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The Hudson

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Apr 2019: The Hudson and their staff absolutely suck. They will deny that you have paid a security deposit and try to screw you out of it if you’re lucky enough to have demanded a receipt and kept it. Then they attempt to charge you a fortune for any damages to the cheap ass furniture. Pathetic excuse for property management!!
Feb 2019: The Hudson is nice looking, but the infrastructure is subpar, we recently had a pipe issue that hasn’t been fixed. And the internet, if you use any type of connection whether is homework or streaming, it is the worst I’ve seen out of all of the apartments here, and every time we complain they defer us to another source, almost saying that their fake promised “high-speed” connection is not their fault. Review from Google
Jan 2019: The Hudson is such a FINE place to stay. The vibe you get off of the staff is so positive and outgoing. They are so willing to help. The amenities are awesome. Never seen anything like it. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love the location of these apartments! The pool is beautiful and the management company is very good! Highly recomend Review from Google
Jan 2019: The apartments are very nice and actually affordable!!! The staff is super friendly and the amenities are amazing! I felt at home the more I learned about the property. I guess you could say I found my home away from home :) Review from Google
Dec 2018: The Hudson has such an amazing pool and gym. I walked into the office and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. This looks like such an amazing place to live. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I enjoy living at the Hudson. They’re always having fun events for the residents and the clubhouse is gorgeous! Aside from the room sizes, I would definitely recommend. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great place to live due to the attention to detail of the office staff. Whenever I have an issue they are quick to act and follow through. Great amenities too, will be renewing my lease here. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: Love this place! The decor is stunning all around. There's a pool, coffee bar AND a boxing ring?! definitely recommend. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Love love love this place, this property is awesome! My favorite amenity definitely has to be the gym. Don’t get me started with the pool though, it is so nice, especially at night. Staff is AMAZING! Clubhouse is one of a kind! Thank you The Hudson for everything you do to make my living here a wonderful experience!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: This property is awesome. I'm in love with the friendly staff and wonderful clubhouse. Maintenance is really quick as well. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have lived at the Hudson for just fall semester but I really enjoyed my time! The amenities and all the events put on are really great! The maintenance crew is very quick to come fix any issues. The apartments are very modern and up to date. My only complaints are that the walls are definitely a little bit thin and when friends come over I have to walk outside and open the gate for them. It was also an inconvenience that move in day was the day before class started. Other than those slight issues the Hudson was a great place to live and in my opinion one of the best deals in Statesboro! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I hated this place. I hated the management, I hated the facility, and I hated the gates that were always broken. This was truthfully the worst place I have lived in Statesboro. don't waste your time on this over-priced place when you can literally live anywhere else and have a better experience. I felt unwelcome by the staff every time I had to pick up packages, and they were in no rush to help our apartment when the washing machine was leaking all over the floors. You get charged $250 to have a pet, $25 a month to live with that pet, and $150 for taking the pet with you when you move out. I got charged a $40 light cleaning fee when I moved out when I SCRUBBED that place down. It's a money pit. 0/10. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Where can I even start? The Hudson is a very nice place to live, however the management is terrible. I subleased for over the summer & had many issues within the 3 months I lived here. First off I payed my firsts months rent and the payment didn’t go through. They failed to let me know and over charged me like crazy and said I was responsible for checking my account everyday which is crazy. Then after I had provided them with proof of my own insurance they continuously charged me each month for insurance even though I called multiple times to tell them to take it off & never took it off my account. I also had an issue with a roommate & when my mom called to concern her opinion they quickly dismissed her and said she was lying and to have myself call. So I did and they told me they couldn’t talk to me and said they’d call back & never did Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have been living here for 5 years now and I absolutely love it! The maintenance team is excellent, always prompt and efficient. The front office team are always helpful and friendly. The amenities are some of the best in the area and you can't beat the No Utilities Cap! Review from Google
