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Cambridge at Southern

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Feb 2019: CRIME RIDDEN this place is HOT you could film an episode of live PD or First 48 here. Very very very dangerous area. Drugs, robberies, and break ins. Stay somewhere else also you should be aware they self rate their reviews and offer incentives for their residents to give them a good review. They are one of the worst complexs in Statesboro this place is OLD. Lots of non student residents and criminal presence here. Also their pool is a joke. Look into the apartments at Monarch 301 or The Hamptons if you can afford it. I regret living here it was a waste of a year horrible internet, management, and very outdated units and dangerous neighborhood. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The people that work in the offices are nice but don't know what they are talking about. I just signed a lease and am already regretting it. They keep giving me different information for things and losing my information and forgetting details that they should have told me way earlier. all of this results in me finding out I have extra things i have to pay for and them having to call me and ask me the same 5 questions over and over again. I get off the phone with these people and i confused, stressed out because now i have to find extra money i wasn't expecting to need yet and worried about what I am going to have to deal with when i actually move in. Rates are fair. Distance from Georgia southern is nice. I'm going to be staying in one of the 4 bedroom 2 baths. I like how the bathroom is sectioned off so i can shower or use the bathroom with o Review from Google
Sep 2018: Cambridge Apartments was my first off-campus living experience. Overall, the apartments aren't terrible. The maintenance crew is nice enough and will try to be as amicable as possible. The student workers are somewhat incompetent....but then again most 19-21 year olds are. They try their best at least. The events they have are nice enough and the pool is cool. However, the management is not there to support you. They will try to charge exorbitant fees as often as possible. I can't necessarily blame them for that as they ARE there to make money, but don't be surprised if you're charged a "wall painting" fee suddenly when you leave. Make no mistake, management will resort to bullying tactics to get what they want. Despite the money hungry management, Cambridge was an okay experience - with cockroaches on the side. You get what you pay for an Review from Google
Sep 2018: They flat out lie and deceive 18 year old kids into signing the leases, thinking that their parents have to sign an additional part for it to be official. They won't let you live there without your parent's part but will 100% hold you responsible for the full year's rent. Please be wary of these people!!! Edit after they responded: They absolutely do not "clearly explain the legally binding contract" to the kids, as you can see if you read the 4+ other reviews of people they have scammed and ruined their credit/lives at 18 - 20 years old. She (Christina and whoever else does this there) should be absolutely ashamed. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Just moved in on July 8th and I haven’t had internet for OVER a month. & when I put in a work order, they called me and told me to call the technician MYSELF & the technician came by and told me the issue and never came back. They don’t care about their residents at all. Internet is supposed to come with my apartment... I shouldn’t have to go OUT MY WAY to get the issue fixed!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Honestly a very nice place to stay. They are very negotiable and easy to work with within reason of course. They do put in a lot of work into the apartments. My only hang up is transferring apartments can be a mixture of simple or horrific. Ended up transferring and was told I had to do it in a day with absolutely no prior notice of that insane time frame. Got it done but it left me pretty sick afterwards considering I worked all day and didn't get home or informed until 6pm... Review from Google
May 2018: I love my apartment here. Staff is kind and attentive, maintenance staff are so nice and pretty quick to fix things for me. There’s the convenience of the campus shuttle and the fact that its close enough to walk to campus! Review from Google
Apr 2018: When me and my husband first went to these apartments to get information they told us anything just to make us sign a lease. Before signing the lease we explained that he was going to graduate on December and that we were looking for a 1 yr lease. They offered a six month lease and told us that on June they were going to extend another 6 months contract so we could move out then without any problem. We accepted and signed the lease... on June when my husband went to the leasing office to renew the lease, they told him that a 6 months lease wasn’t available but that if he signed for a 1 yr lease then in December they would offer him a addendum to finish the lease and move out without any problems, so my husband accepted because they assured him this option. When December came my husband went to the leasing office to let them know that he graduated and that we wer
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Apr 2018: No way out of the lease! I signed my lease during spring thinking I was going back to school in the fall, but over the summer I decided to take time off and stay home. Turns out there's no termination fee, or a way for someone to entirely take over your lease. For 5 months I was paying rent for an apartment that I'd only stayed one weekend in when I came to visit friends. Now I have a delegated agreement. This girl is staying in my room, supposed to be paying the rent, however, if she doesn't pay the rent it falls back on me...and if she leaves any falls back on ME! I hate worrying about her not paying, and if she's leaving any damages. Everyone working in the office is really kind, and I think it's cool that they sometimes serve free breakfast or have snacks out for the residents, but they're not much help when it comes to tryin Review from Google
Mar 2018: Decent room size and the apartments are ok, but the internet is poo. It's gone out for days at a time at least 5x since December. The ISP is also unhelpful, they'll tell you it's your router and you'll have to call and harass them to take any action. Each time they've "fixed" the problem it arises again. Point blank Cambridge needs a better ISP. Also you HAVE to buy a router if you want internet access Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have been at Cambridge pines for 3 years now and have really enjoyed it for the most part and the new upgrades. There are always some kinks that need to be worked out but the staff is very helpful and knows me by name every time I come in. The rates are awesome, but do not expect the WiFi to be reliable and maintenance is fast but the “fixes” don’t last long. The only real issue I’ve had my first year and my third year are roommate issues. The way you are matched up is not the best way it could be done. People lie on the roommate form. Recently I have gone to talk with the property manager who has been helpful and understanding about an issue but it has not been resolved. My issue is with cigarette smoking in the household which is not allowed and it says that in the contract. This has been going on for weeks and it’s to the point Review from Google
