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Jan 2019: Super nice apartments with great amenities! The staff is also very helpful and friendly! Kara helped me with any questions I had and made me feel right at home! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I am not able to live in Monarch 301 due to my roommate and I choosing to live in a townhome rather than apartment style. However, I am always and will always be visiting Monarch because it is definitely THE place to be. The community was very chic and upscale for a very reasonable price. I enjoy visiting my mentor, Gabbie, and she has me over all the time. Although I chose to sign my lease somewhere else, I can say that Monarch 301 is literally my second home. Review from Google
Dec 2018: My brother lives here and it makes me completely jealous that I couldn't live in such a resort in college. The club house is one of the best environments ever, full or empty is a great place to be. MONARCH 301 isn't JUST THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE, IT IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU SHOULD LIVE. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been a resident for the past year. Last year was okay. I got a good roommate placement. I actually went on a trip to Canada with my last roommates. We got along pretty well, and I have good memories with those lads. This year has been absolute hell. My roommates and I can never get along, and I try to ask Monarch for help and they do nothing. My roommates smoke weed and generally have no moral code. There is no resolution with these roommates. They want to do whatever they want because I'm not their mother. So the apartment is complete anarchy. Recently my roommate got assaulted by my roommate's friend which he allowed in the apartment. He was waiting for him to get home from class to ambush him. Luckily, he was able to hide and lock his door until it was safe and the perpetrator left. What is monarch going to do about it? Probably noth Review from Google
Nov 2018: My daughter and I toured multiple apartment complexes in Statesboro, but Monarch was the only one that really stood out; it felt like a home away home for my daughter! From the sweet front staff, gracious amenities, and hosted socials to the upscale and spacious apartments - we were very impressed. Also, the close proximity to GSU Campus was a major perk! Monarch has lived up to it's great reputation - thank you for making this a great part of my daughter's college experience! Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great apartment in Statesboro if you’re for a bit more upscale living. Respectful/ professional staff. I have enjoyed my stay so far. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Living at monarch is great! The staff is always so friendly, and there is always events planned for the month. They give you a good notice ahead so you can plan for it, and there is always good food! Jordyn, Tori, and the rest of the staff are so welcoming and helpful every time I go down to the front office. They already know my name and what I might be down there for, your never miss treated, and always helped right away. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Monarch 301 is a beautiful complex. We took a tour of Monarch 301 last week and were highly impressed. Casey, the assistant manager, was very friendly and helpful. She answered our many questions during our tour of the Monarch and has continued to keep in contact with us throughout the leasing process to help us with any questions we may have. The complex is new, up to date and clean. The model apartment was beautiful and spacious. As the mother of the upcoming tenant, I was very happy with all the security measures, the many places provided throughout the complex for my son to study and also the many areas for him to enjoy as he lives at the Monarch. Another positive was the proximity to Georgia Southern. You should call to book a tour and ask for Casey. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love the Monarch! This is my second time living here and they have some of the nicest apartments in Statesboro! I really like the furniture package and the fact that I never have utility overages. The staff is great, especially Lexi, always smiling and super helpful! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great community. The people are very friendly and helpful. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly, especially Lexi. The amenities are also really great. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Monarch is a good place to live for the price. They offer tons of quality amenities and is the closest off-campus housing apartment complex to Georgia Southern University. They have a friendly staff who’s always willing to help in the best way they can. Only complaints are the WiFi and thin walls. Maintenance requests are fulfilled within 24 hours. If it weren’t for me transferring to another institute, I would have signed another lease. Review from Google
May 2018: Monarch 301 is absolutely beautiful for any College Student to reside; feels and looks like a Resort! The staff, especially Alexis, gives a caring and welcoming experience when previewing the property. Monarch 301 is near Georgia Southern University campus making it a desirable location to live. Monarch 301 has many modern state-of-the-art amenities & planned events. Looking forward to visiting my son, a soon-to-be resident, at Monarch 301. Katie, too, does a great job at Monarch 301. AWESOME STAFF!! Review from Google
