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Southern Downs

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Sep 2019: Southern Downs by far has some of the most helpful, friendly and down to earth staff you’ll ever encounter! One of the first staff members I ever met here was Mackenzie and she was so welcoming and friendly! 5 out of 5 stars hands down! Review from Google
Sep 2019: Mackenzie Fair was so informing and polite when we called and visited. She helped answer any and all questions we had. The apartments were very nice with wonderful amenities. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Love Southern Downs!! Especially Mackenzie Fair she is wonderful she always seems to have a smile on her face! She always helps answer my questions when I need! She does awesome work! Review from Google
Aug 2019: I have been at southern downs for a couple years now and I can’t think of a better place to live. They have several amenities like the pool and the beach and their office staff is very friendly and helpful. I love it here at southern downs! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Love living here! This is my second year living here. Maintenance always comes within a day or 2 to fix any problem. Pool, beach and grill areas are awesome. Friendly staff. Apartments are very modern and new Review from Google
Jul 2019: I really liked this place until tonight. I went to the pool which I payed for and the gate on the pool said to see the security officer inside. He wasn’t inside who we went around and got in. He didn’t show up for an hour. Then when we left my husbands Chacos we’re missing and no where to be found. This place is ghetto and people will be quick to steal from you. Watch out. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Very quiet and student-friendly environment. The beach is lovely. the staff are very pleasant and always willing the help. They now have 5G Wifi too! 10/10 will recommend living at southern downs. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I’ve lived here now for 2 years. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. The maintenance works really hard to keep everything up to date and working smoothly. The rent is very reasonable for those who don’t have the best income. You get some great amenities and they even allow pets for those who have fur babies. They’re so close to campus that i walk to class every day. I’ve enjoyed living here for these 2 years and am sad I’ll be moving out of state. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: The staff are all very nice. They were able to quickly and easily answer all the questions I had about the apartments. It's the only apartments with a beach. All the apartments are really nice because they recently renovated them. It's only 5 minutes from campus. They also allow pets, even some large breeds! I can't wait to move in this August! Update: Still loving living here! The staff are amazing and so helpful! The amenities are awesome! Review from Google
Apr 2019: The staff when I first moved to southern downs was good but Could improve but the current staff are amazing and very understanding and helpful! Also very willing to help you and give you any information you need. The maintenance team is also very great and super nice! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived here for two years and I was fine with it until the management changed to Alpha or whatever. When they took over all the events that made this complex gum and friendly disappeared. The staff seems like they have no idea what they are doing expect for maintenance. At least some employees are reliable. They have a pest problem even with pest control, and they have a tendency to tell you one thing and do the opposite. And most recently they have started putting charges on my account with no explanation. The roommate matching is not a valid sudden because it doesn't work. Although the area is nice and the rent is cheap, I do no recommend moving here unless it is your last option. My overall experience had not been a pleasant one. Steer clear. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Since being here the complex has shifted between three owners and multiple staff. Only thing good about the complex is the location and the maintenance team. The office staff always seems clueless and not friendly or inviting at all once you are in the apt. complex yet will bend over backwards for you if you are a possible new renter. There use to be a whole lot of social events at the club house that brought the community of this complex together however there is hardly any fun events with the new owner ship and new office manager insists on having events up front by the entrance to try to drive in new renters by seeing how fun this complex can be. Which causes less places for people to sit and talk and get to know there neighbors when there is a perfectly nice club house and beach area to do so. The also offered $200 gift cards for renewing lease back at the end of November beginning of December and all renters who did have yet to see the $200 girt cards and it is March Review from Google
Mar 2019: Graduated in 2012. I was reminiscing and I see that the roaches are still going strong 💪. I remember waking up looking at the ceiling seeing the roaches dance up there. I also see they're still doing the overage trick. There's no way to verify it. You have to take their word.
Feb 2019: The office staff is very friendly and offer free food regularly. The appartments are well kept and nice for the price. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Great location- walking distance to campus. Dog-friendly, wonderful amenities and staff. Had some bug issues like any apartment but the pest control is regularly scheduled and as-needed so has gotten a lot better. Maintenance is great and the rooms are spacious. Very very affordable. wouldn't move if I could. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Great complex! The staff is very friendly and the apartments are very well designed for the price. There are no other apartments in the area this affordable! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Rent is cheap. Convenient location. Staff is really nice. Maintenance isn't that great. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Roommate matching is a complete joke. They are totally incapable of delivering their promise of a unit in time. My deposit was not refunded for not having signed a lease with these folks. Very unreliable and dishonest staff that would say something today but will contradict it tomorrow. You have not idea what we had to deal with. Absolute headache! Review from Google
Nov 2018: They refused to refund me for my 100 dollar deposit despite not having signed any lease with them. These people massively failed to provide us with a healthily maintained unit that would not be health hazard. Do NOT make the mistake of making any payments prior to receiving the unit that you have asked for. Very irresponsible and untrustworthy. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I’ve had some issues with the office... (We didn’t have a washer for almost a month and they let out my cat.) and I’d recommend finding your own roommates because the roommate matching is no good. But overall it’s a nice property with a gorgeous beach and employees who genuinely care about the residents. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Rent used to be 350 with no added fees. Rent was raised to 375 with an 11$ "convenience fee" which southern downs knows is bull just to fill their pockets more. Southern downs used to be good, now it's trash owned by people who don't care about their renters. Rent elsewhere. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Roommate matching is a complete joke. My roommates are messy and party every weekend.The new company won't give the office money for events, and I picked this apartment because it always did events. Maintenance requests take forever because they only have one guy for hundreds of apartments. Cleaners came in at midnight. Printing is always down. Its ALWAYS something. My biggest complaint is the cleaning crew left my front door wide open for 15 minutes and my cat got out! I had never know panic like that before, it took me about 10 minutes to find her. She could have been gone forever due to their negligence. If you have an escape artist animal, leave a sign on your front door! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I lived at Southern Downs for almost three years. In that time, I had nothing but terrible issues with the apartment and the incompetent staff employed there. If I could give less than a one star review, I definitely would! Currently, I am dealing with them over a bill that was placed with a collections agency before I was ever notified of an outstanding balance. I was charged for a mattress that I never received because I brought my personal one from home. I was also overcharged for cleaning and carpet restoration. The mattress was removed from the bill, but I have not yet received an accurate statement with the correct cleaning charges. Beyond the ridiculous bill issue, I had a constant mold problem within the whole apartment. It was the worst in my bathroom and bedroom. It was all over the bathroom ceiling, exhaust fan, bathroom door, and u Review from Google
Jun 2018: This is the most beautiful place in all of Statesboro. All the staff are so friendly and the amenities are amazing. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Lived there for a year. Worst place I’ve ever lived. I learned to live with roaches because even though I submitted dozens of work orders, the staff never addressed the issue. I caught two mice in the apartment, and I had to handle the pest issues out of my own pocket because SD refused to be a proper landlord. When I moved in, the unit that had been supposedly “recently renovated” was falling apart, with the kitchen cabinets falling apart, the popcorn ceiling falling from above at random, paint sprayed entirely over the windows, a scent that smelled like a dead animal, and sketchy stains in the carpet. My complaints went unacknowledged by the staff for all 12 months of my residence. I paid for the carpets to be cleaned when I moved in. I paid to get the windows cleaned so I could even see my balcony (which was full of junk from the pre Review from Google

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