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The Hamptons

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Sep 2019: I have lived here for almost 3 years, and I love it! I have never run into any issues. The places are nice, the amenities are a huge bonus and it’s a safe place to live. The office is helpful, and they always stay in touch with the residents. The whole complex is kept up with nicely thanks to the awesome maintenance staff! Review from Google
Sep 2019: I love living in the Hamptons! The houses are so cute, clean and updated ! The staff is so friendly and helpful! We get free dinners all the time and they even took the time to deliver cookies to each house! Highly recommend to any one who is looking to move off campus into a safe neighborhood that is close to campus ! Review from Google
Sep 2019: No better place to live in Statesboro. I have lived here for the past 3 years and have had no complaints. Staff are very helpful and easy to work with. Whenever I had an issue in my apartment I contacted maintenance and they always came the following business day to fix my issue. They have great amenities and really care about their residents satisfaction. It is pricey, but I truly believe I get what I paid for. Review from Google
Sep 2019: The Hamptons is by far the best place to live in Statesboro! The Hamptons has an amazing fitness center and study room, a huge pool that hosts the best pool parties, and even tanning beds! With the Hamptons, you’re paying for a quality, fun and most importantly safe complex. I love it here and wouldn’t consider anywhere else Review from Google
Sep 2019: My favorite place! They truly make each resident feel at home between the occasional clubhouse meals and the sweet treats delivered right to your doorstep (thank you for the cookies)! The amenities are up to date and easy to access. They are quick to respond to all resident needs and provide the best care as soon as they can. Lastly, they are very in touch with the community and every individual resident. I love how welcoming and friendly everyone on the staff is :) Review from Google
May 2019: This is the most AWFUL place to live. I have never met ruder people than the staff at the hamptons. I went in to discuss problems I was having and they just sat and looked at me like what were they supposed to do about it. I had to call the actual property manager to discuss issues I was having. They do not care about any problems you have on the property. Maintenance workers would constantly barge in without knocking and even did it one time when my roommate was not dressed. My roommate and I came home one day to all of the fire alarms going off and they did not come for AN HOUR AND A HALF. Also, my mom had to personally replace our weather stripping on the doors because they refused to send anyone out to do it after being told multiple times. My roommate and I also invested in putting our own cameras outside of the house because that is how unsafe we felt and I cannot begin to tell you all the disturbing things we caught on camera Review from Google
Feb 2019: Have had a lot of problems actually getting maintenance orders fixed. Expensive rent but extremely pleased with all the amenities. Love living here and have for the past two years just some things I would expect to be done better for the rent I pay. Feb 2019 edit: still have not been in touch about my maintenance issue. Now having another problem and emergency maintenance has not answered after 5 calls. Still love living here and the management is nice when I call just wish I could see a few more things get accomplished. Another benefit is they offer free meals a lot as well! Which is fun and inviting. Like living here it just has its kinks! Review from Google
Feb 2019: The Hampton’s management team may be pretty bad at their job, but rest assured, you’ll always see them in brand new Mercedes and Audis to match their nice office that never has the same problems that the residences do. Just always know they’re getting paid well for the mediocre at best job they do at management of that overpriced place across from campus. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: I have only lived here for a semester after transferring, but it has already been the best place I have lived throughout college. The Hamptons goes above and beyond to make their residents happy. The clubhouse has a great computer lab, tanning beds, and a study room that I use often. I love the Hamptons!!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have lived in the Hamptons for 3 years now and I would not want to live anywhere else! The staff is very helpful. They are always catering resident dinners and doing awesome giveaways. It really is the best place to live. So close to campus and all the amenities are really nice. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great place to stay! The staff are very helpful and friendly. Their response time is very impeccable and they always follow up to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. The only thing that needs improvement is the sanitation of the gym. There aren’t any sanitary wipes to ensure germs aren’t passed around. Other than that, this is by far the best place and only place I would recommend. Being from Statesboro, I am very critical when choosing somewhere to live. Definitely receiving what I pay for and more! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I absolutely love living at the hamptons! Definitely makes staying in Statesboro worth while coming home to such a nice apartment. Maintenance is always quick to respond to work orders and the office staff is always helpful. Besides the constant pigeon noises/ waste on my building, I would highly recommend living here especially grad students who want to get away from the partying. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I enjoy living in this excellent apartment complex! The amenities are substantially accomadating. The staff, including club house employees as well as the maintenance workers, are extremely helpful with any questions and concerns you may have! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I’ve lived here for 3 years and it is by far the best apartment complex in Statesboro! I love the staff and the amenities that are included with our rent price. The staff are always willing to help out and are like a second family to the residents. The location is very convienent since it is very close to campus and I enjoy living in a gated community. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I very much enjoy living here! I love that it is gated and the staff is really nice. The pool is amazing and the apartments are great too! In the future, I would love to see some dog waste stations on the property. Overall, I really love my experience living at this location! Review from Google
