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Jan 2019: If you talk to staff in person or over the phone, they will tell you one thing, then later they will fine you ridiculous amounts of money for doing exactly what they said in person or on the phone, (EX: putting decals on the walls is OK, putting nails in the wall is OK.) When you try to email and have a written record of everything they tell you to avoid hidden fees/ fines, they will refuse to respond to emails, or will simply call you and ask you to talk over the phone. Very shady way of doing business. Basically they screw you over by telling you something is ok, wait till you do it, then fine the heck out of you. DONT LIVE HERE IF YOU CANT AFFORD 900 IN FEES ON TOP OF RENT. Review from Google
Jan 2019: This is my 4th year living here and I love it! Close to the bus stops and campus makes it really convenient to get to class! The staff is amazing and the maintenance team is super friendly and helpful! Definitely going to be sad when I graduate! Review from Google
Dec 2018: worst living experience ever super sketchy someones even got shot in the leg through a floor. they will tow you car without even specifying where to park to not get toed. you can find somewhere much better for a lower price. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Just an overall bad area. Also getting deliveries is pretty tough when the drivers can't even see building numbers since each one is blocked off by a tree for some reason Review from Google
Sep 2018: They will gladly have your car towed if you don't put the new sticker on your car fast enough even though they have your car information on file. They know it's your car and you have paid to park there, but still have you towed. They do not care about the residents.
Apr 2018: I had an awesome time living here. I wish I could live here for another year, but I am graduating. They have a really nice pool and my friends and I are always in the office playing pool. I appreciate the front office getting back to me when I call about maintenance requests or when we had questions about the new gate. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I haven’t had the best experience here. The apartments are very dirty when you move in. Management seems decietful and I feel taken advantage of. Also, the furniture was in awful condition when I moved in. Things in the apartment constantly fall apart and I had a very bad bug problem as well. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living here was one of the most awful and frustrating times in my life. After just a few days living here there were several shootings and robberies. This is definitely NOT a safe area! I thought it would be since it is so close to GSU's campus, but I soon discovered that many drug dealers lived here and ultimately were causing many safety issues. Even the security guards are of questionable character. Also, the apartments are NOT clean. The first place I moved to in this complex was infested with carpet Beatles. It took them WEEKS to get someone out to exterminate. After that experience I asked to move apartments so they moved me into a new place that was FILTHY. Obviously no one had even attempted to clean before I moved in. Cigarette butts were on the floor of the kitchen and there were still old, dusty clothes in the drawers. The floors we Review from Google
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What is the benefit of a relet over a sublease? A relet is a much cleaner agreement. The original leasee is no longer liable for any unpaid rent, or damages. This means there is a clean cut-over and has much less risk to the original leasee. While there is usually a little cost involved with more

Mar 2018: Shootings and robberies are a regular occurrence. Some employees were rude or unhelpful. If you come out alive be grateful! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Everything seems nice when you first move in until you start having problems. First of all, I was banned from paying online due to an error. When I contacted them they said they couldn't help me. Second, I would submit requests to Maintenance and they would show up as completed even though no work was completed. Finally, when I tried to move out they said I couldn't break my lease and I would have to pay the renaming balance. When I spoke with Managment they said they would contact me to set up a payment plan. Instead, management never contacted me and placed me on collections. Not to mention the amount was more than what I owed on my lease! I even tried to contact their corporate office and still haven't gotten a response. Terrible Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is a very hopeless apartment complex. And the management will be very nice and helpful till you sign a lease. Then they turn into ferocious wolves seeking to fine you for every and any thing. Please don't bother with this place. If I could give a negative star that would be ideal. The one star is just the lowest available point. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Never seen cockroaches, maybe because i keep the place neat always. Peaceful environment. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Maintenance is pretty friendly, and helpful when they're there, but sometimes maintenance requests will be marked as complete even when no one shows up. General staff is also friendly, but the business itself is exactly that, a business. There is absolutely no circumstance where the business will work with you. I received numerous eviction notices despite the fact that Hurricane Irma was impeding my ability to reach the office to pay the balance (at that point, only secure payment options were allowed). So the bill grew gradually despite the obvious circumstances. Unsurprisingly, a $200 gift card promotion that was promised for signing tenants was delayed due to the hurricane, but there is no way Campus Crossing can believe their tenants may have had adverse circumstances? Edit: I got a response from the owner that doesn't at all address my c Review from Google
Sep 2017: I had two daughters at these apartments. They didn't fix appliances that needed repair. They had several criminal incidents there, security is lacking. Once my daughters vacated the apartments, they sent fines for cleaning the apartment that was falsely charged. I disputed the charges and had pictures as evidence, but they did not waiver with the charges. The staff is unhelpful and unfriendly.