May 2018: Living at Monarch 301 for the past year has been nothing but amazing! The office staff and management have been very friendly and professional. The few maintenance requests I have had to put in have been taken care of very promptly - like within a few hours maintenance came, had Statesboro Appliance there, and fixed! The amenities are nice and well kept, and you can actually enjoy the pool since it's gated. The close proximity to campus is great - you can leave your apartment and walk to the Bio building in less then five minutes, the library in 10, or completely across campus in 20. Having trash chutes is a nice feature, so you don't have walk to the dumpster in the rain or cold. Monarch does a great job with communicating with residents via email and a private Facebook group. They also host great events on a regular basis. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Amazing management team, awesome amenities, and a great location for college students!! I’m really glad I found this complex. They made me feel right at home almost instantly! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Management is horribly unprofessional and non responsive when any issues arise. Maintenance issues aren’t even followed up on timely. Don’t be fooled by the amenities and outside exterior. These apartments were contructed poorly & you can hear your neighbors conversations even when they aren’t being loud. You feel as though the neighbors above you are coming through the ceiling. Oh & management does not fine or care take seriously noise disturbances. This place is trash! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The staff is so rude. They have failed time and time again to maintain a decent level of professionalism. It’s just a bunch of stuck up sorority girls that run the office. Every encounter I have had at Monarch’s events and just general inquiries in the office have come off with an attitude initiated by the staff. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Living here at Monarch 301 is like living at a resort. It has every amenity that you could possibly think of and more, it has hammocks by the volleyball court to layout out also a big pool with plenty of space Also grills so you can cookout for you and your friends as well as 18 in bed all inclusive. Like I said it's like living at a resort I'm glad I picked to live here and you should definitely come live at Monarch 301! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Monarch is a horrible apartment complex. They are poorly built, the walls are thin, they charge you outrageously for non existing damages throughout the apartment, and the management is terrible. They scam you in the tour, making you think this is it the best place to live. Complete lies. The halls are never clean, there's trash, and pet urine and poop throughout the hallways. They do not take care of this place, but they are sure to not show you those during the tours. The staff are clueless and are very unhelpful. The only reason they have good reviews is because they reward residents who give a good review.
Mar 2018: DO NOT LIVE AT MONARCH, WHATEVER YOU DO. They do not care about their residents, at all. The staff are so rude, especially the general manager. They add false charges to your account, and will give you hell when you try to get it straightened out. Save your money and live somewhere worth living. Their amenities may seem great, but they do not outweigh the hassle that they give you here. They are disrespectful, unprofessional, and lousy. If I could give a rating of zero I would! I regret ever signing a lease here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Ive been living here for about a year now and I love this place more than I could have ever imagined! The staff is nicer than any other staff and the pool is always poppin. The rooms are in great condition and the perfect size for a college student. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a nice apartment complex for a reasonable price! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Hands down the best apartment complex in Statesboro!! I have had so many bad experiences at other places, but Monarch has THE BEST management for sure. They care about your concerns and handle them quickly and efficiently. Also, the apartments themselves are so nice and all inclusive so I never had to worry about utilities. I wish I would have lived here all four years of college! Review from Google
Feb 2018: The close proximity to campus, Friendly and personal staff, well decorated clubhouse and other amnesties, all make the college experience one to remember and treasure. I applaud this off campus housing for their balance of professionalism and truly commendable customer services. I find myself comforted that the housing aspect of my college experience is simple and reliable. I would give a 6th star if I could!!! Review from Google
Feb 2018: (DISCLAIMER I WILL BE VERY NITPICKY. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DO NOT ENJOY MY STAY AT MONARCH NOR DOES IT MEAN THAT THE STAFF AND MANAGEMENT ARE TO BLAME FOR THE THINGS I STATE) Monarch 301 is a very nice place to stay no questions asked. The amenities of this building are unbelievable, the location of the apartment is perfect for walking to and from campus, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly, management is very nice, maintenance is extremely fast, there are plenty of fun activities that monarch has going on monthly, and the list goes on. However that doesn't mean there are not things that make the living a little less enjoyable. One thing that isn't the staff or managers fault is the hollow walls. At Monarch you will hear a good amount of what happens in the rooms that surround yours. You may have someone in the room next to you Review from Google
Jan 2018: Monarch is amazing! My do slaughter lives there, the staff is so helpful and I haven't gotten any alerts here. The complex is indoor with key cards so it's clean and safe. She wants to renew her lease so that speaks for itself Review from Google
Jan 2018: I moved in Monarch January 2018 and so far it has been great. I was first placed in a unit where one of the guys had a pet but I quickly contacted to office and they moved me to a different unit that fit my preferences much better in a very timely manner. The move in process was very easy since everything is submitted online. As soon as I arrived on my move in date, I was immediately handed my keys and was unpacking my car within 5 minutes. Everyone one in the office is super friendly and helpful, especially Ashlyn she’s my favorite. Monarch is also so close to campus that you can walk and be there within 5-10 minutes depending on where your classes are. One thing I really love about monarch is that the apartments are inside of a building with elevators, creating a sense of safety walking from my car into a secured building versus having to Review from Google

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