Nov 2018: This past semester I have had the time of my life living here! They offer the best pool and clubhouse combo in the Statesboro area, not to mention their helpful and kind staff that is always willing to reach out and help in any way they can. Any maintenance requests residents have, the staff at The Hamptons will fix it in no time! I have loved living here and any college student looking for a place to live, The Hamptons is definitely the place to be! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I love the Hamptons. They make getting mail and packages very easy and the customer service is always excellent when I walk in! Most of the time I go in the morning and see a girl named Chloe, she is always friendly amd helpful! I would highly recommend living here, they have so much to offer with the pool, gym, and tanning beds. The houses are nicely decorated and very roomy. This is my favorite place in Statesboro, I’ll be living here until I graduate! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I love living at The Hamptons! The property is beautiful and apartment units are very nice. The office staff and maintenance crew are super helpful. I recommend living here during your college years! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The Hamptons is a very nice place to live! I love the pool which includes an awesome lazy river, perfect for floating in the Statesboro heat. The staff is super friendly and always willing to work with you. The houses are really nice and spacious and worth the pay! 😊 Review from Google
Jun 2018: My sister lived here the first year it opened and when I came to college I moved into the Hampton’s as well! I’m going on my third year living here and it can’t be beat! The location is perfect walking distance to campus. The amenities including the pool with the occasional DJ, clean dog parks, study rooms, and free dinner meals allow you to see your fees at work! I’ve stayed here alone one summer and felt really safe being here. The gates close at night and the cottages can only be entered with an electronic key at front. It’s been a great home to have away from home! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The Hamptons have been a big part of my life and schooling carrer. This has been more than just housing, but it has become a home for me. I love it here and all the people who work at the hamptons are always very helpful and take the time to answer any questions. I really love living here. Review from Google
May 2018: Lived here for 2 years and it’s by far the nicest place to live in Statesboro. The location and amenities are awesome + the cottages are huge! My only complaint was that they didn’t monitor the pool so it was constantly overrun with groups of people who didn’t even live there. This was especially frustrating considering how much you pay to live there. Noise was also an issue a lot because people would have late night parties outside on a regular basis but I guess that’s just part of college living. If you’re going to live anywhere in Statesboro and you can afford it, live here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great place to live. I'd recommend it to any of my friends. It's walking distance from campus and very close to the RAC. My favorite part of living here has got to be the pool, it's always a fun time on any warm day. Second to that would be the catered events every Tuesday. The houses are some of the nicest in Statesboro and the best student complex around. All of the employees are very friendly and ready to help, but if you're looking for a great leasing experience, ask for Jordan. However, the biggest downfall of living here is the WiFi. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Awesome place to live, parking is super easy and I can always find a spot. The clubhouse employees are always very friendly and are willing to help with anything you might have trouble with. The pool is always a good time and the lazy river is very relaxing, grilling out by the pool is definitly a must if you enjoy the sun and food. All in all the service is excellent and couldn't get better. Also love it when they have pizza parties, good place to get to know your neighbors in the Hampton community. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants the easiest and nicest place in statesboro. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Customer service is terrible. They don’t care about their residents or any issues they may have and are extremely rude. Specifically I dealt with 2 individuals in the front Kyla and Jordan. After dealing with these two very rude individuals I asked to see and manager and they informed me that managers don’t work on the weekends. I plan to go back on Monday and talk to a manager. Additionally, it is worth noting that they are affiliated with GATA recovery which is the biggest scam artist in Statesboro. They WILL tow current and future residents even there is no parking available and you have to park by the curb. They do not care. I would avoid The Hamptons and sign somewhere else like aspen or copper, you’ll get a better deal and you won’t have to deal with the BS and the rude management. Review from Google

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