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The Islands at Statesboro

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Feb 2019: Quit throwing bottles cans n trash over the fence on the driveway Review from Google
Aug 2018: My daughter lived here for two years and everything was okay until move out. Make sure you take pictures when you move in of everything. We cleaned until two in the morning and was charged $25 because they say we left the tv cable and an unopened box of grits in a back cabinet in the kitchen. The apartment was spotless. I cleaned the toilets, tub, kitchen, mopped the floors, cleaned the blinds, and replaced all light bulbs.They also tried to charge us for a hole in the wall in the living room but it was there before they moved in. Also, even though no one was staying there after May, in July, the utilities were higher for the 15 days than they were for the whole month of May or June. Just make sure you do a walk-through with someone from the apartment. We did not since we lived out of town and I thought I had done a great job and didn' Review from Google
Aug 2018: The management is horrible when it come to move out. They will try to charge you $1500.00 in charges after you move out. The property manager is rude and very disrespectful. Her tone is very condescending and this scam of charging people who don’t resign isn’t new. The WiFi is horrible. I don’t recommend any student of military servicemen live there because of my experience and some of the reviews I’ve read.
Mar 2018: The management here is awful. The company sends false information to it's tenants and then says that it is our fault for believing it. They are more focused on gaining new tenants instead of pleasing those that already live here. The door pads rarely work which is the only way to lock and unlock the front door, the walls are extremely thin so you hear everything, and the wifi is spotty and goes out frequently. The duplexes are nice but the management does not make it worth it.
Feb 2018: Managers and staff are terrible. Clearly have no idea how to do their jobs. Very unprofessional. Also maintenance shows up randomly and will not notify you if they're coming 24hrs ahead of time like they are supposed too. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Managers are terrible; they are as petty as a bunch of high school girls. Maintenance will not notify you if they're coming 24hrs ahead of time like they are supposed too. Review from Google
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Apr 2017: Nice place and very clean apartments Review from 4/16/17 on Google

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