Jul 2017: I hated living here. Maintenance is horrible and they barge into your apartment whenever they please. One time they came into my room while I was in the shower! Also always had roaches and spiders in my apartment. Shootings occur often. One night a shooting happened it was right by my room window and I went to the office and told them I could've been out walking my dog because I normally take my dog out around the time the shooting occurred and they made a joke saying "just let him pee in the house" or something like that which wasn't funny at all. The management seemed to not care either. I just didn't feel safe or comfortable living here. Please think about it before signing that lease because you cannot get out of it. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Worst place to live in statesboro! Unless you like the sound of gunshots and dealing with rude and disrespectful staff members don't live here. The wifi is not good at all and they try to charge you for any and everything. A shooting occurred right by my window and the staff took it as a joke and didn't even care for my safety. Maintenance never announces when they're coming. They also have roaches I continuously had to use repellent to keep them out. This place doesn't deserve the 1 star that I gave them. don't be fooled by cheap rent! You'd be better off staying across the street Review from Google
Jul 2017: By far the most knowledgeable apartment complex at Southern. Ryan was the leasing officer giving me the tour, very friendly and informative. Love the many options offered at the clubhouse. The pool area is very nice. How secure this apartment complex is/becoming is what I really appreciated. There is cameras by the stair cases, the locks on the bedrooms, the new gate being installed. The apartments are nice and spacious. I can live on campus at a really good price. can't wait to do business with y'all. 😊 Review from Google
Jun 2017: After touring with my son and looking at multiple properties, we absolutely loved this community. The amenities are all beautiful and the location is so close to campus! The staff there was very friendly and provided exceptional customer service. We were overall pleased with our experience there and look forward to move-in day! Review from Google
Feb 2017: I wish I could give it 0 stars. This is by far the WORSE apartment complex I have lived at. The staff is not helpful at all . I was locked out of my apartment last night and just because I didn't have $50 the maintenance man told me to drive back to Atlanta to my moms house or sleep in my car. I just feel like that was very rude and unprofessional, to tell a resident to sleep in her car because she didn't have the money. Any thing could've happened to me last night. I thank God nothing did. I WILL NOT BE SIGNING TO STAY HERE AGAIN Review from 2/16/17 on Google
Dec 2016: While the lawn care is spectacular, the frequency at which shootings occur forces me to give only two stars. Just in time for the holiday's, Campus Crossing celebrates all that is Statesboro with a fire-fight on Dec. 1st. 'Tis the season for one star! Review from 12/24/16 on Google
Nov 2016: Reasonably priced apartments. Extremely convenient to campus since it is located between the two campus buses. However, there are issues with the wifi connectivity, some of the neighbors were questionable, property reeked of marijuana at sometimes during the day. Apartments are updated and look like the model that they show you in the office. Staff is friendly and willing to work with you. Review from 11/11/16 on Google
Nov 2016: They don't even deserve a star but I had to give them one to post. By far the worst place I have ever lived as college student in my three years. MY ROOM didn't LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THE DAMN MODEL. The beds don't have headboards. My toilet seat was broken and the closet doors never stay on track. The furniture was absolutely disgusting when I moved in and after asking several times for new furniture I have yet to receive any. Stains are all over the walls. They have a roach problem which I put a work order in for and they never came to spray. The community isn't gated so crime and violence happen all the time. Review from 11/4/16 on Google
May 2016: Management is disrespectful. They towed my car whenever it was their fault I didn't have a decal! Lisa is nice. However, Andrew (asst. mang) is horrible, disrespectful & rude! Maintenance will walk in your apartment without knocking & plunder! Rent was cheap! It's also close to the buses. Other then that, don't expect something lavish! Oh yea, carpets are filthy! Review from 5/11/16 on Google
May 2016: Great location!! awesome place!! And maintenance is on point always!!!!! Review from 5/10/16 on Google
Nov 2015: I dislike where I lived. Too much violence here and I did not feel safe at all. Internet sucks and I will NOT be renewing my lease here. Would rather sign anywhere but here. Review from 11/9/15 on Google

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