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Cottage Row

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Oct 2021: Been living here for 3 years now, my rate has always went down, every year I resign. This year it goes up to to a rate higher than what I ever paid, almost double!!! there leasing manager/office is horrible!! Would not recommend it. It sounds nice untill they put you in a lease and come up with extra charges
Jan 2021: Sorry but the staff is so rude they don’t help with anything and I would even go as far to call them incompetent. I’ve lived there for two years and every single year they mess up my lease multiple times and they are so rude about it, when the mess ups are their fault. Our drying setting in the dish washer was broken so we requested for them to fix it and basically they told us that it’s just shitty and to deal with it. Maintenance is nice and that’s just about the only good thing living here comes with. I am not usually one to speak up but their leasing office is so horrible that I had to write this. good luck.
Nov 2020: The maintenance crew is really nice and usually very prompt. The office staff are just straight out rude, no matter what you call them for. They have a hundred excuses of why this or why that and tend to not even listen. The "Limited Access Gate" that they have listed under Amenities has never been closed for over 3 years. So don't count on this added safety. Police are called out on disturbance calls regularly. This usually happens very late at night, so be prepared to get woken up. All 5 girls got charged a $20 trash fee after move out because someone came by and put a couple drink cans in their outdoor trash can. Wonder what they put that $100 towards? It definitely didn't go towards fixing that gate!!!
Aug 2019: Lived here for 2 years in a 2BR (2017-2019) I loved it!! My unit was huge, and so was my room for the price. Absolutely loved Maintenance because they never hesitated to fix anything. I was skeptical about move-out costs after reading reviews, but those were no issue for me. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I hated the utility bill system (Simple Bills). It was horrible, and I was charged $500+ for a utility bill right before I moved out. Often times when I went to the pool, it wasn't clean, but it was closed for cleaning a few times during the summer. I also hated the flooring downstairs. It's like dark brown concrete that always looks dirty, and I've been told it contributes to high electric bill costs. Besides that, Aspen (Cottage Row now) was a great, spacious place to live. The people in the office (Tiana (SC) especially) were generally nice & helpful. Highly recommend. Review from Google
Aug 2019: If I could give a ZERO I would. My child’s apartment has a serious roach infestation and I have contacted code enforcement! I will be contacting the local news on Monday. Management think this is a joke by I certainly do not. Roaches carry germs and bacteria. They cannot even buy groceries in fear of the bugs. They are coming out of the walls, stove, refrigerator, cabinets, closet, floors and furniture! I am disgusted and you will NOT receive another dime until this issue is resolved!!! If you leased the apartment all extermination and cleaning should have been done prior to moving in!!!!! Review from Google
Aug 2019: DO NOT MOVE HERE! This place is a huge scam and will try to get every penny from you. If you already did move here, then you better not move out. If you move out without renewing you will get charged absurd fees. A worker from the office told me that they do not review move-in forms when I called to complain about my move-out fees. I documented everything so I am pretty sure she was telling me the truth. I lived in the back of the complex and felt highly unsafe there. Police were called multiple times, caught random people hanging out at the back of my house, had an attempted break-in, and lots of drug activity goes on in the back of the complex from people who don't even live here. Parents, beware of sending your kids here. Beware of their safety and your wallet. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Don’t live here. Living is decent, but they will charge you for random stuff when you move out. They are currently trying to charge me $125 for missing keys despite me returning every single key and being given a receipt saying so. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS. Review from Google
Jul 2019: WORST PLACE TO LIVE! I lived here was it was Aspen Heights and had a horrible experience. First, I have the worst luck with roommates which forced to me to move units and the new room I moved into was still dirty. The girl who lived there before me had a dog and the carpets were dirty and smelled. It was disgusting and I had to live with it for over a month. They never informed me they were coming so when they did come I wasn't there and my boyfriend (who barely speaks English) didn't know what was going on and told them to come back. Then they refused to come back and told me that I needed to bring in my own company to do it but they never told me they were coming!! They seriously just try to take your money. I live in Monarch now and I find the amenities they offer to be so much nicer and its closer to campus. Utilities are included too so you don't have to worry about bad roommates who purposely leave the lights on all the time Review from Google
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Jun 2019: The worst place to live Ever!!!!! The pools are never open. The pools are nasty green color and even when they do say that they are open they still look nasty. They claim the neighborhood is secure but the gates never are working and I have never seen a security guard. The clubhouse is super nice but you can never use it because they claim the air doesn't work. This place is way overpriced compared to other places in Statesboro. It's honestly a joke for the money we pay to live here everything should be working and in great condition. The Hamptons and copper beach are way better.
