management is careless. Review from Google
Nov 2018: When I got on Google of read the reviews I wasn't expecting it to be what it is. I have no clue why these people are saying these negative things. I've yet to see a single roach or any bug for that matter. The walls are not Thin. I live on the bottom floor and yes, I do hear walking but it's not like unbearable. The girl who works up front is the sweetest and always does her best to help when you have an issue. don't let these bad reviews steer you away. Come and see for yourself. I'm certainly glad that I did. They're well worth the money. We have new carpet, cabinets, refrigerator, and a new dish washer. The repair man is at your apartment by the next morning ready to get your things fixed for you. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’m not really sure what’s up with all the negative reviews, but I’ve loved living at UP. For the price, it honestly can’t be beat. It’s really quiet, and in my experience maintenance is always on top of things whenever needed. I haven’t had any issues with bugs. The only thing I can negatively say about it is it needed a good cleaning when I moved in. Other than that it’s perfect. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Very quiet Apartment complex and close to campus which helps college students out a lot! Also if something goes wrong maintenance is out to your apartment in a timely frame! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Absolutely enjoyed living here! The staff is very friendly and maintenance was always helpful! I stayed here for almost 2 years and it’s always been very quiet. It’s also super close to campus and the rates for the size of the apartment and all inclusive. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Worst place I’ve ever lived in Statesboro GA. They have roaches . The on-site maintenance takes days sometimes WEEKS to fix problems. The apartments are not well kept . Walls are very thin . These apartments are over priced for what they offer. Utilities are basically not included given the overage charges. DO NOT MOVE HERE ! Review from Google
Feb 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! STAY AWAY!!! If your leased ends in the middle of the month THEY WILL MAKE YOU PAY IT IN FULL even if you're only staying for 14 days. This place is also infested with roaches and looked like it hasn't been cleaned in years when I moved in. There were body hairs left over from previous tenant in the bathroom under the toilet seat and on the faucet and on the ceilings. THIS PLACE IS not worth YOUR MONEY. Please for the love of god save yourself the stress and find somewhere else. They will overcharge you and rip you off. Oh yeah the carpet in the apartment also had paint on it from when the maintenance repainted the walls but ended up screwing the carpet up as well, did I mention the carpet isn't even secured to the floor I've tripped over it hundreds of times. Edit: I just want to say the Owners are nice - but the staff t Review from Google
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Jan 2018: Save your time and money. By far the worst place I’ve stayed. Apartments need to be torn done and the management very unprofessional. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I don't recommend settling in this property. I cantacted the manager while I was looking for apt. I applied online paying 25$. The gent asked me to pay the deposit for 300$, and I refused bc I hadn't seen the apt, I went through the review comments in Google and realized many tenants were suffering from uncontrolled pests, I shared these review with the manager and aksed him to guarantee that the apt will be pest free, but he literary refused. There are problems with this University poninte before moving in do some research. Best, Review from Google
Jul 2017: don't stay here, it's not worth your money. Funny thing is, I wouldve rated a three out of the actual space isn't so bad. It's true, I wish they would spray for bugs but the reason why there getting a one out of me is because I've been staying here almost a year, always paid my rent without a late fee, and they still refuse to properly accommodate their residents with appliances that actually WORK. They would rather have you keep calling about the same issue, take forever to send a maintenance man while you suffer, then when he finally comes he looks at your problem for 15 minutes only to say "I can't fix it" (like he hasn't said that the last 4 or 5 times) n goes about his day. Not sure exactly who to blame for this, the landlord, owner, maintence etc , but as a whole Up management is getting a one star out of me Review from Google
Dec 2016: Was picking up my cousin to come home for the holidays, stayed with them for a night and it was absolutely disgusting. Roaches are absolutely everywhere and I've spoken with multiple other residents to confirm it's not just his apartment (OR building). Review from Google
Dec 2016: Started out okay during signing and the first month or so. Rent was decently priced and was inclusive, however nearly every month there would be random additional charges for hydro despite the fact I used little of either. Included washer/dryer were small but nice to have. Saw two units, both turned out to have roach problems. Carpets were poorly secured, you will trip if you're not careful. You can hear just about everything, including your neighbors and the frequent sounds outside. The included internet is borderline unusable around 50% of the time, anyone who does any sort of work online or relies on the internet for entertainment will need a separate connection. Review from 12/13/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: doesn't deserve one star. Viewed this apartment and I was not impressed. The remodeling in the apartments looked fairly decent, however, I can tell there is an insect issue from the dead bugs and when the roaches greeted me at the door...I clutched my invisible pearls. When searching for apartments, it important not only to talk with the landlords, but also the residents. One resident I spoke with at the mailbox complained about lack of a professional maintenance person and availability to fixed issues in a timely manner. He is a "jack of all trades and a master of none." This resident further confirmed my statement regarding the bug issue. Two residents who I know personally, who live there, mentioned that management need to work on their people skills. Management can be rude and doesn't care about the community. There is no sense of urge Review from Google
May 2016: These apartments are really great! They are right across the from the University and are all inclusive (water, electricity, internet) with a $100 cap for a one bedroom. The rent is half of what is costs to live in student housing and plus it has a washer and dryer in the unit as well. What you pay for one bedroom in student housing with three other roommates you get for the whole apartment and still save. Plus, i saved over a hundred dollars a semester not having to buy a parking pass to park on campus. Review from 5/2/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: Great space for a great price! The bedrooms are very large, the appliances are brand new, the inclusion package has expanded, and the staff is very friendly. Plus, the walk to campus is incredibly short! I would recommend University Pointe Apartments to anyone in Statesboro! Review from 8/16/15 on Google
Apr 2015: Out dated air conditioners so your power bill will be super high. I have one more year to live there then i am out of there!!! Was good at first but when new office manager was hired, I all of a sudden became behind on rent and utilities.At this point i hate it and can't wait to leave!!! Review from 4/4/15 on Google
Mar 2015: If I they would have given me a chance to view an actual apartment before renting, I would have never lived there. When I went to view a unit, I was told that there wasn't one available for me to see. The one bedroom apartment has only one window, and it's in the living room, therefore the bedroom is ALWAY hot, no matter what the temperature is outside. The insulation is old and crappy, if any. So the unit will not hold heat in the winter and as soon as the air goes off in the summer, the apt is HOT! Since they have untreated wood everywhere and pinestraw, there is a BIG problem with cockroahes. Review from 3/30/15 on Google
Jul 2013: My boy friend and I have been living here our entire Georgia Southern Career. The environment has always been quite and safe. They just hired a security guard to help guard the premises. We live in the one bedroom large, which is awesome. The bedroom is like 12 by 26 feet. It is very spacious, and we have enough room to be separate from each other. They have a walk in closet which allows enough room for all my shoes and clothes! Two of my good friends moved to University Pointe couple doors next to us and they share the apartment because it is so big. Review from 7-19-2013 on Apartment Ratings

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