Jan 2018: If i could give them negative stars I would. They are very unhelpful, and do NOT care about their tenents. I suggest you look elsewhere for a place to stay!!! Review from Google
Oct 2017: It's a pretty nice place to stay! Their prices are not the lowest but they'll work with you! They have different incentives that help you save money when signing at the right time! Review from Google
Sep 2017: This is one of the worst apartment complexes in Statesboro. They offer incentives to their residents for posting good reviews. The aprtments are very nasty at move in and the management is very rude and defensive when you bring up issues with them over the phone. The main issue is the crime rate in this neighborhood. There are many armed robberies here due to the lack of security and only two security cameras in the entire complex. There has been no effort by the company to make this a safer place to live.If you care about your child's safety, then please sign somewhere else! Review from Google
Jul 2017: The manager is wonderful and will resolve any issue you may have. The corporate office has finally started with some significant improvements to the property to make it look a lot fresher and make the complex more attractive when compared to newer properties in Statesboro. The only real minus is the type of people who are starting to lease here. They don't seem like students or young, working people. One of my neighbors was letting at least one shady person live in their unit, and he went to jail for physically abusing the resident. My other neighbor screams at her children constantly and has two toddlers and another adult living in her 500 square feet unit. Cambridge wasn't like this a couple of years ago. Maintenance can be a little slow, but they're good about getting things done. Review from Google
Jun 2017: Cambridge at Southern Apartments are great apartments. They are well kept up, they have good management, they fix maintenance quickly, they are close to GSU campus, plenty of parking spaces and the apartments are quiet. I would definitely recommend this apartment! Review from 6/8/17 on Google
May 2017: Cambridge at Southern is one of the best accommodation for studentS in Statesboro. I'll tell you why: As an international student, I was worried about so many things ( the fear of living in a strange land (security issues), transportation to school, and of course, utility bills). They have you covered. There is a bus stop right in front of this accommodation where the bus will take you to school for FREE, the bills are inclusive and they have great deals. They are very lovely ( I mean their staff....lulu is the manager at the palms and she is a sweet lady always willing to help). If you have kids like me, they've got you covered as well. my daughter goes to their office and they show her so much love. If you are an international student, trust me this is your best bet! very cheap and affordable and CLEAN too!
Apr 2017: I'm getting ready to move out of the dorms and GA Southern and the first tour I went on was great. I explained that I could only sign a May to may lease, and everyone told me that I would need to wait to sign on it, but it was an option and I could sign to move in with friends when their leases started in August. However, when we toured as a group again the lady who gave us the tour blatantly continued to tell me that I can't sign a May to may contract, they will literally only let me sign an August to July contract and nothing else. Review from 4/19/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Love living here at Cambridge Palms, awesome staff, the pool is not usually overcrowded, which is nice. The events they hold are great and there's always some type of free food in the clubhouse! Review from 3/7/17 on Google
Oct 2016: Rented a 2 bedroom apt in Palms. You won't get the same level of quality that you would at places like the Hampton's or Monarch but you also won't get an outrageous price like you would there either. Overall probably the best bang for the buck apartment. Staff are awesome and it's very close to Campus (I can get from my apartment to COBA or the IT building in a little over 5 minutes on my skateboard). Some people say that it's in a bad area but honestly looking at Eagle Alerts, the same number of crimes occur in the "nice" apartments that occur here. Review from 10/14/16 on Google
Oct 2016: Homes are disgusting and staff is unattentive. If they spent more time paying attention to the concerns of the residents instead of sleeping with them like that one girl in the office J something they would be a little better. Review from 10/12/16 on Google
Oct 2016: KIDS: DO NOT SIGN ***ANYTHING*** WITH THESE PEOPLE until you AND your parents are 100% certain that you are going to live here. Only sign when your guarantor is present and ready to sign too. These people are snakes who lie and sweet talk 18 year olds who don't know what they're getting themselves into. I know for a fact this has happened frequently and repeatedly with them. Be careful and don't get trapped into a contract. Review from 10/5/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Pros: - Bus stop - Free food events every week - Maintenance requests are completed relitively quickly - Friendly Staff - Allows pets Cons: - Bugs: I did seek help so as time has gone by it has become less of a problem but the first few months I lived here seeing cockroaches was a daily occurrence. Honestly this was my least favorite part of living here. - Uncleaned apartments: It was pretty obvious when we first moved in that our apartment had not been cleaned beforehand, The carpets and balcony were pretty gross. Review from 4/29/16 on Google
Mar 2016: Below review is absolutely correct! The same happen to my son...Made him believe thats what he needed...Foolishly he signed the documents with the assurance from the leeches that he will not be held liable.. paid 3 months rent and never lived in the complex not one day! The Ill mannered staff misrepresented, in correctly interpreted, mislead and apparently continued to perform under handed behavior in order to rent or keep apartments rented..Omg! these are college students for Christ sake who are trying to begin life, move into adulthood instead they begin in housing debt. Review from 3/5/16 on Google
Nov 2015: I'm currently a Cambridge at Southern resident and I love living here! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The experiences I have had with maintenance have been very nice. My biggest complaint is the area and the frequency of crime. It's not a huge problem, but it's worth noting, and the main reason for a lost star in this review. Review from 11/20/15 on Google

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