May 2019: Worst service I’ve ever had. They tell not to sign the lease and then give it to someone else. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and there is always an excuse. They said they sent me emails regarding what is going on but that is after I call them wanting to know what is going on. They do not call or email after asking repeated questions after being told they would call. My questions still haven’t been answered. Worst housing in Statesboro due to awful service and awful instructions of what to do. Pick the Hamptons or Berkmire for housing in Statesboro. Review from Google
May 2019: Worst service I’ve ever had. They tell not to sign the lease and then give it to someone else. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and there is always an excuse. They said they sent me emails regarding what is going on but that is after I call them wanting to know what is going on. They do not call or email after asking repeated questions after being told they would call. My questions still haven’t been answered. Worst housing in Statesboro due to awful service and awful instructions of what to do. Pick the Hamptons or Berkmire for housing in Statesboro. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Great floor plans and very enjoyable atmosphere. Community hosted events throughout the month every month make getting to know your neighbors easy and they have awesome amenities provided in the clubhouse! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Absolutely horrible management zero stars * ( Hamptons and Copper Beech way better choices). Way over priced & *NO* matter how clean your apartment is upon move out they will CHARGE you it's a ongoing JOKE amongst the students of Georgia Southern that Aspen will SCAM you one way or another between the prorated power bills upon move out that are MUCH higher than your average use for the year or the fact that they do not conduct walk thru's upon move out and will charge you on average around $300-400 a person unless you go through months of debate back and forth with the property manager. I know multiple FORMER employees that even ADMIT to their underhanded TACTICS. Google ASPEN HEIGHTS better business bureau their ratings are horrible. Of all the complexs in Statesboro this is ran the worst. BETTER places to live include Planters row, The Isla Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have lived at Aspen Heights for almost two years now and will be going on my third year in the same unit since day one starting next fall. Every time I have had an issue in the house, maintenance has came within 24 hours to fix the problem. There are a couple of personal problems I've had in the past and let me just say that Andrew at Aspen Heights is amazing. He has resolved everything for me, and it shows they care about their residents. I have not lived anywhere else but Aspen Heights because the environment, people, and even my neighbors are the best and are so nice. I remember when I first came to Statesboro to look for off-campus housing and Aspen was my first pick to tour. Of course we toured other places but nothing satisfied me like Aspen Heights did. My home away from home. If you are looking for housing that is very spacious an Review from Google
Jan 2019: Avoid like the PLAGUE. They exist solely to prey on college students. Substandard housing, overly complex "Legal Documents" that even they do not understand. Take meticulous notes as they talk out of both sides of their heads! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I enjoyed living here until the day all my outdoor Halloween and front door decorations were stolen. I walked into the Aspen leasing office to report my issue and speak with a manager, but I was then told that management was too busy working on a project to help me. Too busy to help one of their residents that they keep calling about renewing a lease?! No thanks! I’ll be moving to a better community! Aspen Heights is just another apartment community ran by a bunch of college kids who couldn’t care less about its residents or their property! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I’m going to start off by saying that the people that work at Aspen are usually helpful and will fix issues with your apartment in a timely manner. Other than that, BEWARE the MOVE OUT charges. I lived at Aspen Heights twice and both times they tried to charge me unjustly. First time, it was for over 300 dollars for a mattress that was stained and I even put it on my inspection sheet. This time, it was to “replace a box spring,” which has a tiny stain on the corner. I didn’t do it, yet they are trying to get me to pay for it. Also, if you think the owner will discuss anything over the phone, you are sadly mistaken. They might even copy and paste the same email, like what they did to me, and not answer any of your questions. Oh and you won’t have a working gate. Move in and find out for yourself. They only keep the gate working aroun Review from Google
Sep 2018: Really great pool but sometimes it can get too crowded. Cool apartments and very spacious. Easy to clean. Recommend for college kids. Review from Google
Sep 2018: No complaints since the internet provider was changed, it is way faster now. Rooms and houses are really big, so you definitely get your money’s worth. The shuttle to campus is really convenient Review from Google
Aug 2018: First off, the employees are extremely rude and aren't willing to work with you to resolve any problems that you have with your unit. They try to add on a fees to your account for everything. I was charged twice for "trash" that was in "my" yard. Instead of being notified that any additional fees were added to my account, I was shocked to see that it had accumulated to such a high amount totally unaware of the situation. I lived here for two years and both years I had problems living here. On your move out date (end of lease) you are told to drop off your keys and the employees do a walk through WITHOUT you being present. They mark everything and anything as "damages" and are charged extreme amounts for it. There is no "working with them" to get the fee removed or lowered. I was charged both years over $500+ for these "damages" that I "had"... Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place is completely TRASH! My daughter moved in the 1st of June, and there has been trash in the apartment since she moved in. We have made several request for the unit to be cleaned but they have refused. They even went as far to tell her, that if the unit is not cleaned when she leaves she will be charged.. There is old cereal, liquor bottles and moldy food in the pantry. You can never speak to a member of management... The staff is always RUDE! They have a bunch of college kids in the office and can never get any thing accomplished. I have been trying for days to get this issue taken care of... PARENTS BEWARE... DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO MOVE TO ASPEN HIGHTS! MY daughter HATES how nasty this place is ... And it continues!!! Today maintenance came by without notice and left the door open while my daughter was sleeping! Only for her to come down stair
Aug 2018: Please do not lie. Evidently you were not charged with bogus charges from the move out inspection. Just read the hundreds of reviews and as far as being safe for college students....isn’t this the location that had a keg at the poolside....
Aug 2018: I wonder how many people who work at aspen in statesboro are asked to do a comment on this and other sites......beware you will get crazy charges when you move out and the walls are like playdough ....don’t hang curtains or art up or you may have to pay to rebuild the place
Jun 2018: By far my best experience with housing for young people. As many parents know, it is frightening to send your child off to college but Aspen Heights has made the living situation easy and comforting. The staff has gone above and beyond to accommodate our needs, with cheerful attitudes. Review from Google
Jun 2018: DO NOT EVER LIVE HERE THEY WILL SCAM YOU!! I lived here with my other two roommates about a year ago for only one semester. I took pictures of the apartment before moving in just in case they would try to charge me for damaging anything since I had heard bad things about them. After I move out I receive a letter in the mail saying I owe them hundreds of dollars for maintenance and cleaning. I then emailed them back pictures of when I moved in. They then dropped the price to about 100 dollars, obviously knowing they were in the wrong. But moral of the story, there are so many more places to live in Statesboro please do not make the same mistake I did. I also know multiple people who this same thing also happened to. There is a whole Facebook page dedicated to their scam stories. Review from Google

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