Jun 2018: My daughter has lived in the complex when it was The Forum for nearly a year. We never had any problems until The Hudson took over. In May I paid my rent late because I never got advised that The Hudson was taking over. When I didn’t get the email reminder to make the payment from The Forum I called the office and the staff was not helpful or informed on how to help me. As a result, I got charged a late fee which I asked to be waived given that the rent was late due to the transition. My request to have the late fee waived was denied. I, personally, find this decision to be punitive. My daughter will not be living at The Hudson next year as I refuse to do business with people who are unreasonable and won’t recognize that my payment was late due to circumstances beyond my control. Be aware that if you are signing a lease at The Huds Review from Google
Apr 2018: Update: the office did manage to accommodate my husband after he moved here. They went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable in the apartment he was living in. In my opinion, The most important responsibility that a landlord/property manager has is making sure tenants are happy and they did that. Original post: After signing a sublease from someone who lied about the room (this is not the offices fault) to find a trashed apartment, and attempting to get moved into a different apartment, which was promised by the office manager. After going to visit the office manager, then being told they "had to take a phone call" and refused a meeting and still not being moved. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE to live here or lease here. It is full of pot smokers, and loud music and the office refuses to do anything about it... IT was nice at one Review from Google
Mar 2018: The new management has made the living experience unpleasant. Prior to moving, I heard wonderful things about The Forum; however, once the apartment got under new management, living here has been bad. When moving in, my apartment had dried paint all on the floor and most appliances were broken. Even with work orders put in, the paint was never cleaned and we were given excuses about my things were messed up. The staff members working in the leasing office are not well informed and cannot adequately answer questions, the manager goes in and out too much and she is hard to get in touch with, and constantly changing things around the complex without effectively communicating with residents. Overall, I have not had a pleasant experience living here and I am not keen on renewing my lease here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Cons: Hot tub is broken. Internet comes and goes. The clubhouse closes around 7 and they don't leave out equipment for the games. The pool is ALWAYS dirty and the pool area ALWAYS smells like gas. You can''t use the fireplace after 7????????????? Feces EVERYWHERE. You have to bring your own paper to print even after they advertised that printing was free. The Starbucks machine only has coffee and they don't always have cups out. The tea and hot chocolate options do not work. Walls are super thin. You can hear the cars passing by, your next door neighbors, and your roommates. Pros: Maintenance is wonderful. No bugs. Apartment is in good condition. Management is helpful. The tennis courts have lights. They have events but the timings are inconvenient. It is safe to live here. Friendly staff. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Absolutely awesome! My son lives here and he really likes it. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Of the few good things I could say about this place are far outweighed by the negative aspects. To start, the internet is absolutely atrocious. Get used to constant buffering for any netflix or youtube videos, as well as scrolling twitter or instagram on your phone. If you like to play video games, don't live here because you won't be able to anyway with the internet speeds never exceeding maybe 10 mb/s, even while wired directly to the router. Next, on to the issue of power; if you have the only 2 lights on in the kitchen and try and run the microwave for example, say goodbye to the power in the kitchen as well as the laundry room which is conveniently where the router is, resetting the internet. Random breaker trips are common in the kitchen as well as the individual rooms, where both my roommates and I have showered in the dark several Review from Google
Aug 2017: Was a decent place to live, but then new management took over. don't waste your money. Bogus move-out fees, and un-organized staff. Review from Google
May 2017: I paid to have a private apartment not public for everyone to come sit here for free. If this apartment complex reflections is that I don't want to live here people are smoking and the public are sneaking in the pool area. If this doesn't change I'm suing because they breaking the contract me and my friends got kicked out the pool area because we didn't have wristbands but they don't say anything about the people that don't live here. Bad business Review from 5/24/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Ceilings and walls are paper thin. Received absolutely no sleep. Hardwood floors on ever floor make noise levels even worse. These apartments were terribly designed and cheaply made. The staff is very friendly and helpful though. But not getting sleep is unhealthy, especially with the already stress of college. Do bot recommend unless you are a heavy sleeper. Review from Google
Nov 2016: The Forum staff are very friendly and approachable. They will deal with any issue that arises and help within their power to do so. Though, the entire year living at the Forum I have never had an issue. It is a great choice for a college student. Review from 11/27/16 on Google

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